Phen375, Hydroxycut and Lipo-6 Fat Burners – Let’s Find Out Which One Is The Winner

Phen375, Hydroxycut and Lipo-6 are the top three weight loss pills out in the market today. However, which one of them is the best when it comes to helping people shed off fat?

Phen375 Hydroxycut Lipo-6
phen375 fat burner pills hydroxycut fat burner lipo-6 fat burning pills

Weight Loss Power

Phen375 is composed of various ingredients that help burn fat while at the same time suppress the appetite. Some of its most active ingredients include L-Carnitine, Capsaicin and Dehydroepiandrosterone. L-Carnitine is actually used in numerous weight loss supplements today. Its primary function is to help with the release of stored body fat. Dehydroepiandrosterone on the other hand is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. It helps break down the fat in the body while Capsaicin raises body temperature. The increased temperature speeds up the metabolism process. Other ingredients are responsible for decreasing the appetite. The main ingredient in this weight loss supplement is chromium polynicotinate. Unfortunately, reports of the Federal Trade Commission shows that there are no verifiable evidence linking chromium to weight loss. The same opinion was given by the American Diabetes Association, pointing out that chromium is only ideal for those who are chromium deficient. Synephrine is the active ingredient in Lipo-6. This was actually derived from Chinese medicine and typically used for chest congestion. Taken from the fruit citrus aurantium, the ingredient actually has the same effects of the stimulant ephedrine. This is possibly why it is most often used as a substitute for ephedrine in most weight loss products.

Energy and Metabolism

Phen375 contains Capsaicin which is widely known for raising temperature. As this rises, so does the body’s metabolism, allowing for the faster rate of food and therefore better energy. Unfortunately, there are no concrete ingredients in Hydroxycut that help point out its ability to increase energy and metabolism in individuals. The main ingredient of Lipo-6 is known for speeding up metabolism in takers.

Side Effects

Side effects for Phen375 are fairly minimal. One of the side effects that stands out is the fact that it can cause a slight increase in a person’s heart rate. Other than that, Phen375 doesn’t have any other risks that takers might need to watch out for. Some of the side effects of Hydroxycut include increased sweating and jittery feeling. Since this is a weight loss pill, takers will also experience a loss of appetite while at the same time having an increased blood pressure. Dizziness, headaches and an increased rate of the heart are also common side effects. Although fairly safe, there have been reported side effects of Lipo-6 from users. These include loss of sleep and an increased heart rate. There’s also the problem of increased sweating which can be attributed to the fat burning power of the pill. Light headaches are also quite common but disappear soon enough.

Average Monthly Weight Loss

Phen375 can help users burn off as much as 3 to 5 pounds within a week on average. The normal weight loss for most people is around 2 pounds in a week so this really speeds up the fat burning process. Of course, Phen375 still requires the user to change their daily diet to aid with the weight loss. Those who took Hydroxcut swore that they lost up to 32 pounds in a space of 3 to 4 months. This means that they lost body weight roughly 8 to 10 pounds in one month. Average weight loss using this product was at 20.94 pounds within a matter of weeks.

Recommended Daily Dosage

Phen375 should be taken twice during the day. Based on the response of the body, individuals can decrease their dosage. Intake of this weight loss product should be confined to one tablet three times a day. Dosage will change depending on how long a person is using the product. This weight loss pill can be taken thrice a day, preferably once before the morning meal. Twice at anytime in the afternoon should follow for a total of three times a day. Note that the dosage may vary based on body response.

Customer Results

The feedback for Phen375 have mostly been good with users stating how happy they are with the product. Customer feedback shows that all of those who used Phen327 managed to lose their excess body weight in a matter of months and experienced little side effects. Buyers who have bought Hydroxycut are also satisfied with the results, especially since it allowed them to burn off a large chunk of their fat. However, there are those who have complained on some side effects such as dizziness. Sleeping problems have also occurred but this was easily prevented by not taking Hydroxycut close to bedtime. Since its entry on the market, Lipo-6 have had good results from its client base. Managed to burn off pounds of fat with minimal side effects, those who have used the product are also happy with the results they got.


Phen375 sells for $42.14 through the main seller. It contains 30 tablets which can last for several weeks. This is a good start for those who just want to try out the product.
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The Hydroxycut supplement sells for $29.99 and contains roughly 72 tablets.
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Lipo-6 is sold at $45.99 and contains 120 liquid caps.
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Money Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, Phen375 doesn’t come with a money back guarantee. However, the product manages to make up for that by guaranteeing all other aspects of the purchase. For example, buyers will be able to enjoy a Privacy Guarantee, Ingredient Quality Guarantee, Non Harassment Guarantee, Credit Card Security Guarantee. Hydroxycut offers a 90-day money back guarantee. However, the returned item must remain unopened or unused. The cost of shipping and handling isn’t refundable so buyers can’t recover everything they spent on the product. Lipo-6 also offers a Money Back Guarantee spanning 90 days from the day of the purchase. Buyers can return the item as long as it remains unopened or unused. The only amount refunded however will be the purchase price of the item.

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The Final Verdict

After considering all the factors, it can be tough to decide on which among the three is the best weight loss pill. However, as far as our research goes, Phen375 comes up on top as it shows remarkable promise in the weight loss department. The other two – although having good testimonials – do not posses ingredients that are convincingly useful for burning off fat. Side effects for all three are basically the same but Phen375 presents the least problems for constant users. All in all, it’s safe to say the Phen375 is the best choice when it comes to effectiveness and safety.

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