Yuri Elkaim’s Total Wellness Cleanse – How Can This Detox Program Help You Lose Weight?

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: Total Wellness Cleanse
: Total Wellness Cleanse
: Detox Cleansing Diet Program

: Total Wellness Cleanse


Total Wellness Cleanse is a classic example of what you get for what you pay for.

A complete detox cleansing program, perfect for anyone looking to shed off extra pounds, suffering from bad stomach upsets, stressful lifestyle with terrible eating habits, or experiencing bad nutrition problems.

Total Wellness Cleanse is our #1 recommendation as a 100% value based, actionable nutritional program on earth today. Period!

What is Total Wellness Cleanse?

This is a diet program designed to last for 30 days. The goal is to have diet that will not only help you lose weight but also to give you an overall health benefits such as better sleep, become more energetic, boost your immunity, and to detoxify and cleanse your body by getting rid of toxins.

This is a natural and safe way of losing weight and enjoying the benefits of a healthy life.

The world as we live in today presents a lot of stressors which makes life overwhelming at times. Making an investment towards one’s health is important.

A healthy body will lead to a lot of opportunities in life and will boost one’s self confidence and self-esteem.

Three registered holistic nutritionists developed this diet: Adam Elkaim, Amy Coates and Yuri Elkaim.

Why is Total Wellness Cleanse different from other weight loss programs?

Some unique features Total Wellness Cleanse have, which would help you lose fat/weight

The diet helps you overcome unhealthy eating habits such as eating fatty foods and sweets. This program teaches you how-to eat happily and healthily for the rest of your life, avoiding becoming overweight and unhealthy ever again.

It also makes you look younger through detoxification, making your skin more radiant. It also detoxifies you body from all of those harmful toxins.

What’s inside this program?

You will download the 14-day cleanse phase materials and once you have completed your first two weeks, you will be given materials for your 8-week maintenance meal plan and recipes.

You will also receive a special offer called Candida Cleansing Guide to reduce sugar cravings and to purify the body. Total Wellness Cleanse Starter Kit consists of 15 chapters and also has the following:

  • Daily Food Journal
  • Daily Inspiration Journal
  • Poop Tracker
  • The Success Journal

Who will benefit from “Total Wellness Cleanse”?

This is perfect for those looking for a natural health plan that does not need supplements, pills or any medications. It is 100% safe and natural. It has a cleanse phase and then a maintenance phase.

It includes success trackers, journals, meal planners, recipes and a diet plan. The aim is to feel good and healthy without the help of other detox supplements.

It is perfect for both men and women which benefits them by boosting up their energy levels and give them a slim and sexy body.

The Good (Pros)

  • For the first two weeks, the diet will cleanse your body from toxins that are harmful to one’s body.
  • It will reduce your cravings for sugar and will promote vitality, energy and health by re-balancing the levels of acid-alkaline in your body.
  • Then the next phase will help you to go into the transition of cleansing into maintaining a healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

The Bad (Cons)

May be the price can hold some back to try out this life changing cleansing program. So yes, we have found the price to be the only drawback of this Yuri Elkaim’s detox program, as that may not be affordable to all.

But again, this is a perfect example of what you get for what you pay for.

How safe is Total Wellness Cleanse? Are there any side effects following this program?

If you feel that you are suffering from any of symptoms indicating bad health, then it’s about time that you make a healthy change. There are no adverse effects since the program will teach you how to discipline yourself into eating healthily.

How fast can Total Wellness Cleanse work?

It all depends upon you! As you can see, it requires a lot of will and determination to follow through the plan during the 30 days that you are into the program. There are no short cuts for this program so if you are expecting miracles to happen then do not even bother!

This is designed for people who are not only determined to lose those extra pounds but who are also willing to turn their life around with healthy habits.total wellness cleanse

There are miracle weight loss pills out in the market that promise fast results, without cleansing the body of its harmful toxins.

This can be very alarming since the road to good health does not happen overnight.

We here at BestFatBurnersDiary.com always preach to do your due diligence 1st before you decide to buy those kinds of pills.

This is also what we are trying to do here, to help you make an informed decision by reviewing the weight loss pills we have found safe and worthy of trying out.

It is still best to have a good diet plan, detoxify and have the discipline to maintain the diet and healthy lifestyle. Yuri Elkaim’s Total Wellness Cleanse can indeed help you do that, should you really feel you can discipline your life 🙂

Food cravings and addictions can really be one’s downfall. Some of these require that you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. More often than not these foods stay in the digestive tract too long and can be stored as excess fat leading to obesity.

Harmful microorganisms do not only love acid but they love sweets as well. Bad bacteria thrive in sugar, and in the process, you feed them.

Daily routines to follow to make Total Wellness Cleanse most effective

It all boils down to self-restraint and discipline. Sometimes the problem is due to emotional, psychological and mental habits that are unhealthy. Empowering yourself to eat healthily is one way to fight off unhealthy habits.

Binging and eating late night snacks is simply not going to give you the general wellness that you crave for. An effective lifestyle change can make all the difference when it comes to your health.

Some Facts Worth Knowing

Watch the video below where Yuri Elkaim addresses why a cleanse is required.

Our body is made up of 70% water, which helps the body get rid of toxins. The blood serves as the receptor of oxygen which makes it possible for our body to function well.

Known as the “river of life” the blood is responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen to the other parts of the body. But bear in mind that your body can only function well if it’s healthy.

Click here to get more details about this Yuri Elkaim Program

When you become stressed, your acid levels shoot up, making your alkaline levels go up as well. Factors that can affect your blood’s alkalinity can be found in foods sold in supermarkets.

Some foods naturally create acids in our body like crackers, cookies, cereal, milk, rice, sugar, chocolate, coffee, cheese, bread, eggs and meats.

When there is acid overflow in one’s body it makes our blood cells clumped, hindering the delivery of oxygen to the parts of the body. When this happens your body becomes overworked. This will then lead to lack of energy.

Too much acid creates disease, clogs the colon and pollutes the body. This will tend put an extra burden on your digestive system such as the liver and the colon. It simply damages your health.

Your liver becomes overworked and you become constipated. The most alarming effects of toxins is that it leads to cancer as well.

detox cleansing programStress can lead to acids, and this will make your vulnerable against fungi, molds, bacteria, yeast and germs.

These microorganisms love acid, but when your body is properly alkaline, they become powerless and cannot multiply.

Acid Overload also leads to alarming diseases such as heart diseases, osteoporosis and weight gain.

Too much acid also robs you of your youth, your health and your energy. Also stress can also lead to too much acid levels in the body.

Testimonials and Customer Feedback

How Total Wellness Cleanse™ Works

  • Cleanse Phase – First Two Weeks

Users have testified that for the first two weeks, it will teach you how to fight cravings for bad foods, alcohol and sweets. By doing this, your body establishes a proper acid-alkaline balance that will result in vitality, energy and health.

Expect to have sharp mental focus, smooth hair, clear eye sight, young looking skin, great amounts of energy and a slimmer body. This will clean your body from inside out and you will be introduced to foods that will promote general wellness.

Expect to go through a work out plan during this phase as well. Once you are through you will notice some significant changes that will make you stay strong and lean for the second phase of the program.

  • Maintenance Phase – Second Week

During this period you will begin to follow an 8-week post-cleanse diet plan which will help you make a smooth transition. This is where you will be though the new concept of a much improved lifestyle and diet.

You will then learn how eat healthily for the rest of your life without going back to your old habits and gaining weight once again. You are then happier, livelier and even healthier for life.

Final Verdict & The Money Back Guarantee For Total Wellness Cleanse

Does Total Wellness Cleanse Work?  A word of caution: Do not try this without consulting your doctor first. This program is not for everybody, and although this promotes health and general wellness, some people may not be recommended for a diet program.

The point is there are no magical solutions for a great health; it must become your way of life. It is 100% effective and you can have your money back within the 1st 60 days should you be dissatisfied with the results.

What do you have to lose? Total Wellness Cleanse is not simply a diet plan but it serves as a way of teaching you how to eat well, change your lifestyle and maintain great habits to enjoy years of good health and boundless energy!

weight loss diet plan

>>> Click here to visit the official website of Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim <<<


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