Green Tea – The Magical Fat Burner!

Explore The Magical Power Of Green Tea As Fat Burner!

green teaSearching for a weight loss product through the endless sea of supplements, weight loss plans and programs, one can sometimes just raise his arms and say give up. From outrageous claims to being the best diet supplement for weight loss, claims of losing 5 pounds a day only to gain back the weight after month or so, from products disguising themselves as colon cleansers but are actually harsh laxatives, searching for a natural product for weight loss that is both effective and healthy seems next to impossible.

But Green tea for weight loss can actually prove its claims after all it is product that has been used and recognized for its health and weight loss benefits for thousands of years. The Chinese have known Green tea for its health benefits but for weight loss enthusiast it has become an effective tool for helping lose excess weight.

  • The nutritional benefits of green tea are numerous, from building healthy teeth and bones because it contains fluoride, from its beneficial effects on the major organs like the heart, liver and the digestive organs. There are so many benefits from taking green tea that it may take another page. These are not just claims but are results from tests and researches that first set out to debunk the claims on green tea only to be proven right.
  • Green tea is different from most traditional teas like black tea or Oolong tea not because of the plant since they come from the same plant species which is Camellia sinensis but rather on how it was processed or from the lack of it. Green tea unlike black tea is not fermented thus it retains its polyphenol content named catechin and remains unaltered. The Catechin polyphenol has been found to have antiviral, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties and most importantly antioxidant properties. All these properties of green tea have been proven to lower LDL cholesterol in both human and animal tests.
  • Another component found in green tea is Epigallocatechin Gallate also known as EGCG which has been proven effective to help burn excess body fat. Green tea also has caffeine which combine with EGCG will increase the fat oxidation by 50%. Some have claimed that the caffeine content of green tea is higher than coffee but claim is yet to be proven.
  • Green tea is said to aid in faster weight loss because it helps increase the body’s metabolism, helping to melt more body fat. Green tea is also said to be effective in reducing water retention and will help flush out the excess water weight. The Catechins in green tea will help turn the thermogenesis reaction (burning of fat) of the body into energy. Green tea also is said to lower fat absorption, lower fat synthesis or the creation of fatty acids, and slows the release of carbohydrates to stop spikes in blood insulin level thus guaranteeing fat burn. Polyphenols also are said to enhance and improve heat production to will help dissolve fat deposits. Green tea can even target problem areas, use green tea for belly fat loss since it aids in burning fat deposits in the abdomen, arms and thighs. Another plus of taking green tea is, it helps curb hunger pangs and cravings. It helps boost stamina, increases endurance and energy levels. Because of the increased metabolism, the body will continue to burn fat and lose weight even while sleeping. To get the benefits of green tea one is to drink at least 4 cups a day. Thus for some who are not tea drinkers, taking green tea extract supplements is the next alternative.
  • Drinking or taking green tea extracts addresses some of the major concerns concerning the effects of obesity, the problems on the major organs like the heart, kidney and liver as well as the digestive organs. Drinking green tea along with a healthier lifestyle coupled with a regular exercise regimen may mean the difference in helping one reach their weight loss and ideal weight goal. It will also mean a healthier body because of the added benefits of drinking green tea or taking green tea extract.

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