Pure Acai Berry, Raspberry Ketones Max, African Mango Plus – The 3 Superfruits in Action

A superfruit is a term given to a number of fruits that are discovered to be rich in nutrients and contains a considerable amount of anti-oxidants. Superfruits were generally conceived in order to fill up the deemed need of today’s health conscious generation. This generation demands for foods that will not only sate one’s hunger but will nourish the whole body as well.

The is demand was enough for marketers and product innovators to develop different products that contain these superfruits. One can see different variants like juice, cosmetics, energy drinks, confectionaries, supplements, and even flavored water.

Among these manufactured goods, we are going to tackle the three most talked about superfruit brand. These three are PureAcaiBerry™ Max, Raspberry Ketones™ Max, and the African Mango Plus. By the end of our article, let’s hope for the best that this will help you a lot in determining which one is the best for you.

We are going to differentiate these three in 10 different features, namely:

  • The products’ major ingredients
  • Their weight loss power
  • Their ability to supercharge metabolism
  • The ability to increase one’s energy
  • Each safety profile
  • Their side effects, if any
  • The recommended daily dosage
  • The sales price
  • Lastly, the money back guarantee offered by the products.
Pure Acai Berry Max Raspberry Ketones Max African Mango Plus
Pure Acai Berry Max Raspberry ketones max african mango plus

Major Ingredients

Let’s start with the easiest, the three’s major ingredients. PureAcaiBerry™ Max is a food supplement that contains 1500 mg of pure Acai berries. These Acai berries are freeze dried in order to preserve the nutritional value of the fruit. Incubationers Ltd., the owner and manufacturer of brand, claims that the berries came straight from the Acai palms of the Amazon. Our second product – Raspberry Ketones™ Max contains 300 mg of raspberry ketone in every serving of the food supplement. Ketones are the primary aroma compound of raspberries. They are usually used as additive to perfumes, cosmetics, or food in order to infuse a fruity flavor. As a matter of fact, raspberry ketones are considered to be one of the most expensive food additives in the market today. It also gained the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status from the Food and Drug Administration. Last product is the African Mango Plus. As it label says, it contains 150 mg of African Mango extract. This is a special kind of mango grown only from the regions of Cameroon Africa. It was also claimed to have special properties that can aid in a more efficient metabolism. Aside from its major component, the supplement also contains caffeine (in a dose comparable to three cups of coffee), green tea leaf extract, EGCG, and L-theanine. All of these ingredients are known to aid dieters in their quest for weight loss.

Weight Loss Power

These three products are primarily created in order to penetrate the diet supplement market. Now we will have to see the best product that can bring the most result. This may seem to be hard at first but it’ll be easier once we focus on their primary ingredient and clinical tests, if there are any.
In PureAcaiBerry™ Max, its only ingredient, the freeze dried Acai berries from Amazon principally marketed for its anti-oxidant features. The product is being marketed as a health pill first and foremost; weight loss only comes as secondary. As a matter of fact, I have this impression that the weight loss factor of the brand is based only on the premise that being healthy will eventually lead you to being slim. The Raspberry Ketones™ Max, on the other hand, is solely being marketed for its anti-obesity campaign. It presents a study done on mice showing favorable results in inducing weight gain prevention and inhibiting further storage of body fat. Third supplement is the African Mango Plus. This is somewhat the same with Raspberry Ketones Max in a way that it is marketed as a diet pill alone. The maker is presenting an idea that the said fruit essence is an ancient diet fruit. Its mode of action is explained as increasing the levels of Leptin in the body. Leptin is an enzyme that fast tracks the individual’s metabolism thus weight loss will inevitably follow. Although unlike the first two products, the African Mango Plus have additional ingredients; these are caffeine, green tea leaf extract, EGCG, and L-theanine. All these added components are known to aid the body in metabolism and fat shedding.

Supercharging Metabolism

Metabolism aid is another feature that banks on the weight loss appeal of the supplement. Again we will have to study each product’s component and review their claims.
Acai berries boast of the highest levels of antioxidants among the other superfruits. This feature is the one who aids the buyer to pump up his or her metabolism. It also aids in the elimination of body toxins which also contributes in the improvement of the said body function. Raspberry Ketones, in contrast, is a product that mainly focuses its marketing promotions on the product’s prevention of obesity onset. On the other hand, the African Mango Plus’ main marketing selling point is its action to increase the levels of Leptin which regulates the body’s metabolism and appetite control.

Increasing Energy

The increase in energy in PureAcaiBerry™ Max is due to the overall healthiness of the individual. In Raspberry Ketones™ Max, an increase in the levels of one’s energy was mentioned but no additional data were shown to prove the claim. An increase in energy of African Mango Plus is a result not because of its principal ingredient but is deemed to be caused by the other ingredients in order to complement the mango extract. The main energy ingredient is the caffeine.

Safety Profile

All products claimed to be the natural supplement that is ideal for weight loss and weight management programs.

Side Effects

PureAcaiBerry™ Max claims that because of its high fiber content, frequent trips to the restrooms are necessary. They explain it as natural cleansing. The other side effect is apparent loss of appetite. These two are the only side effects that the brand discloses although allergic reactions may happen if the individual is highly sensitive to the Acai fruit. Raspberry Ketones’ generally maintain its stand that it has no known adverse or side effect unless there is an increased sensitivity to the main ingredient. African Mango Plus, on the other hand, warns the consumer about its caffeine content which is about the same as three cups of coffee. This means that the user might cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and tachycardia. The buyers are also warned not to take the supplement with any caffeine-ridden beverages and food because this will increase the effect of the caffeine more.

Recommended Daily Dosage

PureAcaiBerry™ Max recommends taking three capsules every morning Raspberry Ketones™ Max suggests 200mg a day to be taken once in the morning before breakfast and once in the evening before supper African Mango Plus advises to take the capsules once 20 minutes before breakfast and another capsule 20 minutes before lunch

Sale Price

A month-supply of PureAcaiBerry Max costs $54.95 although several promos and bundles are being promoted if one will buy more. Bundles come in a 2 month-supply to 12 month-supply.Click here for more info Raspberry Ketones is priced at $100 for every 180 capsules.Click here for more info African Mango Plus costs $49.95 for a month-supply although like the Acai product, it also comes in promos if you get to buy the product in bulk.Click here for more info

Money Back Guarantee

180 Days 30 to 60 days None

Our Comparison Rating

Our Detailed Review

Pure Acai Berry Review Raspberry Ketones Review African Mango Plus Review

Official Website

PureAcaiBerry.com RaspberryKetonesMax.com AfricanMangoPlus.com

The Final Verdict

To sum it up, each three have different features that make them stand out against one another. You as a consumer should be able to discern what exactly are you looking for in a supplement in order to decide whether you will be interested to buy PureAcaiBerry™, Raspberry Ketones™, or African Mango Plus. I hope that this comparison is a good guide.


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