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: Six Pack Shortcuts
: Six Pack Shortcuts
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: Six Pack Shortcuts


Our #1 recommended program when it comes to burning your belly fat and building a six pack abs, Six Pack Shortcuts provides the fastest way to achieve the dream body you always want. Mike Chang has really hit the bull’s eye with this detailed, actionable, step by step total body workout program.

Getting a ripped six-pack abs is a dream for most people – and will remain that way forever – if right action is not taken about it.

A lot of guys think that it is impossible to achieve that body without investing hours upon hours of gym workout time.

That may only be partially true, because in reality, there may be a shorter route to achieving the same goal.

With 4 half-hour workout sessions a week, and with the right diet, having the body you desire is also possible.

What Is Six Pack Shortcuts?

Designed and developed by self-proclaimed “6-pack abs” coach Mike Chang, the Six Pack Shortcuts is a workout program intended to achieve an eye-popping ripped look without resorting to a gym-heavy lifestyle.

Mike teaches the same techniques (with the help of afterburn effect, discussed later) he developed and used himself to achieve the well-defined body that he has become famous for.

This review will take a close look at this program to help you understand how it is supposed to work and if you will benefit from it.

What’s Inside?

If you avail of the program, you can expect to get the following:

  • Wide variety of workouts – 27 high intensity workouts that each lasts anywhere from 20 – 30 minutes, targeting not only the abs, but the whole body as well; a complete workout to help you get in shape quickly.
  • Strategic bodyweight cardio workouts – 31 fat-burning techniques to athletically tune up and help your body to look and work at optimum levels; also intended to lose weight.
  • Abs-specific exercises – 17 exercise routines specifically designed to target the abdominal area without putting undue pressure on your neck and back.
  • Fat loss and advanced muscle building theories – comes in video form; includes the underlying principles on why the various workouts are effective. This will keep you motivated and help you avoid the pitfalls that may deter your training objectives.
  • Email support from no less than Mike Chang – provides unlimited email support from the man who developed the program himself, as well as unlimited help through phone from certified personal trainers on the team.

In total, you can expect 11 hours worth of video footage that you can either download or stream directly to your PC or any mobile device such as your iPhone, iPad, or android device.

This means you can carry the Six Pack Abs anytime, and anywhere you go.

In addition, you stand to get 2 extra bonuses:

  • The Zero Willpower Eating System – a nutritional guide that makes healthy eating easy and convenient. Mike believes that in order to achieve the best results from the program, proper nutrition is necessary.
  • 24-Week Advanced Fitness Program by Coach Mike Chang – You get a 30-day free trial for this advanced program.  This is the new program currently popular among fitness models and pro athletes.

How Does Six Pack Shortcuts Work & What Makes It Different from Other Similar Programs?

Six Pack Shortcuts by Mike Chang works on a basic but fairly effective principle that allows you to transform your belly fat to a six pack.

The workout focuses on what is known as the Afterburn Effect.

This is when your body still continues to burn fat even after the initial workout is over. Chang creates a system that maximizes the afterburn, therefore allowing you to shed off calories without putting as much effort on the exercise itself.

Chang creates a program that walks your body through a systematic change designed for faster muscle development. It is divided into four phases, each one connected to the next.

belly fat loss tipsPhase 1 deals with building the muscle mass of your body while getting the body used to the exercises.

The goal during this phase is to let you get used to the workout so that you wouldn’t have any problem following it until Phase 4.

During this time, you will adapt a habit of short and consistent workouts every week combined with a modified meal each day.

As the 1st phase is finished, you enter Phase 2 wherein you start to work on removing fat.

There are those who usually focus on fat loss first before developing their muscles – but this approach is actually wrong.

The muscles must be developed first because they usually burn off more fat. Hence, good muscles can actually speed up weight loss. During Phase 2, you will focus on intense workouts that focus more on the cardiovascular.

Phase 3 is where the real work begins. With muscles already developed and the layer of fat removed, it’s time for you to work on the definition of your abs.

Phase 1 and 2 were merely preparations for this stage so that your body wouldn’t be in “shock” once the workout starts. This can be the toughest part, but it’s also the main reason why Six Pack Shortcuts works.

During this time, your body’s core will be trained for strength, allowing you to develop well defined muscles on the stomach.

Phase 4 is the last part wherein your body is polished. By the end of Phase 3, you might already be happy with your body – but Phase 4 is when the sculpting is perfected.

During this time, the remaining fat is worked on and your abs is made more definite.


The comprehensive system of Six Pack Shortcuts is the main reason why the program works. That and the additional bonuses added in by the creator make it a foolproof weight loss and body development system.

Watch the video below where Mike demonstrates a 5 min belly fat destroyer workout, a sample from the Six Pack Shortcuts System.

Click here to know more about Six Pack Shortcuts

Who will Benefit from this program?

Although the program claims to be ideal for everyone, this may not be so, at least not for those couch potatoes who are practically at the bottom of the fitness ladder.

To get the most from the program, you must have some reasonable amount of physical fitness to speak of. No doubt, the program is intense, but intensity is what gives successful results to fitness programs like this.

Product Advantages

  • Afterburn Effect – Knowing the principles behind the afterburn effect (discussed above), the core concept behind Six Pack Shortcuts, will make it easier to burn more fat in very short time than one can imagine.
  • Short but Intensive Workouts – The workouts designed are very short but highly intensive designed to get the maximum afterburn effect. Individuals have to workout 30 fat burning exercisemins per day, ONLY 4 times per week, perfect for busy people.
  • Lives up to billing – The program is said to live up to its name. After the belly fat is taken out of the equation through the advanced techniques to burn fat, the exciting, but more difficult part of sculpting the abs follows.
  • Targets the whole body – Although popular as an abdominal training regimen, Six Pack Shortcuts works out the entire body which is the best way to train. Isolating one specific part of the body to work on will not result to an overall healthy body.
  • Visual presentation – Because it is in video form and not in text or printed material, it is easier to understand and follow the instructions. The videos are both informative and fun to watch.
  • Money back guarantee – If you feel that the program is not helping you achieve your fitness objectives, you can request for a refund within 60 days. No questions asked.

Product Disadvantages

  • Takes a lot of work – The program is not for lazybones. Getting a ripped body is not a breeze. It will not work if you are not committed to putting a committed and sustained effort.
  • Virtual program – What you are buying are virtual products – video clips and instructional materials, and not some products you can physically use or ingest to get ripped abs – there is no magic here.

Side Effects

Unlike supplements and other similar products, there are no known side effects from following Six Pack Shortcuts.

It is generally safe to do the workout routines as long as you follow the instructions to the letter. Because the routines are intense, improper execution may result to injuries.

How Fast Does It Work?

Depending on the fitness level you are in when you start the program, you can begin to experience positive results from as early as a few sessions to several weeks.

What to Do to Get the Most Benefits?

To achieve your goals in the shortest time possible, following the instructions to the letter is a must.

Likewise, maintaining the proper diet is necessary as this will provide the energy that will fuel your body to endure the intense workouts. You must have the determination and commitment to see the program through.

You can find mostly positive online reviews about the Six Pack Shortcuts. Learn from the experience of others before you, and decide if the product is right for you.


Everyone will agree that in order to achieve a well-defined jaw-dropping body, intense workout fueled by the right nutrition is necessary; and it must start with a fit and overall healthy body backed up by a good grasp of the principles involved. This is what Six Pack Shortcuts aims to provide.

fast fat loss diet & workout

Overall, Six Pack Shortcuts can be considered a good and effective product.

And if you are convinced you made a mistake in paying for the product, you can get your money back within 60 days – guaranteed! Here’s the link to the official website.


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