Proactol XS Vs. Capsiplex – Which One Is Right For You?

proactol xsLosing weight is not as easy as it may seem. It requires proper diet and capsiplex vs proactolexercise that are often hard to maintain and follow. Thanks to the wonder of medical technology. Today, you can easily lose the extra pounds by simply taking a pill as directed.

Proactol and Capsiplex are two of the most popular diet pills in the market today. This means that when you are trying to lose weight and want to take a pill to do so, you may find it hard choosing between the two. Although they are both good supplements for weight loss, each product works differently for every individual. That is why it is important that you learn about the basics of each pill to help you decide what to buy.


Difference Proactol XS Capsiplex
Type Fat Binder Fat Burner
  • Opuntia Ficus-Indica: The Opuntia ficus-indica which is found in Prickly Pear, a member of the cactus family, slows down digestion and is known to bind fat molecules in the body. This makes you feel fuller throughout the day lowering your calorie intake.
  • Microcry Stalline Cellulose: This works as a fat substitute functioning in the same manner as regular fat but is lower in kilocalories per gram. They are commonly used in low fat food and drinks. 
  • Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate:  This ingredient is a superior artificial binder.
  • Magnesium Stearate: This is a compound that comes from both animal and vegetable oils. It works as a lubricant to bind the powder together into a tablet without causing the tablet to stick to each other and to the manufacturing machine.
  • Povidone: The Povidone content in the pill serves as a suspending agent. This allows you to feel full for hours without taking in any meal.
  • Silica: This component gives you the energy to do your daily routine without the need to take in carbohydrates.
  • Capsicum Extract: Capsicum or red hot chili pepper or cayenne pepper is known to boost to your metabolism by increasing your body temperature so that you easily burn the calories in your body.
  • Niacin: Niacin is the ingredient that gives you energy to allow you to do your activities everyday. It helps you release carbohydrates, fats and proteins allowing you to lose weight easily.
  • Piperine: Piperine or commonly known as black pepper ensures that your body easily absorbs the pill. This allows faster effect of the supplement to your body.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is found in the Capsiplex pill but in a considerable amount that allows your body to break down fats easily.
Weight Loss Power Average weight loss for is 6-18 lbs per month
Average Weight Loss is 12-14 lbs per month
Best Result If you include a high amount of fat in your diet, Proactol may work better for you. This is because it blocks the fat before it is absorbed by your body, thus, allowing you to lose weight If you have the time to exercise daily and you do not take in a large amount of fat, Capsiplex will work best because it allows you to burn calories faster initiated by exercising.
How It Works? Proactol is a fat blocker, it readily blocks the fat before being absorbed Capsiplex burns fat faster especially when combined with the proper workout.
Side Effects If you are allergic to Prickly Pear or any other cacti, you should consult your doctor before taking it
  • If you are allergic to capsicum, then you should consult a doctor.
  • The caffeine content of the Capsiplex might be a deciding factor for you.
  • The capsicum might also cause you hot flushes if your system does not tolerate the extract.
Recommended Daily Dosage Depending on your weight loss target, you can take three to eight pills of Proactol daily. Take one up to three pills after meals with a large glass of water. Capsiplex only requires one pill daily, thirty minutes before your exercise.
Sale Price & Money Back Guarantee For $79.95, you can already get a bottle of Proactol with 60 tablets inside.If Proactol does not work for you, you can have your money back provided that you inform them within the first 60 days.Click here for more info A bottle of Capsiplex costs $50.17 but only includes 30 pieces. You can have your money back but you can avail of their free appetite suppressor if you order the 3 or 6 months’ supply packages. You can also avail of their discount vouchers and coupon codes when you order this product.Click here for more info
Dangerous Components None None
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How effective are Proactol XS and Capsiplex in terms of weight loss power and how much is the average weight loss in a month?

Proactol and Capsiplex have their own weight loss power depending on which supplement works for you. In order to maximize their purpose, you need a full understanding of which supplement works best for you. If you include a high amount of fat in your diet, Proactol may work better for you. This is because it blocks the fat before it is absorbed by your body, thus, allowing you to lose weight. If you have the time to exercise daily and you do not take in a large amount of fat, Capsiplex will work best because it allows you to burn calories faster initiated by exercising.

The same is true with the average weight loss in a month. If you take the pill daily, expect a faster weight loss. Likewise, your natural metabolic rate plus the boost that the supplement gives is a distinguishing factor of how much you can lose in a month. However, average weight loss for Proactol is six to eighteen pounds whereas for Capsiplex, it is fourteen pounds.

Can I depend on it is supercharging metabolism and increasing energy?

You will definitely expect these two in supercharging your metabolism. However, your weight loss does not solely depend on your metabolism rate. Both supplements have the same secondary effect. That is they are both appetite suppressant which means that even before considering eating, you are already full. They vary however in their primary effect. Since Proactol is a fat binder, it readily binds the fat before being absorbed. On the other hand, Capsiplex burns fat faster especially when combined with the proper workout.

If you are wondering how they will increase energy when it suppresses your appetite, the answer lies from the ingredients. The Silica that is found in Proactol and the Niacin content of the Capsiplex are the main keys of having enough energy to help you through your daily routine.

How good are the customer results?

Proactol and Capsiplex users recommend these products to family and friends. Many users are satisfied with the results. Aside from losing the extra pounds, these supplements train you to live a healthy lifestyle because even your cravings are suppressed. As long as you follow the recommended use as indicated in the bottle, you can be sure about their immediate effects.

Proactol XS vs Capsiplex: The Final Verdict

As stated earlier, weight loss varies for every individual. Your natural rate of metabolism, your food choices and the physical activities you perform everyday are some of the factors that affect how you shed off those extra pounds.

However, with the advancement in medicine, food supplements now play a great role in helping you achieve your desired body weight. If you are looking for supplements that really work, Proactol and Capsiplex are two of the most popular choices.

If you have a high fat intake in your diet, does not have the time to do exercise regularly and is not allergic to cactus, then Proactol is the best choice for you. Here’s your Proactol XS order link.

However, if you are physically active and you do not consume a lot of natural fats in your food intake, Capsiplex will definitely be your best friend. Click here to order Capsiplex.

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