Proactol XS and Capsiplex Plus : A Comparative Study!

Proactol XS And Capsiplex Plus:

Procatol and Capsiplex plus
One of the biggest problems that people today face is finding which product will help in losing those extra pounds.

It’s easy to get lost in the myriad of fakes while trying to find the right weight management pill.

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Proactol and Capsiplex Plus are dietary pills that improve weight loss; combine that with your diet and exercise regimen, then you got yourself a winner.

Before you make your purchase, it’s important to first arm yourself with the information that you’ll need make the right decision.


Ingredients Of Proactol and Capsiplex Plus:


Proactol is a very popular weight loss product in Europe. It’s 100% natural, so you need not worry yourself with the artificial substances that are typically found in most other dietary pills. Below is a list of Proactol’s ingredients that’ll help you understand how it works:

  • Prickly Pear Cactus Plant – It may sound funny but it’s true. The main active ingredient in Proactol is a cactus plant that possesses natural binding qualities and has been used by indigenous Americans for hundreds of years.
  • Microcrystalline cellulose   – This is a tableting agent that’s been used by the medical industry for many years.
  • Silica – This substance is widely recognized as an energy booster and has stress reducing properties.
  • Povidone – The ingredient that helps kills lipids which are a type of fat cell.
  • Magnesium Stearate – It is a safe diluent and binder, and influences the release time of other ingredients.

Capsiplex Plus:

Capsiplex Plus is your ideal alternative if you think that Proactol won’t work for you. Let’s get right down to Capsiplex Plus’ ingredients:

  • Capsicum – It is drawn from the Chili plant and the main attraction for Capsiplex Plus. Capsicum has an exceptional quality that helps in thermogenesis which in layman’s terms is the rate that you burn fat.
  • Caffeine – This is one that most of you are familiar with. This helps to speed up your metabolism and break down your body fats.
  • Niacin – Usually known as Vitamin B3, it helps in ridding the body of toxins and decreases the levels of cholesterol.
  • Piperine – You’ll find these in black pepper. This helps your body to absorb the rest of the ingredients faster.
  • 5-HTP – This is the new addition to Capsiplex Plus which has a positive effect on mood and psychological balance.
  • Bioperine – The other new addition to the group, this assists in the regulation of cholesterol.

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Weight Loss Power Of Proactol And Capsiplex Plus


The amount of fat loss that you’ll achieve depends on a lot of factors since each person’s body is different. However, the average weight loss for most people is 8 lbs. a month.

Some people have lost 5 lbs. a month while others have lost as much as 11 lbs. a month. Just be sure to take the recommended dosage which is 2-3 pills after every meal with a glass of water.

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Capsiplex Plus:

When most of you read the word “Chili,” perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is how hot this might be. No need to fret because Capsiplex Plus comes in a PH neutral coating which means it is gentle on your taste buds.

Capsiplex Plus can burn 287 calories a day at a dosage of one tablet a day 30-60 minutes prior to exercise. Most people lose 10 pounds a month or around 2-4 pounds a week.

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Supercharging Metabolism:

Proactol basically helps you lose weight by preventing fat from being absorbed by your body. Proactol binds with the fats of whatever it is you eat to form a fluid gel. This makes it harder for your body to absorb the fat content of your diet.

Proactol then slows down your digestive system to trick your body into thinking you are full. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t slow down your metabolism. Since your body thinks you’re full, it’ll burn calories as if you were full. The silica helps you feel energized and helps to keep you going like the Energizer Bunny.

Capsiplex Plus, in addition to the 278 calories burned per day, suppresses your appetite, increases metabolism rate and at the same time, helps improve your overall mood preventing depression and other negative emotions.

This product aims not only to help improve your physical wellness but your emotional well-being as well.

Safety And Side Effects:

Proactol is safe for vegetarians or vegans, and people of all ages; and has little to no side effects. The people who are at risk of unforeseen side effects are those who are currently pregnant, nursing, suffering from diabetes or weak digestion.

It is important to remember that Proactol slows down digestion. Those of you who already have a slow digestion system may want to consult a doctor before taking one.

The only real side effect to Proactol is loose stools. The fats that are bound to Proactol may sometimes mix with the solid wastes that are found in your bowels.

This can lead to messy number twos by making things oily and may even lead to diarrhea. Be sure to drink adequate amount of water when taking Proactol. The fiber that comes from the cactus plant absorbs water in the bowels which might make excretion difficult.

Like Proactol, there are people who still need to consult a physician before taking Capsiplex Plus. Those who will need to consult their doctors are those who have a pre medical condition such as pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and those under the age of 16.

Vegans might need to stay away as it comes in gel form.

Money Back Guarantee:

Proactol is confident in your weight reduction that they have a money back guarantee program. You get a “no questions asked” full refund. This makes it a good investment for both your health and wallet. A month’s supply of Proactol will set you back $58.95 for 120 tablets.

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Capsiplex Plus has no money back guarantee, but is cheaper. A month’s supply will set you back $47.10 a month.

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Final Verdict:

Picking the right dietary supplement that will work for you is more about addressing your needs. A vegan or vegetarian will want to take Proactol since it is UK vegetarian Society certified.

Those of you who are looking for a more preventive measure and just maintain weight may want to take a look at Proactol as a solution, while those of you who want to lose the fats that are already in your body will want to take Capsiplex Plus into consideration.


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