South Beach Diet – A Way To Control Your Heart Disease & Get Rid Of Excess Weight?

South Beach Diet : A Unique Approach

Interestingly enough “South Beach” Diet was created by the cardiologist and dietician team of Arthur Agatston and Marie Almon to prevent heart disease, and low blood sugar, or diabetes. It was meant to be an alternative to the 1980’s mainstream approach of low fat and low carbs consumption i.e. Pritikin Diet, Ornish Diet, Atkins diet, etc. Simply put, South Beach Diet advocates the consumption of healthy amounts of good carbohydrates and good fats, as opposed to banning all fats and all carbohydrates altogether.

Most diet or weight loss programs pushed for the cutting of portions, counting calories, low carbs, and starvation. South Beach Diet, on the other hand believed that starving oneself may lower body weight in the short term, but in the long term, it is highly unlikely that the individual can maintain that strict regimen.

Salient Features Of South Beach Diet:

South Beach Diet advocates heartily eating the foodstuff that the individual wants to eat! But the ingredients that make up the same must be closely monitored. To be more specific South Beach Diet purports to teach you how to:

  • Banish Cravings: Starving or depriving oneself of the foodstuff you want to eat only makes it worse.
  • Eat Heartily but Healthy: Substitute unhealthy carbs and saturated fat with healthy carbs and unsaturated fat.
  • Make a Lifestyle Change: A strict diet program cannot work in the long term. Therefore it is better to change one’s lifestyle and food choices rather than continually deprive yourself.

Lifestyle Features:

In addition to knowing what to eat, you will also get a full package that will show you how to:

  • Eat and cook healthy (there are over 1,000 recipes in the package)
  • Plan and prepare your meals in advance for a lifestyle on the go
  • Customize your grocery list
  • Choose a healthy restaurant or select the healthiest dishes from a menu.

Add Exercise Into the Mix:

A healthy lifestyle involves an exercise regimen that is in line with proper nutrition, and specific lifestyles. The South Beach Diet package recognizes this reality. That is why it also includes different exercise routines.

Support System

There is also a support system of licensed and expert dieticians. This can be had via the website, through regular newsletters and online support. Aside from this there is also a community support system or “Beach Buddies”.

Now Stir!

The South Beach Diet Program is a work in progress. That is why regular updates are given to members. There are also added or bonus features that are made for the convenience of the member. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The online store
  • Technical support
  • Weight loss Apps
  • Website Quick links

Safety First:

The basic premise of the program is to eat healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle. In that regard, most experts find very little to argue about. Majority of the recipes in the program are mainstream, and comfort food. The only difference is that a lot of the unhealthy ingredients are substituted.

For example, lard, and margarine can be substituted for butter, or better yet extra virgin olive oil. Processed carbohydrates or white rice, white bread, potatoes are also substituted for unprocessed ones, whole wheat bread, brown rice, yams, other whole grains.

Is South Beach Diet Right For You?

The answer depends. Some experts and consumer advocates will tell you that South beach diet works for everyone. In reality, this is not possible. There will always be an exception to the rule. And there will always be an excuse not to go on any diet plan, no matter how effective it may be.

Remember, even the most successful diet program will not be effective if it is not followed to the letter. Therefore if you have any doubt as to your dedication, then better not try South Beach Diet, or any diet program for that matter. If you do choose South Beach Diet, then you need to realize that it is not going to be a walk in the park, especially during the first two weeks. This is because a lifestyle changes takes awhile to sink in and become part of your routine.

Efficiency Study;

Based on a studies conducted by Kraft Foods, it takes a little less than three months to see encouraging results. Realistically speaking, and based on consumer reviews you give it one more month for a total of 4 months maximum. This is because in the span of 3 to 4 months the body gets rid of the toxic reserves of unhealthy carbs and unhealthy fats. After this period of time, decrease in weight slows down significantly, but decrease will be seen all the same (usually within 6 months to one year). This is until the individual reaches optimum health and weight.

Watch this awesome video where Dr. Agatston discusses strategies of South Beach Diet  for promoting healthy weight loss and fighting heart disease and diabetes 🙂

Click Here To Know More About South Beach Diet Program!


  • Weight loss is only a side effect. The underlying principle is the intake of foodstuff that increase overall health, cardiovascular health, and the maintenance of healthy insulin levels which prevents low blood, high blood, diabetes, etc.
  • The individual is not taught to starve himself/herself. Rather the same is taught to eat healthy and eat with hearty portions.
  • Based on studies conducted by Kraft foods, significant weight loss can be achieved in a little less than 3 months.
  • A 3 phase approach that actually gets easier in reality, and not only because the individual has gotten used to the diet plan.
  • Not only a long term diet plan but a lifetime lifestyle change.
  • Wide range of services and support systems to ease the individual into the lifestyle change

Cons :

  • Some of the ingredient substitutes are more expensive.
  • The substitution of ingredients will change the taste of the dish.
  • The first two weeks is hard to accomplish.

Daily Routine To Be Followed With This Diet:

Aside from following the instructions of the weight loss program, you need to be continually on the move. Increase the rate at which you walk each day. Jog a few blocks every other day. You can even blog about your progress to motivate you into doing better. Snack on health stuff like nuts, dried fruits (not the salty ones).

Food supplements are not really a problem. But the South Beach Diet can work on its own. Anyway, after you get used to eating healthy, you will be dropping supplements altogether.

Statistical Data

Kraft foods conducted extensive research for 2 consecutive years. The total number of participants that completed the same was 123. All of them exhibited significant and promising weight loss in a little less than 3 months.

The Journal of General Internal Medicine published a report in 2006. It studied 42 of the health benefits claimed by the South Beach Diet. 33% of the same was well proven. 43% was partially proven. The remaining 24% was inconclusive. Critiques say the 24% was disproved. Even assuming the argument of critiques, this would mean South Beach Diet is at least 76% effective as advertised.

How Relevant is the South Beach Diet Today?

Today, Arthur Agatston is still actively involved. In fact he still conducts studies on the same in order to improve the program. The website has a section where he writes about (short message) and talks about (video stream) the South Beach Diet.

Community Involvement by active members is also encouraged. In fact within the main website there is a tab where members can interact with one another, post their comments, ask questions, etc. There is even the “Beach Buddies” section for a more personal interaction with members.

Technical support is a breeze. You can email, call, or have a live chat with trained representatives. The same will answer most of your questions on the spot, or get back to you as soon as possible, whenever a question gets too technical.

How Much, and Is there a Refund?

There is a FREE one (1) week trial. After that you will have to pay $5 a week or $20 a month. Cancelation of subscription is a breeze, you can cancel anytime and any unused portion will be refunded to you. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before you sign up.

Final Verdict:

The South Beach Diet has a lot of raves and a few rants. The same is backed up by science. Notable medical journals and even the staunchest of critiques are forced to admit that a significant percentage of the health benefits find overwhelming basis.  But more importantly it focuses on overall health and a lifestyle change that goes beyond a temporary diet routine. But it still requires the individual to exert effort and to make a few sacrifices. But then again, what worthwhile endeavor does not.

Visit the Official Website of South Beach Diet and control diabetes & excess weight issue!

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