Proactol XS And Unique Hoodia : A Critical Comparison!

Proactol XS And Unique Hoodia : Comparison!

The overweight and obesity problems in the United States are causing a lot of people headaches. If you are one of those who want to stay slim and healthy, there are many weight loss supplements to choose from.

Proactol and Unique Hoodia are two of your better options. Both are well known and comparison simply cannot be avoided.  After all, this is the best way to know which product will work best for you.

Our Detailed Review:

Proactol XS Unique Hoodia
proactolxs7 uniquehoodia appetite suppressant

Supercharging Metabolism

When taking the Proactol weight loss supplement, you will notice that your food cravings will be reduced. One of the reasons why many people become overweight and fat is that sweets and unhealthy snacks are a big temptation.

It is hard to say no to them but not when taking Proactol. You will notice that you will not feel the urge even if you have plenty of sweets in front of you.

Basically, both the weight loss supplements will change your metabolism and you will notice that you no longer get easily distracted by unhealthy snacks and sweets.

However, Proactol seems to work better than Unique Hoodia because it does not only reduce cravings but also prevents some fats from being digested by the body.

Preventing the accumulation of nearly 28% of fats from every meal that becomes indigestible is a big help for someone trying to lose weight and excess fats.

The Unique Hoodia also has a similar effect. In fact, the plant is even used by the Namib dessert’s bushmen to suppress their appetite when hunting in the dessert.


The major difference between Proactol and Unique Hoodia is the major ingredient.

Proactol is made from a weight loss chemical that can be found in cactus.Proactol even has certifications proving that it is suitable for vegetarians

Unique Hoodia is made from Hoodia, a cactiform or a plant with a stem similar to that of the cactus.Unique Hoodia boasts about not having any filler or additive.

The Unique Hoodia is made from actual Hoodia plants.

Side Effects

  • Children below 12 years of age – these individuals are still in their developmental stages and taking diet control measures is ill-advised.
  • Pregnant women and mothers who breastfeed
  • Individuals who are taking Vitamins A and E because the same are fat soluble vitamins.
Unique Hoodia is not recommended to diabetics. This supplement affects the neurotransmitters that go to the brain, and convinces the brain that it is not hungry.

So, if you are diabetic, your sugar levels may be affected. These false signals may cause your blood sugar levels to become lower. You may still be allowed take the supplement in small dosages, but be sure to consult with your physician first.

Average Monthly Weight Loss

The results vary but on average, one can safely lose about 4.8 – 5 kilograms while taking Proactol continuously and regularly for four weeks. Unique Hoodia supplement claims to help users lose one to five pounds per week.

Recommended Daily Dosage

If you choose Proactol, you will be advised to take two to three pills after every meal just to lose the average monthly weight loss. Unique Hoodia is to be taken along meals, too. Both of them need to be taken thrice a day and both are sold in boxes that are enough as a month’s supply.

Customer Results

 Proactol received affirmative customer reviews. Most customers like how they can follow even the strictest diet with either one of these weight loss supplements. Buyers who have bought Unique Hoodia are also satisfied with the results,


A 4-week supply of Proactol currently costs $68.95.However, Proactol has a special offer of up to 62% discount.

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Ninety capsules or a month’s supply of Unique Hoodia costs around $55; but you may get a discount from some online sellers.

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Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer of Proactol is so confident about their product that they are offering a whopping 180 days money back guarantee Unique Hoodia offers a 180-days money back guarantee. However, the returned item must remain unopened or unused. The cost of shipping and handling isn’t refundable so buyers can’t recover everything they spent on the product.

Our Comparison Rating

Proactol Review Unique Hoodia Review

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The Final Verdict:

Both Unique Hoodia and Proactol are effective, but the latter seems to be better because of the average monthly weight loss, and how it works.

Both are safe but Proactol seems to be a better choice because of the safety certifications including a certification from a renowned association of vegetarians.

It is also better due to its ability to filter fats that are digested by the body unlike Unique Hoodia that only reduces cravings.


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