Phen375 vs. Capsiplex Plus – Find Out The Real Winner!

Weight loss is becoming a major concern — not only because it can help enhance one’s self-esteem but also in achieving a healthier body.

There are several ways by which a person can lose weight: regular exercise, health diet and, for those who have tried the natural methods but failed, surgical procedures.

If all these do not appeal to you, there is another way to lose weight – taking weight loss supplements. It is a cheaper and easier way. Two of the most popular weight loss products are Phen375 and Capsiplex Plus.


Phen375, or Phentermine 375, is a fat-burning, craving-blocking supplement. It will turn you into an all-day calorie burning machine. With its pharmaceutical grade ingredients, you don’t have to lift a finger to lose weight. You can lose as much as 20 pounds in four weeks!

  • 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine:

This compound is commonly known as caffeine, which can be found in ordinary items like coffee, chocolate, cola and tea. Weight loss through caffeine is not yet scientifically proven but the compound can help by brief suppression of appetite, water loss and thermogenesis (calorie burning).

  • Sympathomimetic Amine:

This compound is known for increasing the energy levels of the body. It also enhances thermogenic activity, allowing for optimum fat burning and metabolism.

  • LongJack Tongkat Ali:

This plant is grown in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and it is known for its medicinal property against impotence. It is indeed an herbal drug, which is traditionally used to treat high blood pressure, fever and fatigue. Tongkat Ali increases the testosterone levels in the body, which lowers the risk of hypertension and enhances energy level. Building muscle is also another weight loss effect of increased testosterone. If a body has higher muscle mass, its fat burning is more efficient.

  • Capsaicin:

The capsaicin found in Phen375 is of the highest pharmaceutical purity. It is an important ingredient because it enhances the absorption of the other compounds. It improves blood flow and increases the body’s core temperature. In the end, the body takes in all the good nutrients while fat and excess calories are burned through thermogenesis.

  • L-carnitine:

L-carnitine is a naturally occurring substance in the body. It aids in the transport of fatty acids from the cytosol to the mitochondria where they can be metabolized for energy production. While L-carnitine levels can be increased, its weight loss effects can be optimized if the body uses up a lot of energy. This means exercise or a lot of activities.

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone:

Dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA for short, is a compound released by the adrenal glands (the same gland that releases epinephrine). It helps form muscle tissues and inhibits the storage of fat.

  • Dimethypentylamine hydrochloride:

This here is another secret weapon for Phen375. It is claimed to increase the metabolic rate of the body while decreasing a person’s cravings.

Capsiplex Plus also has interesting ingredients, which are all natural. Here is a list of the ingredients that make this product most sought:

  • Capsicum 5-HTP:

5-hydroxytryptophan is the precursor (the compound where another compound comes from) for serotonin. Serotonin is a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter in the body and changes in its level might lead to effects related to the brain.

  • Niacin:

Capsiplex Plus also contains Niacin. Niacin can be taken in through balanced meals or supplements. This compound is known to help balance the body’s cholesterol level, specifically reduction of low density lipopolysaccharides (LDL) and triglycerides in the bloodstream.

  • Piperine:

Piperine is the Capsiplex Plus version of Phen357’s capsaicin. This compound enhances absorption of nutrients and increases the availability of many essential nutrients in the body. It is also known for its thermogenic effect and ability to increase production of serotonin.

Weight Loss Power:


Phen375 is a combination of synthetically-made ingredients while Capsiplex Plus is made of naturally occurring substances. The weight loss capacity or power of Phen375 comes from the ingredients’ ability to suppress appetite.

This means when you take in Phen375, you will not have unnecessary cravings and you will feel full even after eating small amounts. Phen375 can also make you leaner because it can stimulate formation of muscle tissues.

This will not make you bulky as it is not a supplement for that but gaining muscle mass can help you burn off fat easier and faster. It also has ingredients that help lessen re-accumulation of fats.

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Capsiplex PLUS:

Capsiplex Plus, similarly, suppresses appetite by controlling your cravings, but not by using drugs. Capsiplex Plus is made with the precursor for serotonin, which at high levels makes you feel happy and less stressed.

It is also called the “mood hormone”. Studies show that when you are depressed (that means serotonin is low), you become stressed and you tend to eat more. Stress is also a proven factor for gaining weight.

Capsiplex Plus limits your intake of calories by keeping you happy and active. The ingredient that sets Capsiplex Plus apart from Phen375 is niacin.

Capsiplex Plus can help lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol.

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Supercharged Metabolism Gives You a Boost in Energy

Phen375 and Capsiplex Plus supercharge your metabolism through thermogenesis or generation of heat inside the body. Imagine eating a piece of chili. Do you see how hot your mouth and body will feel? That is how thermogenesis occurs.

Phen375 uses the heat from capsaicin while Capsiplex Plus gets help from piperine. Both compounds will help increase your core temperature, which actually helps burn calories.

And the more calories you burn, the more energy your body produces. Even when the amount of food you take in has greatly diminished, you will never feel weak.

The increased energy can also be accounted for the improved absorption of nutrients. Both capsaicin and piperine can boost good blood circulation and nutrient absorption.

The Good and The Bad

  • Phen375 and Capsiplex Plus are manufactured in FDA-approved laboratories and this guarantees that the products are made with high quality materials in a high quality facility. Nevertheless, there are some precautions that you should understand.
  • Because Phen375 is made with caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine), excessive intake might cause you harm. It is known that caffeine at very high levels is toxic. So taking in this supplement together with other caffeine-packed products is a big no-no. Caffeine is also addictive. Because it is a stimulant, excess caffeine in the body might lead to restlessness, palpitation, upset stomach, headache, nausea, anxiety, confusion and many others. You might also experience irregular bowel movement because of capsaicin, as well as dehydration due to caffeine. Aside from these minor side effects, improper use of Phen375 might actually lead to hypertension.
  • On the other hand, although there are no reported unwanted effects from users of Capsiplex Plus, the active ingredients present in this supplement are actually very strong. You might also experience upset stomachs and increased blood pressure, and if you are pregnant and lactating, have a weak heart, hypertensive or diabetic, it is recommended not to use Capsiplex Plus. However, Capsiplex Plus is safe for diabetics because serotonin can actually help regulate carbohydrate levels. It will not interfere with medications such as thyroid supplements or contraceptives. It will also not make you stay all night because it has little caffeine.

Average Monthly Weight Loss/Recommended Daily Dosage

One pill a day can start the fat burning chapter of your life. Studies have shown that Phen375 can make you lose about three to five pounds a week! That’s 20 pounds in just one month.

Capsiplex Plus reported similar average weight loss with four pounds a week or about 16 pounds in a month of regular use.

For Phen375, you take in a tablet with a glass of water roughly 20 minutes before eating breakfast and another before eating lunch.

Capsiplex Plus should be taken in the morning or 30 to 60 minutes before doing your regular exercise. The latter is a suggested way for you to burn more fat.

For Sale

Phen375 is available online and if you buy 90 tablets for $227.80, you get 30 tablets and diet plan booklet free! One bottle (30 tablets) of Phen375 will cost you around $69.95.

You can avail of their money-back guarantee program if you think Phen375 did not work for you. However, you should consider their claim that weight loss can be observed when you use Phen375 combined with exercise and proper diet.

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For Capsiplex Plus, you can buy a month supply for $69.00 or two for $125.11. If you buy 3 Capsiplex Plus bottles for $207.00, you get one free, and if you buy 5 for $344.99, you will get two more free plus free shipping!

And if you are not satisfied and you honestly followed the recommendations, you are entitled to get your money back.

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The Final Verdict and Customer Satisfaction

Phen375 and Capsiplex Plus are both amazing products that have brought smiles and slim bodies to many people around the world, and soon, you’ll be one of them.

Celebrities have sworn to the unbelievable effects of using these weight loss products. People have shed over 50 pounds and dropped over two sizes! Not only did they look great, they also feel better, healthier and more energetic!

It is time for you to witness weight and fat loss! Phen375 is your choice if you want to have a toned look, with lean muscles and high energy. You can go for Capsiplex Plus if you want to lower your cholesterol level, aside from losing weight.

You can also choose Capsiplex Plus if you want a more natural supplement to go with your daily exercise routine. If you are a diabetic or under other medications, it is safer to use Capsiplex Plus.

If you want fast results, as much as five pounds a week, you can go for Phen375.

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But if you want a cheaper package, although with a little bit lower average weight loss, you can buy Capsiplex Plus.

Both products are proven effective and depending on your needs, either one is an excellent choice.

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