Meratol Vs. Capsiplex Plus – Which One Is Right For YOU?

Thinking of shedding some pounds but is not sure how to proceed? There are a lot of nutrient-based supplements to help you attain your weight loss goals.

Meratol and Capsiplex Plus are some of them. If you ever heard of Meratol and Capsiplex Plus but you are not sure about what to choose, this is an honest review of the two products to help you out.


Meratol contains:

  • Cacti-Nea (Prickly pear) – contains fiber and pectin which can reduce glucose in the blood by preventing sugar and fat absorption in the intestines.


  • ID-Alg (Brown seaweed extract) – can reduce the negative effects of high calorie diets as well as fat storage.


  • Capsaicinoids and Red Pepper – increase fat burning and heat generation resulting in weight loss.


  • Caffeine –It is a natural anti-oxidant that aids in cell repair. It is also used to regain alertness and ward off drowsiness.


Capsiplex Plus;

  • Niacin – helps your body to generate sex and stress related hormones. It can raise good cholesterol or HDL for up to 15 – 35%, which can combat bad cholesterol easily.


  • Piperine (from black pepper) – helps in nutrient absorption and improves flavors in food. It can help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, relieve pain and asthma.


  • Chili extracts – can generate body heat that result in fat burning.


  • 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) – This is a chemical derived from Tryptophan, an amino acid that can be converted into a hormone called serotonin, which relays brain signals and controls your mood.


  • Caffeine – to make you more alert and active

You’re probably weighing your options now as you consider the ingredients. If you are allergic to some of the ingredients they contain (though it’s unlikely since it’s all natural), better not risk it.

But it’s not like you care so much for the ingredients, right? The very reason that you are weighing things out is because you care for the results. You would want to know which product will work for you. Let’s take a comparative look at their weight loss offers.


How They Work?

Meratol Works:

Meratol can limit fat mass gain by reducing water retention in the body. This is especially recommended to people with steady lifestyles as it can help make your body more alert because of the caffeine. It can also help you strengthen your stamina while you go around your routines.

Because it contains pectin and fiber, it can help you digest food properly. This will result in reduced risk of constipation and can supercharge your metabolism. Not only that, it can be a perfect weight loss supplement for diabetics as it prevents sugar and fat absorption in the intestines. Meratol makes use of Capsaicinoids and Red Pepper to generate heat in the body to burn fat in the process.

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Brown seaweed extracts are known to help maintain mineral balance, which reduces the negative effects of high calorie diets. It means that you don’t need to follow a strict and limited calorie intake because Meratol can do the job for you.

Meratol is proven to have no side effects on blood pressure, so you can take one worry down. The average monthly weight loss for people using Meratol is ranging from 15-18 lbs., depending on their diet and level of activity. Here’s your Meratol Order link.

Capsiplex Plus Works;

Capsiplex Plus works for people living an active lifestyle as it can increase fat burning during and even after exercise. Because of its chili extract, Capsiplex facilitate weight management easily. It serves as an appetite depressant, it increases metabolism and burns more calories by generating heat in the body.

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Capsiplex Plus also has a unique beadlet designed capsule that enables it to be released not in the stomach but in the intestine for better nutrient absorption. Because of this, all of the necessary nutrients for weight loss will be received accordingly by your body. Since it is 100% natural, you don’t need to worry about any side effect. It can help you lose up to 11 lbs. per month. Check out Capsiplex Plus Order link here.

Recommended Daily Dosage :

Capsiplex = 1 tablet/day 30-60 minutes before exercise

Meratol = 2 tablets/day before breakfast

Sales and Shipping Price

Product price: £ 34.99/ 30-day supply for Meratol and £ 42.99/ 30-day supply for Capsiplex Plus.

Shipping price: UK: £3.95, Europe: £7.95 Other parts of the world: £ 9.95 (for both products)

Shipment period: 3-7 working days (Meratol) and 3-15 working days (Capsiplex plus)

Order Links:

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Click Here To Order Meratol!



Both supplements can do your weight loss goal a lot of good, that thing’s for sure. However, you need to find the right chemistry and know which supplement will be better than the other based on your needs and lifestyle.


If you are a person who enjoys activities like crazy, you’re probably better off with Capsiplex Plus. This is because Capsiplex Plus promotes weight loss by maximizing fat burning. It doubles the amount of fat burned during an activity. In simple terms, it helps you lose more calories than usual.

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Capsiplex Plus is particularly beneficial to teenagers, working class and athletes. This is because this class often engages in activities and discoveries so they are more daring. This requires a lot of energy on their part and a lot of mood management too (the serotonin provided will take care of that for you, so no worries). The good news for married couples is that it can be used alongside contraceptive pills!

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However, if you are the type of person who’s so busy with paper works, and who does not have ample time to do some intense exercises, you might want to take Meratol. With Meratol, you won’t need to change your lifestyle in order to shed some pounds. It can come naturally. This is better suited for middle-aged people. This is because during that age, your lifestyle is more likely steady because you’re not that capable (or willing) to handle some drastic changes in your stable life. You wouldn’t want to rock the boat and that’s ok.

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 As you age, you become more prone to diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. That’s why it’s better for you to take Meratol since it doesn’t have any effect on blood pressure. It even helps out prevent fat and sugar absorption!

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