6 Things to Look for While Joining a Gym

If you are planning on getting a fitness club membership for whatever fitness or health goal (i.e., weight loss, muscle development), here are 6 things to look for while joining a gym so you would get your effort, time and money’s worth.

Membership Fee:

membership feeFirst of the 6 things to look for while joining a gym is the cost or membership price. Majority of fitness clubs or gyms are likely to charge a monthly fee for membership, so it’s essential that one chooses a fitness club that fits his budget.

Sure enough, if one’s monthly budget is, for instance, $50 and the gym that he is looking at is asking for $100 per month, membership cost is will be playing a major role in one’s decision.

It’s no good realizing down the line that one could no longer afford it. One needs to determine exactly what’s included in the membership price, like specific fitness classes or the utilization of the gym pool.

However, if there are a number of fitness clubs within one’s budget, do not simply pick the most inexpensive one; rather, he ought to choose the gym that has the most appropriate equipments and/or facilities for him.

One should have a look at several fitness clubs in his area and evaluate each one. This is the only reliable means to measure true value.

Location Of Gym From Home & Work:

location of gymSecond of the 6 things to look for while joining a gym is the location and/or distance from one’s home and work.

It is always imperative that one considers how far the fitness club is located from his home or work.

As one typically plans on exercising after office hours, he will have a bigger tendency to head to the gym that is either close to his work or better yet, on his way home, in contrast if it needs for him to drive 30 minutes or so in the opposite route to his home.

One may attend for a few classes while he is particularly motivated initially, but as soon as this early motivation is gone, he is likely to go less and less as it adds up time onto his journey home.

Reality is, a lot of people are leading increasingly busy lifestyles. So, convenience is a very crucial consideration when one chooses a gym.

A person should not give himself an easy justification to skip exercise classes by picking a fitness club that is far away. He ought to look for a gym that’s near his workplace and home, making it simpler to fit in an exercise session at different times of each day.

Cleanliness Of The Fitness Club:

cleanliness of the gymThird of the 6 things to look for while joining a gym is the cleanliness of the fitness club.

Are the facilities sanitary and conducive to a healthy and positive experience? Does one plan to take his showers at the gym &, if so, are the shower areas a place where he could achieve a ‘clean’ feeling?

This is one great way to see how important the business is to the owners.

If it is not cleaned on a regular basis then they are perhaps cutting on costs, which is not good for a potential member. When one is walking around, he needs to have a nice look at how hygienic the equipments and machines are. If they are covered with filth, they’re most likely not cared for.

Remember, a fitness club is almost certainly to smell sweat because of all the individuals who work out there; however, there is no need for it to be unclean.

Gym Staff:

gym staffFourth of the 6 things to look for while joining a gym is the gym staff.

When one walks into any fitness club, he should see staff members in the main exercise area, assisting individuals workout and on the whole just seeing if everybody is managing OK.

Discontented staff is unaccommodating staff. Do the staff members seem to enjoy their line of work? Do they appear to be more certified or concerned with a particular clientele at the deprivation of others?

While qualifications are significant, it is not everything. The most essential trait in a good physical trainer is that they should care.

If there’re also tertiary qualified then one has himself a great instructor. But, even the most experienced individual in the fitness industry is of no worth if they are not concerned in helping him. It is easy to recognize staff that care as they courteous, friendly and listen. They might even remember one’s name.

Gym Equipment:

gym equipmentFifth of the 6 things to look for while joining a gym is the equipments.

Does one’s prospective fitness club have the equipments like free weights and machines that would allow him to accomplish the exercises he needs to do?

Are the equipments in adequate supply, kept up and arranged in a method that works with one’s goals?

One should take a walk around the fitness club and have a nice look at every piece of equipment or machine, then get on or try some.

If they seem unstable or loose then that is a sign that the equipments are not serviced regularly. Any fitness club that does not service their equipments isn’t going to serve their members appropriately.

Additional Facilities:

jacuzziSixth and last of the 6 things to look for while joining a gym is the additional facilities.

Most of the large gyms would offer more than the standard gym equipments and machines.

Whether one thinks he’s looking for additional facilities or not, it is always worthwhile to find out what they have available. Examples of such are Jacuzzi, saunas and swimming pools.


We hope that you were able to find something useful in this article about 6 things to look for while joining a gym that can somehow help you in your decision on which gym to choose.


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