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: Green Coffee Bean Max

: Green Coffee Bean Max
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: Green Coffee Bean Max

What is Green Coffee Bean Max?

Green Coffee Beans are basically coffee beans that haven’t gone through the roasting process.

As a result, they don’t carry the dark color that usually comes with the commercial coffee beans.

What most people don’t realize is that without the roasting process, coffee beans actually carry more anti-oxidants.

The green variety provides the purest form of Chlorogenic Acid which is basically the main ingredient responsible for fat-burning.

Simply put, the unroasted beans are capable of helping with weight loss much more than the black version.

Today, the bean variety is available through Green Coffee Bean Max, an effective weight loss supplement that carries all the health benefits of coffee in larger doses.

Why is Green Coffee Bean Max  different from other weight loss supplements?

Compared to other weight loss supplements, It is definitely different. For one thing, it’s probably the only weight loss supplement that does not come with any additives.

The extract is 100% pure coffee which is practically part of a person’s staple diet.

Chances are high that you – and everyone else you know – take coffee with their breakfast. Well, Green Coffee Bean is basically just a stronger but equally safe version of your everyday brew.

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The Major Ingredients:

The secret to Green Coffee Bean Max is not really a secret. The product is basically a pure extract of the Green Coffee variety with no other additives.

This is why anyone who tries out this product will get the full impact of the coffee. The most important ingredient here is what’s inside which is Chlorogenic.

You see, studies show that Chlorogenic has this ability to reduce the amount of glucose released in the body which helps with weight loss.

Of course, Chlorogenic is not unique to Green Coffee beans alone. In fact, lots of plants have this. However, this coffee bean variety has the highest concentrations of the substance.

How Does It Work?

Green Coffee Bean Max contains Chlorogenic Acid. As already mentioned above, it helps with the release of glucose. At the same time however, you’ll notice that Green Coffee Beans can slightly increase your body temperature.

This helps with the natural fat burning of the body even if a person doesn’t exercise. Since it also contains anti-oxidants, the product can also prove to be very good for the regeneration of cells.

Scientific Studies Involving Green Coffee Bean Max:

A recent study in the United States shows that green coffee beans actually help individuals lose weight. As already mentioned, scientists found larger amounts of anti-oxidants and Chlorogenic Acid in the fresh coffee.

In fact, studies show that coffee beans that have undergone the roasting process lose about 90% of their Chlorogenic Acid.

In the study, researchers took 16 overweight adults that are in their 20’s and gave them 1,050 milligrams of the extract.

With all participants living an average lifestyle, researchers found that the contributors lost roughly 17 pounds in a matter of 22 weeks.

Watch This Video To Know Why Dr. Oz Recommends Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss !

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How Effective Is Green Coffee Bean Max?

With an average lifestyle activity and diet, individuals can lose as much as 5 pounds in just 4 weeks.

However, that’s with no effort on your part to lose weight. With added effort – bearing in mind health concerns – there’s a chance that individuals can lose twice that within the same length of time.

When and How to Take Green Coffee Bean Max?

The product is served in capsule form with each one carrying about 800mg of pure extract. It can be taken once a day.

Safety and Side Effects:

Multiple studies about the product did not turn up any negative side effects. This can be attributed to the fact that individuals are basically exposed to coffee every day of their lives.

Since it’s copy however, be prepared for the usual stimulation provided by caffeine. It’s wise for those with existing health concerns to ask their doctors before taking the product.

Pregnant women should also stay away from the caffeine.

Coffee Green Max and Habits:

Of course, taking the supplement is not enough to facilitate weight loss. The product only speeds up the process but is not the sole factor that triggers fat burning.

Together with the intake of the extract, you will need to live an active lifestyle or at least start eating healthy. Stick to fruits and vegetables and don’t spend all day sitting down.

Instead, try adapting a light to medium exercise pattern and this should help speed things along the weight loss process.

Significant Statistics for Green Coffee Bean Max:

  • Studies show that taking the product helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Regular takers of green coffee can lose roughly 10 pounds in 2 months or more.
  • Long term intake of the product doesn’t alter the healthy balance of zinc, copper, blood serum, B1 levels, iron and other important chemicals in the body.

Guarantee and Bonuses:

Unfortunately, the product does not come with a money back guarantee. The good news is that buying it will provide you with several bonuses starting from an Online Fitness Program as well as Free Membership for future updates.


Customer feedback for the product has all been good. In fact, many are very happy about the results of the coffee bean for their weight loss endeavors.

Most are not just happy because of the weight loss, but are incredibly thankful that the product is all-natural, therefore lowering the possibilities of complications.

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Final Verdict:

Considering all the factors, it’s safe to say the Green Coffee Beans will make for a great weight loss tool for those who want to start shedding fat.

The amount of scientific studies corroborating the findings is indisputable. That, and the fact that the coffee does not cause any side effects make it safe to suggest the product for anyone who wants to start shedding some pounds.

Green Coffee Bean Max
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