Green Tea: The Twenty-First Century Weight Loss Giant

Green Tea-The Leading Weight Loss Agent That Can Do Real Wonders

green teaIn an industry that is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, weight management has seen a plethora of success and failures in finding the diets, nutritional eating plans, and exercise regimens that are effective for weight loss. It would be so simple if we could simply stop eating the bad foods and exercise more.

Since we know that for the most part this is not possible, it might be a more prudent route to simply find some simple weight loss tools that are reasonable and can be used long term with detrimental side effects. Weight loss products by the majority can be life-changing, but many have ingredients that can cause more harm than good.

Green tea has been proven to speed weight loss by increasing metabolism without long term side effects. It even has other positive benefits that can be gleaned with regular use.

Ingredients Of Green Tea:

Green tea is of the camellia sinensis variety that has a wide reputation of having the highest level of catechins, tocopherols, and antioxidants of any of its relatives.

There are many choices that are available from the Chinese, Japanese, and the Korean varieties to others which may have a similar effect in the body. Green tea also have flavenoids, and other ingredients  that has been reputed to fight glaucoma, and deter the growth of certain cancers in the body as well. For the emphasis placed on weight loss, green tea speeds metabolic activity in the body in which fat is burned at a faster rate.

How it works?

Having the benefits that it has, green tea can do some phenomenol things for those who are fighting the battle of the bulge. Drinking two to four cups of green tea a day might be the thing to assist the thermogenic process in the body and get you started toward losing those last five to ten stubborn pounds, or even jump start you to another level of weight-loss.

Green tea also comes in de-caffeinated varieties, so for those who are watching caffeine consumption, the benefits are still available in that form. Combining green and oolong tea has also an increased thermogenic benefit for weight loss for those who want additional fat burning power and anti-oxidants against free radical damage at the cellular level.

Other Benefits Of Green Tea:

Green tea can be the one easy thing to do along with minor diet changes and increased exercise that can help anyone begin looking and feeling better, and getting on the road to better health.

Adding green tea to the diet is a healthy choice because its benefits in lowering LDL cholesterol and some pre-dispositions to certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, and even glaucoma might be just another preventative that is life-changing and positive.

Is Green Tea Safe?

Green tea has been generally safe for most people, and as it is with anything, it is best to begin with a visit to the physician to get a better idea as to what one’s options are for safe, slow,and healthy weight loss that is permanent and life-changing. Green tea might very well be the twenty-first century healing agent in a small silk bag.

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