Capsiplex Vs. Phen375: The Real Comparison!

When you wish to know the difference between Capsiplex and Phen375, be informed that both are two of the top fat-burning pills out in the market.

These two can be taken by weight-watchers and will see themselves losing weight but with necessarily exercising.

This is achieved through appetite suppression, energy enhancement, a quickened metabolism and fast fat-burning.


  • Capsiplex has Capsaicnoids that are usually found in chili or hot peppers. It minimizes body fat, burns calories and turns them into heat, lessens body mass, suppresses appetite and speeds up metabolism. It also has caffeine so as to heighten energy, focus and alertness and aids in fat oxidation and lipolysis.
  • This fat burner also has piperine which heightens absorption of nutrients through inhibition of specific enzymes that use nutritional substances and aids in metabolism.
  • Capsiplex also has Vitamin B3 or niacin that releases energy coming from fats, proteins and carbohydrates thus the body would be able to effectively use them. This vitamin also lowers fat and cholesterol in the bloodstream.


Weight Loss Power:

In terms of weight loss power, Capsiplex and Phen375 are both very effective.

Capsiplex can burn:

  • 3x more calories prior to exercise
  • Another 3% while working out
  • 12x additional calories an hour following exercise than merely taking placebo
  • A total of 278 additional calories prior, during and following exercise.

With Phen375, the weight loss benefits are:

  • 3 to 5 pounds weekly
  • Metabolism and the fat-burning ability of the body are increased
  • The appetite is also suppressed.

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Supercharging Metabolism:

With the Capsicum extract in Capsiplex, this can increase the metabolic rate of a user. He only needs to take one supplement daily an hour prior to exercise.

Phen 375 has LongJack Tongkate ALI 50:1 which redirects blood sugar to a catabolic energy metabolism from an anabolic fat-production. This speeds up metabolism, thus stored fats can be burned easily.

Increased Energy:

According to studies, Capsiplex has antioxidant effects that harness energy level thus improving exercise performance, stamina and endurance. One who exercises will not feel as if he is exerting extra energy.  

Phen375 has Sympathomimetic Amine which heightens the body’s cyclic AMP levels thus enhancing thermogenic action and natural energy level.


Are Phen375 and Capsiplex safe to use? The answer is yes because the FDA has tested and certified the former for production while the latter is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Side Effects:

Because Capsiplex has chili extract, it can increase body temperature thus hot flashes may happen in a few users.

Those who take Phen375 may experience headaches if they take it with too much caffeine. Phen375 can also lead to insomnia and extreme weight loss.

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Average Monthly Weight Loss:

Users of Phen375 and Capsiplex will experience weight loss every month. Those who take Phen375 may lose up to 20lbs a month while those who take Capsiplex may lose 15 lbs a month.

Recommended Daily Dosage:

Users of Phen375 can take one to two capsules a day while users of Capsiplex should only take one capsule a day. A bottle of these two dietary supplements has 30 capsules each.

Customer Results:

  • Capsiplex Customer Result:  There are many satisfied users of both these dietary supplements. One satisfied customer of Capsiplex lost seven pounds in just a week’s time. Another user who hates and lacks exercise has lost her flab on her hips and her love handles. Here’s your Capsiplex Order Link.


  • Phen375 Customer Result:  Users of Phen375 were also satisfied with this product. One customer lost 18 pounds on the first month of using it and 55 lbs in half a year’s time. Another user lost her appetite upon taking Phen375 on her first day and lost 8 lbs in 6 weeks without exercise. Click here to order Phen375.



Sale Price;

Phen375 costs $69.95 per bottle while Capsiplex costs $48.84 a bottle. When one buys 3 bottles of Phen375, she gets a free bottle and a Diet Plan Booklet.

Existing users can avail of a Cash Back Rebate Program. There are, however, no discount codes for Phen375.

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One who purchases a 3 or 6-month supply of Capsiplex gets a Capsiplex Appetite suppressor for free. Good news is there are free vouchers and coupon codes for this supplement which can be found online.

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Money Back Guarantee:

Both Capsiplex and Phen375 have no money back guarantee as customers never need to refund their money back because of the satisfaction they go.

Pros and Cons of Capsiplex:

Capsiplex has various benefits which include:

  • Having a website that is safe and easy to use with complete contact information, testimonials and clinical studies information
  • One only has to take a single capsule per day to achieve its benefits
  • Diabetics, vegans and vegetarians can take this diet pill
  • It is very effective as it has capsicum that speeds up metabolism
  • There are no side effects reported
  • It does not contradict with other medications
  • It is accepted by personal trainers and professors of Britain
  • The ingredients it has are fully listed.


Capsiplex has a couple of disadvantages and they include:

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Unsuitable for expectant or lactating mothers and those below 16 years old.


Pros and Cons of Phen375:

Phen375 has many benefits which include the following:

  • It minimizes appetite
  • It enhances energy levels
  • It can be taken for a long time
  • It can make one lose 20 lbs per month
  • It can be bought without a prescription


Phen375 also has a few cons that include:

  • Headaches with too much caffeine
  • Insomnia
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Can only be bought at

Both of these mentioned diet supplements are effective and safe to use. Those who are diabetics and those who are vegans can take Capsiplex while pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, but those who are below 16 years old should stay away from it and instead take Phen375.  Those who suffer insomnia and headaches should refrain from Phen375 and go for Capsiplex instead.

Final Thoughts:

Are you a bit confused between Capsiplex and Phen375?

Don’t worry…Our exclusive Reviews On Capsiplex and Phen375 will guide you.

Let’s check out our Capsiplex Review First!

Now move on to our Phen375 Review..

It is now up to you whether you would take Capsiplex or Phen375 as a substitute.



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