Meratol Vs Phen375 – Who Wins?

Meratol And Phen375 – Our Real Comparison!

Weight loss is no laughing matter. At one point or another, people will gain fat as a result of their lifestyle, the medications they take, or other factors. It’s a good thing that today’s technology is very advanced. Now, people don’t have to go through the painstaking process of working out in the gym 24/7 just to lessen undesirable body fat. People can now opt to buy weight loss pills and control their food intake as their choice for losing weight. Two good products to try include Meratol and Phen375.

Meratol and Phen375 are both weight management solutions that people can take to address their body image issues. Both are quality products though each one is better in comparable aspects. Which is more effective of the two? Here is an honest review comparing the pills and their effects.

Main Ingredients


  • Prickly pear
  • Caffeine
  • Brown algae
  • Chili (capsicum)


  • Phentamine

Weight Loss Power


  • Depends on the quality of physical activity coupled with the pills
  • Balanced with a nutritious healthy diet and working out
  • Must be harmoniously implemented with a good weight loss plan


  • Works quickly and instantly
  • Can make users lose weight faster in the shorter amount of time
  • Suppresses the appetite so aids in preventing users from eating too much
  • Works 24/7


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Supercharging Metabolism


  • Increases rate of metabolism so pill users can lose weight faster


  • Supercharges metabolism of the individual
  • Burns fat faster

Increasing Energy


  • Gives increased levels of energy to pill user


  • Does supercharging increase of the energy levels of pill user



  • Uses organic ingredients
  • USA FDA approved


  • The pills are of prescription-strength
  • US FDA approved

Side Effects

Meratol and Phen375

  • None


Average Monthly Weight Loss


  • An average of 10 to 15 pounds a month


  • 3 to 5 pounds a week
  • An average of 20 pounds in a month

Recommended Daily Dosage

Meratol and Phen375:

  • Daily


Customer Results


The product is recommended by many people, even celebrities. They claimed that Meratol helps them not only to lose weight but also be healthier in their bodies. People lose generally a few pounds lesser but the product gets back by giving the users increased energy and faster metabolism. Users feel more invigorated because they use the supplement with a balanced diet and a work-out plan.


Many individuals are happy with the results of Phen375. They claim that the product helped them lose weight and get thinner minus the hassles. It is fast, effective, and very helpful for those who do not want to move around. It works 24/7 and even helps control the appetite. Many even have lost drastic dress sizes as the result of consuming Phen375.

Sale Price


  • 30 day supply – ₤34.99
  • 60 day supply – ₤69.98
  • 90 day supply – ₤83.99
  • 120 day supply – ₤97.99

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  • 30 day supply – $69.95
  • 60 day supply – $138.90
  • 90 day supply plus 30 free – $227.80

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Money Back Guarantee

Both have no specific money back policies

The Final Verdict on Overall Effectiveness

Losing weight is not easy to do. In fact it’s so hard which is why many people turn to diet supplements to aid them in their weight loss. Overall, the facts of the comparison between Meratol and Phen375 revealed that the products are very different from each other, yet the same in its end result. To sum it up, the common effects of Meratol and Phen375 is that the two products are effective. They do what they claim in the ads and the TV commercials. They help people lose weight, lose dress sizes, get thinner, period.

The methods of weight loss however, vary in the two products. In Meratol’ case, the weight loss supplement should be used with the natural methods of losing fat. This includes eating a balanced diet, temporarily staying away from junk, working out in the gym, drinking plenty of fluids and getting enough sleep. This actions may all sound similar to what people must do to have a healthy lifestyle. This is because Meratol is more effective when the user himself practices the healthy lifestyle in addition to the drinking of the pills. As a result, those who use Meratol get healthier in the process aside from losing weight.

The method of Phen375 is different. The supplement claims to be effective in losing weight fast – and it is. Those who drink Phen375 need not worry about changes in their lifestyle. They can drink the pill even if they don’t work out and do physical activities. They can still eat the food they like, and they can choose to steer against junk food or not. It all depends of the person, if he or she wants to do these changes or not there is no problem. The main point is that the Phen375 achieves effective weight loss to its users without requiring much work.

Which is more effective than the other? The truth is both products are effective in their own way. It helps one achieve his target weight at the end of the period. It all boils down to the people’s preferences in terms of the weight loss methods.

People who are comfortable in pulling all stops to have a great body would be at home with Meratol. For those who like working out and eating food that are filled with nutrition, Meratol wouldn’t be an ineffective supplement. In fact, it can even display exceptional weight loss results for users.

However, those who do not like getting worked up would be smart to choose Phen375. It is a fast and efficient choice for busy individuals who don’t have time to go to the gym. It works just as well as Meratol, only minus the physical activity. Given a few month, Phen375 will give its users their much wanted results without too much physical exertion.

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