Sonoma Diet : Let’s Unleash The True Facts About This Popular Diet!

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: Sonoma Diet Program
: Sonoma Diet Program
: Weight Loss Diet Program

: Sonoma Diet Program


Sonoma diet program is designed by Dr. Connie Guttersen. This diet plan which basically follows Mediterranean Diet will allow one to enjoy tasty yet healthy food that will not only help to lose weight but will also make one more energetic and healthy.

If you are a little bit on the heavy side or you are just health-conscious and you are on the lookout for an effective diet plan, you may consider trying the Sonoma Diet.

What is the Sonoma Diet?

This diet plan is created by Dr. Connie Guttersen. Instead of punishing yourself with bland meals that are not fulfilling, her diet plan allows you to enjoy tasty yet healthy food that will not only make you lose weight but will also make you more energetic and healthy.

The New Sonoma Diet is inspired by the lifestyle in Sonoma County, California. It encourages people to eat and enjoy healthy and tasty meals and to live a healthy lifestyle.

This diet plan was created so that people can enjoy the delicious and healthy food around them without having to count every calorie intake. It makes dieting more enjoyable. If you are interested to try this California-inspired diet plan, you should go ahead and read the rest of this article and learn more important information about the Sonoma Diet.

What’s Inside the Sonoma Diet Program?

When you enroll in this program, you will enjoy the following components.

Diet Features:

You will be eating foods that belong in different food groups in moderation such as foods that are rich in healthy fats and carbohydrates. You will also be eating dairy products, meat, vegetables, and fruits.

The Diet Plan has 3 Waves:

  • Wave 1 is the part that allows you to eat delicious and healthy meals. This will last for 10 days.
  • Wave 2 is the heart of the Sonoma Diet plan. This part will require you to follow the Sonoma Diet plan until you lose your excess weight.
  • Wave 3 is the last part of the Sonoma Diet. It starts when you reach your ideal weight. This is when you start to incorporate the diet plan in your lifestyle.

The Diet Plan also has tools available for the enrollees:

  • Shopping lists: You can print out the shopping lists to help you buy the right ingredients for your meals.
  • Meal planner: This is where you can get suggestions for healthy meals for the whole day.
  • Recipe index: This is where you can find hundreds of recipes that are Sonoma Diet-approved.
  • Food diary:  This is where you can write the food that you eat every day and the amount of weight that you lose.
  • Guides:  You will also get an Eating Guide, a Wine Guide, and a Portion Guide which will help you determine the right amount of food that you should eat.

Fitness Features:

ü  When you enroll in the Sonoma Diet Program, you can use the Weight Tracker Tool which you can find in your website. However, the diet plan does not really offer any specific fitness programs for their members.

You can also enjoy the following features of the Sonoma weight loss program:

  • Advice from the experts:
  • If you have questions, you can post them on the Ask the Nutritionist message board. A licensed dietitian will answer your query in one to two days.
  • You will receive newsletters, updates, and announcements in your email.
  • You will enjoy Day-by-Day Support and Weekly Question and Answer sessions with the experts.
  • Support from the community:
  • Sonoma Pals is a place where members can share their interests and diet goals to fellow members.
  • On the Boards is where you can learn about updates and also allow you to mingle with fellow Sonoma dieters.
  • Customer support and additional services:
  • You can call their hotline number or send them an email between 9am and 8pm EST, from Mondays through Fridays.
  • You can purchase Dr. Guttersen’s The Sonoma Diet book and other cookbooks and wines in their online store.


Safety of the Sonoma Diet Program

This weight loss program can be considered safe because it does not encourage its dieters to cut back on certain food groups like carbohydrates or fats. In fact, it allows dieters to eat even their favorite foods as long as it is in moderation. The safety of this diet plan lies in the fact that it focuses on a balanced diet, rather than completely removing a certain food group from the diet plan.

Who will be benefited from the program?

You will definitely benefit from the Sonoma weight loss plan if you want to lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods.  Isn’t this what everybody dreams of? Being able to eat what they want as long as it is controlled and at the same time being able to shed those extra pounds is what makes this plan easy to stick to. The diet program even incorporates fine wine in its meals and recipes, which allows you to enjoy your meals even more. It also offers tools like the meal planner, printable shopping list, recipe index, and food diary to make your dieting easier.


How fast does this program work?

A person who uses the Sonoma Diet plan can lose around 65 pounds in one year. Of course, the amount of weight that a person can lose while doing this diet pan depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Metabolic rate:  People who have good metabolism tend to lose weight faster than those who don’t.
  • Health conditions: Some people who have special health conditions are encouraged to take it slow when it comes to dieting, which will affect the amount of weight that they can lose.
  • Amount of exercise: The Sonoma weight loss program does not focus too much on fitness exercises. If a person follows the Sonoma diet plan but does not get enough exercise in a day, it will take a longer time for him or her to lose weight.

Pros Of This Program:

Some of the advantages of the Sonoma weight loss program are:

  • Enjoyable meals. The main advantage of the Sonoma Diet is that it allows its dieters to enjoy good food and wine. It also encourages dieters to savor each bite and enjoy the different flavors of food.
  • Simple portioning:. The diet plan uses a simple strategy to know how much of a certain food you need to eat. Instead of using calorie counters, it uses plates in different sizes.
  • Variety:. The recipes suggested in the Sonoma Diet plan have variety. You will not feel sick and tired eating the same kinds of food every day like in other diet plans.
  • Nutrition:  Aside from losing weight, the Sonoma weight loss program also focuses on good nutrition, encouraging its members to eat delicious and healthy foods.

Cons Of The Program:

It also has a few disadvantages such as:

  • Lack of fitness feature: Unlike other popular diet plans, the Sonoma weight loss plan does not have a fitness or exercise feature that encourages its dieters to exercise while following the diet plan.
  • Expensive recipes: Most of the ingredients in the recipe index are expensive. They also suggest that dieters eat organic foods, which are also more expensive than ordinary foods.
  • Inconsistent: The diet plan criticizes low-carb diet but its recipes are mostly low-carb.


Watch This Video Where The Creator Of Sonoma Diet  Dr. Connie Guttersen Speaks About It!

Visit the official website to know more details about this diet program.

Suggested daily routines and time To make the Sonoma Diet plan more effective:

You need to incorporate daily routines and change some habits. Check out the tips below.

  • Exercise: This is one of the most important factors that can make or break your diet plan. You need to incorporate exercise or at least have daily physical activities with the diet plan.
  • Give up bad habits: You should give up bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, and drugs if you want the Sonoma Diet regimen to be more effective.
  • Everything in moderation: The diet program allows you to eat different kinds of foods even those that are banned in a dieter’s shopping list. But, you have to make sure that you eat them in moderation.

Statistical facts and testimonials:

Depending on several factors, a person can lose as much as 65 pounds in one year. People who enroll in this diet program have weight problems. Some gain weight after giving birth several times. While some pack on the pounds because of being fast eaters and having medical conditions. After their doctor’s advice, they tried the Sonoma Diet and these people are satisfied with the results. They are happier and more confident about themselves after losing the excess pounds that they have been carrying for many years.

How good is the program?

The program can be further evaluated as follows:

  • The creator, Dr. Connie Guttersen, is involved in her program by continuously writing books like The New Sonoma Diet and The New Sonoma Cookbook which the members of her program can purchase. She also appears on national TV to educate viewers about the importance of eating flavorful and healthy food to lose weight.
  • The members of the program also get full support from other members through Sonoma Pals and On the Boards which were discussed earlier.
  • The website does not have an FAQ section. However, you can always ask your questions from their Ask the Experts feature. You can also call their toll free number which you can find in the website.

Cost Of the program:

Getting into the program costs $4 a week. Members can cancel their subscription to the program anytime they want to. There is a current promo that gives the first 7 days of the program free for those who enroll.  Members are billed their weekly membership fee on a quarterly basis. There is no money-back guarantee, but members can choose to terminate their membership anytime. Those who enroll in the free-trial should cancel their membership before the 7-day period is over so that they will not be billed the regular membership fee.

Final Verdict

This program has worked for a lot of people already. These people are open about sharing their stories through the website and other review sites as well. Many people are healthier and slimmer with the Sonoma Diet. There is definitely nothing dubious about shifting to healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle – and these are the two basic components of the Sonoma Diet.

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