The Diet Solution Program – Some Honest Facts About This Diet Program

Isabel De Los Rios, author of the Diet Solution program and fitness trainer believes each body has a different metabolism and should be treated differently from one another. Her program The Diet Solution is a holistic lifestyle and diet plan which aims to show how to appropriately lose weight. Isabel De Los Rios combines exercising with eating the right type of food that matches with your metabolic type to get the lean body that you want. People generally unaware of their own body types and often suffer from making wrong food choices. These choices could make them fatter or make exercising harder.

About the Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution ProgramThe Diet Solution program takes advantage of people’s metabolism type. If you know which food matches with your metabolism you’ll easily find which food will work best with your new diet plan. You can be avoiding foods that make you fat while efficiently burning them away. The Diet Solution aims for the whole program to work for the client, most diet plans don’t work out because people eat the wrong food. If you know enough about your own metabolism then it will be easier, with the help of Diet Solution, to tell the right kinds of natural food for you.


How it Works?

The Diet Solution begins in finding out your own metabolic type, your body’s calorie requirements and carb, protein and fat capabilities. De Los Rios says that there are three metabolic diet types; protein, carb and mixed. Exercises are mild but enough to get you active and give cardiovascular training. Taking an Omega-3 supplement will give your health a boost.

The Diet Solution Program

Why The Diet Solution Program Is Different From The Others?

It’s different from other programs because it’s easier to understand. The book contains a lot of information on food myths and calories and carbs and their effects on your body. It also tackles many eating habits and explaining their cause and their ultimate effect. The program is not extreme at all, which a lot of people like. It’s not demanding on the person for working out more than they can handle but it does recommend on a stricter diet plan.

Price and Bonuses:

At $47, you can purchase the Diet Solution Program e-book and get a bonus of 9 additional guides. Buyers may have a chance to win a printed version of the book with free shipping. You can also talk or ask advices from Isabel about any concerns in their official forums. More people and participants will be sharing and interacting regarding weight loss tips and experiences. Isabel will also personally add 3 more bonus books about weight loss and muscle building if you purchase from her.

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Safety and How Fast it Works?

The Diet Solution ProgramThe Diet Solution program focuses more on the nutritional side of dieting accompanied by mild exercises. You can completely lose weight in an all-natural way and there’s hardly any need for exercising equipment. The diet is not a quick fix and won’t yield instant results. You can expect to lose one to three pounds every week and this is the preferred amount by many nutrition experts. It’s considered as natural and safe.

With losing only one or two pounds weekly, your body won’t be shocked by the change. The gradual loss of weight won’t affect your body’s capability to adapt. If you lose more weight and do not eat healthily your body could suffer a trauma and may weaken. Nutrition experts highly advice mild exercises to acquire mild changes, this way the body won’t be too shocked and just be able to adjust easily. You’ll also be able to have more control of your exercise patterns this way and can make adjustments anytime you want without endangering the whole routine.

People Who Will Benefit from the Program?

Besides those who want to lose weight, image sensitive people will find the Diet Solution very informative. Proper nutrition keeps the body lean and free of excessive fats, it also helps prevent those unattractive cellulites. There are many strategies included in the program on how to efficiently track your progress via calorie counts and much more. People who are conscious about doing it right will like this program by De Los Rios.

The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program’s Outcome

The Diet Solution ProgramThe program won’t be yielding more results than the recommended one to two pounds of weight loss per week. The nutritional guide with exercising tips would normally make more difference, but since the program strictly specifies the target weight loss there’s nothing more to expect. The changes can be seen first on the skin, since the diet plan consists dominantly of fruits and extra vegetables the dieters’ skin health improve rather quickly. A stronger hair and healthier scalp are also easily noticeable once the Diet Solution program overtakes your regular meal plans. All in all it takes at least 90 to 110 days for the effects to settle and become more permanent.

Good Side

  • The most advantageous and beneficial part of the program is that people will be able to understand their body more. They won’t need to visit the gym daily or ban themselves of certain types of food. Once they are able to know more about what they eat they’ll learn more on how to control their servings.
  • Dieters can learn how to balance their protein with carbs and calories without having to avoid a slice of cake or two. They are able to understand more how specific amounts of carbohydrates can affect the body in small but steady paces.

Bad Side

  • The downside of the program is that it can be tasking to always be counting calories. It’s not going to be very ideal for those who are busy with many things or simply do not have the time for such things.
  • It has also been greatly criticized to be misleading and uninformative by Kathrene Tallmadge; the Spokesperson of the American Dietetic Association. Tallmadge claims that there is no specific need to determine your own metabolic type in order to benefit from healthy eating. Everyone, she states, are supposed to eat the same, proper balanced meal regardless of how fast or slow their metabolisms are.

Facts and Daily Routine for Effectiveness

Some people become fatter when they eat refined carbs while others remain unaffected. The program also helps people in controlling their blood sugar level, cholesterol and healthier conditions. The whole program works with a 6 week meal plan with outlined food choices for the meal and snacks of the dieter. Dieters can also customize their meal plan, adding more protein or cards as desired. People with a mixed metabolism type don’t need to modify the plan because it won’t make much difference to them. Beside the meal plan there’s also a food journal so people can record their daily intake of food and write down useful recipes, as well as shopping lists.

Final Verdict:

With the 6 week meal plan, dieters should target a healthy eating routine of 3 meals a day, two snacks and one omega-3 supplement. The overall Diet Solution Program e-book is complete with daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, food journals and knowledge on how to balance food well. There’s no reason why one shouldn’t consider keeping track of carbs in order to get thin or lose weight.

All in all the Diet Solution Program seems to have an honest and good intention for everyone out there trying to lose weight. Should the buyer feel unimpressed, no excuses are needed, they are immediately given money-back guarantee.

The Diet Solution Program

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