Key Ingredients Of Tava Tea – How They Can Help You Lose Fat?

tava tea ingredientsThe health properties of Tava tea ingredients are what make Tava tea an incredibly popular product in today’s competitive weight loss market.

When first trying a product which claims to speed up the fat burning process, the most important thing you should know is the key ingredients.

Are the ingredients of Tava tea any different from other weight loss teas?

What is the science behind their abilities to help us burn fat?

This article will discuss all the natural Tava tea ingredients responsible for helping you lose those extra pounds and inches.

Besides aiding in the fat burning process, the article will also discuss the other many benefits of Tava tea for health and general wellness.

  • A study published in the February 2009 issue of the Journal of Nutrition concluded that consuming catechin found in green tea led to higher levels of exercise-induced abdominal fat loss in overweight and obese adults.
  • Triglycerides in the participants’ bloodstreams were also lower than those who didn’t drink green tea. This study proved that drinking green tea for weight loss can benefit an overweight or obese person when tea drinking is combined with regular diet and exercise.
  • Only drinking green tea like Tava tea will not really show any major fat loss results if a person still lives a sedentary lifestyle and consumes too many calories per day but it can still help someone lose a few extra pounds.
  • Another study conducted by The University of Maryland Medical Center states that drinking green tea can boost a person’s metabolism and burn fat.
  • One study done at the Department of Human Biology, Nutrition and Toxicology Research Institute at Maastricht University in the Netherlands found that drinking green tea can help someone significantly lose weight and maintain the lower weight after dropping the pounds.The healthy ingredients that contribute to fat loss are found in all green teas including Tava tea.

Main Tava Tea Ingredients:

  • One of the main Tava tea ingredients is Sencha. It is one of the most popular kinds of Japanese green tea and is known for its bittersweet taste.
  • Sencha contains polyphenols which are antioxidants that protect our bodies against cell-damaging free radicals. Large amounts of free radicals are believed to cause our bodies to age and develop certain diseases.
  • Preventing an increase in free radicals may reduce collagen loss. This can create a more youthful appearance to the skin.
  • If you have a diet low in antioxidants, you would benefit from taking antioxidants by adding more fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and drinking green tea regularly.
  • The polyphenols in Sencha are also thought to help improve a person’s immune system. Polyphenols may help fight against the flu virus but more research is needed to prove the theory that these antioxidants can not only assist the immune system but also prevent infectious illnesses.
  • Research by the University of Michigan Health System has found that drinking Sencha green tea regularly may lower bad cholesterol while elevating the levels of good cholesterol.
  • Also among the Tava tea ingredients, Pu’erh is responsible for many of the health benefits of green tea.
  • What makes Pu’erh tea leaves different from other green tea are its broader leaves. Because Pu’erh tea leaves are broader, they are believed to have more antioxidant properties.
  • A study done at the College of Medicine of the National Taiwan University in Taipei concluded that like Sencha,
  • Tava tea ingredients like Pu’erh can help lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides. This study however was not performed on humans; rats were fed Pu’erh leaves and later had reduced cholesterol with a report in weight loss as well.
  • Wuyi Cliff Oolong, a variety of Wu Long tea, is another part of the Tava tea ingredients list.
  • Wuyi Cliff Oolong has been brewed in the Fujian areas of China for thousands of years. Drinking Wuyi Cliff Oolong within 15 minutes of eating can block carbs from being stored in the body as fat.
  • A study in 2003 by experts at the University of Tokushima School of Medicine of 11 healthy Japanese women revealed that regular Wuyi Cliff Oolong tea consumption increased the metabolism of the women in the study.
  • They burned more calories than those who only drank water.
  • Oolong Tava tea ingredients have similar effects as other green teas, but have about half the caffeine and double the amount of polyphenols.
  • Oolong can also help boost the immune system’s response to inflammatory diseases. Some studies show it can even help prevent tooth decay by strengthening the teeth’s enamel.

Healthy people should always stick to the recommended amount of cups per day. Over drinking the product may lead to more harmful than beneficial results.

For anyone with diagnosed medical condition, consuming green tea should be discussed first with a health care professional who knows about botanical medicine.

In these cases, you should get medical clearance before buying Tava tea for its health or weight loss benefits. Caffeine can have different reactions with medications or other supplements.

Pregnant women should avoid drinking Tava tea. The weight loss effects may be harmful on the growing baby.

Although all Tava tea ingredients are natural and have a significantly lower amount of caffeine than coffee, it is best to avoid drinking tea if you suffer from anxiety, stomach ulcers, and heart and kidney problems.


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