Tom Venuto – One of the earlier Pioneers in the Field of Bodybuilding!!!

tomvenutoTom Venuto is a well known bodybuilder who earned various titles in competitions without using steroids.

He earned titles like Mr. NOC Natural Eastern Classic, Mr. Natural Mid Atlantic States, Mr. Natural New York State, Mr. Natural Pennsylvania, and Mr. Natural New Jersey.

He passed every drug-testing conducted in the 28 competitions he had joined. As such, he is a good role model to his followers.

Tom Venuto stresses the natural ways to get in shape. He is one of the few dedicated, ethical, and principled believer of natural bodybuilding ways.

Being in the industry for at least 20 years, he is known to compete clean. All his writings encourage his followers to stay away from muscle-enhancing drugs.

He doesn’t encourage his followers to try weight loss pills, hormones, or steroids. Natural bodybuilding through proper training and the right diet is the healthiest lifestyle.

Venuto has at least 20 years’ experience as a coach, teaching followers about how to achieve their dream body and be healthy.

Tom Venuto was featured in

He has been interviewed on different radio stations like BlogTalk Radio, Martha Stewart’s Healthy Living, ESPN-1250, and WCBS New York.

Tom Venuto is into online coaching, 1-on-1 coaching, and 1-on-1 personal training.

His e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, has been sold online for at least 10 years, before it was printed on Dec 2013 because there are so many individuals demanding for a copy.

The Body Fat Solution was his first hardcover book and became #1 at It also became a national bestseller after a few months.

Now, his latest fat loss course, Burn The Fat Body Transformation Program, is also made available in the internet.

He has a members-only site, the Inner Circle, wherein he shares his experiences and knowledge on how to take care of one’s health and body.

His 7-day program gets everyone on board to better health and body. He offers scientific information about training and diet, as well as social support, motivational training, and personal mentoring.

Under Tom Venuto’s program, each individual can lose stubborn fat. Anyone can use his program to prepare for a bodybuilding, figure, or fitness competition.

Lean muscles are sure to be gained by following his program. An individual can gain strength and obtain optimal health.

The quality of life is improved through the body transformations obtained under Tom Venuto’s guidance.

You can catch Tom in the following places

Tom Venuto’s Flagship Program

Burn The Fat 49-Day Body Transformation Systemburn the fat body transformation system




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