The Fat Loss Factor By Dr. Charles Livingston – But Who Is He & What Is This Program For?

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: Fat Loss Factor
: Fat Loss Factor
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: Fat Loss Factor


The Fat Loss Factor is a comprehensive weight loss program to burn your excess body fat with the combination of simple healthy diet recipes, easy to follow workouts and last but not the least the methods to overcome the emotional quotient like stress, work & relationship pressure etc which actually predominates your modern day lifestyle, causing you to gain weight without your knowledge.

It is a unique program to try out for backed with a whopping 60 day money back guarantee.

The Fat Loss Factor Program Explained

The Fat Loss Factor is a program about losing undesired fat effectively under believable procedures. The author of this self-help program is Dr. Charles Livingston – a well known

  • board certified chiropractor
  • certified nutritionist & wellness expert
  • author & speaker

He emphasizes that although being fat may be genetic for some it’s not a blockade in becoming a fit person. His Fat Loss Factor features different strategies to accomplish weight loss under different categories.

How The Fat Loss Factor Is Remotely Different From Other weight Loss Program?

Compared to the different kinds of weight loss program, this Fat Loss Factor Programs has a fresher and friendlier way of approaching the weight problem.

Unlike most that deal with proper nutrition and exercise, the Fat Loss Factor actually pinpoints stress and way of living as the cause of being overweight.

Emotional eating and a lack of self-esteem are considered as one of the general causes of obesity and is the main focus in this program.

Although it doesn’t specifically point those as the main reasons for being fat, it tries to eliminate them in order to prevent more damage and setbacks in the future.


The Fat Loss Factor program contains several strategies, including how to eliminate emotional eating habits.

Readers will find more information on how to avoid having midnight snacks; these small trips to the fridge actually contribute greatly to calorie overload.

Overeating during meal times is also a common habit that’s difficult to break, and will be tackled as well in this weight loss program.

The Fat Loss Factor also includes how to overcome the lack of support from your spouse or family members.

Naturally, stress, being the cause of emotional eating, can make you fat.

Dr. Charles Livingston will teach you how to determine which factors in your lifestyle causes the most stress and how to deal with or eliminate them.


Signing up for membership in their website will give you a bonus Food Factor e-book. It’s about nutritious foods, the benefits from eating them and facts on other snacks and meals.

Calorie counter, a diet plan and featured fruits as well as fish and meat with their purposes are included. The Food Factor book is useful for times of doubt when a certain meal doesn’t seem as non-fat as it’s suggested to be.

What to Expect From The Fat Loss Factor Program?

  • Buyers can expect details of how to burn fat and have a flat abdomen. Abs or abdominals are one of the hardest areas to transform, especially that most overweight people develop large stomachs due to overeating. In the Fat Factor Loss, members will not only lose their belly flab but actually get a smooth flat stomach.
  • Extra activities to tone the abs are included and optional. Along with tips on burning fats, there are also cardio exercises that you can learn about to improve your lungs. This is helpful because stronger lungs can actually help you do more rigid exercises in the future, should you prefer a more toned body image.
  • Healthy eating tips and controlling your cravings are important to keep from regaining the lost weight, these are additional targets of Dr. Charles and are equally dealt with in the Fat Loss Factor. Stress, emotional eating and unhealthy food are what the included Diet Solution program will work to eliminate permanently.
  • The workouts take more than 35 minutes and are as often as 3 times a week. You’ll also learn how to prepare healthy, quick weight loss meals in under 5 minutes. More tips on time management will lessen the preparation time, now there’s no more excuse to fix up a healthy breakfast before going to work.

Watch This Awesome Video Where Dr.Charles Discusses How To Lose Weight 🙂

Click Here To Visit The Official Website Of Fat Loss Factor

Who It’s For?

If you want to stop your emotional eating habits then this is the right type of weight loss program for you.

People who also want to achieve a flat tummy or muscled abs, the Fat Loss Factor program is a good choice because it has exercise tips for toning the lower abs without straining yourself.

Even those who have no intention to lose weight can benefit from this program because of its advices on how to eliminate stress in your lifestyle.

Although a lot of stress causes obesity, they also cause other serious things like depression, vulnerability to sickness, inability to perform well and just downright exhaustion.

All of the mentioned are not good for your health and can only discourage from trying to achieve that flat tummy. With the detoxifying strategies of eliminating stress, the Fat Loss Factor can help you live better without having to look for approval from others.

The Pros:

  • The main advantage of this program is that it can help different types of people besides those who are overweight or obese. It gives so many useful strategies that clients are able to achieve a better lifestyle in just a few months.
  • Without the extreme gym workouts that most dieters do, the Fat Loss Factor program provides believable results.
  • You not only will learn how to effectively burn belly fat, but you’ll also learn more nutritious food alternatives.
  • You’ll learn more about different health and exercise myths that may be partially or not true at all.

The Cons:

  • The diet solution that the Fat Loss Factor provides focuses more on the stress and negative factors in the person’s lifestyle. This is not a bad thing, in fact it is a great thing. The only concern is that, while it focuses on these aspects, the program forgets to emphasize even more on the physical aspects.
  • It’s also quite tame compared to other exercise programs. With only 3 days of workout in a week, there’s no telling how long the program can last if the person is simply incapable of catching on.

Effective on a Natural Pace:

Aside from being easy to follow, the instructions are reasonably safe and very effective. Healthy recipes and information on food as source of vitamins, proteins and anti-stress elements are widely shared.

No use of supplements or enhancements is included and no weight lifting activities are needed either. Purely good habits with nutritious diet plans and moderate exercises are the key to flat abs and happiness.

Breaking emotional eating by following the Fat Loss Factor strategies becomes easier after 3 weeks, provided of course that the person is honest with making changes every day.

They say that it takes a month to make a habit and years to break them, but with this program distinctive changes can be seen in 3 weeks.

The Fat Loss Factor

Final Note:

The Fat Loss Factor is a complete package; healthy eating, proper and mild exercises, having a happy lifestyle and letting go of negativity. Tackling bad habits, obesity, cravings and even depression, the Fat Loss Factor truly is one of a kind.

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