Measure Your Body Weight and Rock the World !

Relation Between Weight Measurement And Wellness!

For someone who is skinny and sexy, one who doesn’t have a weight problem; one may never experience the stigma and pain associated with being fat, over weight and obese.

Aside from the health and physical risks and complications, an obese person has to deal with social ramifications of being fat, the ridicule, the taunts and insults.measure your weight

Aside from the risk heart attacks, cancer, digestive disorders, an overweight person has to deal with the image in front of the mirror and the frustration and depression that goes with it.

Self-esteem is lost or slowly eroded from each taunt or from each digit that bathroom scale rises.

To understand some of the issues confronting overweight and obese persons look at how the world looks and react to that extra couple of kilos that they carry:

  • Overweight people are often bullied, from being overweight kids in school to adulthood in offices, shopping malls, in public transport or any public place. Riding in a public transport can be an ordeal from snide remarks of fellow passengers about the extra space he occupies or how he pants and puffs while walking.
  • Sometimes the ones who are most close to them like friends, partners, relatives and siblings can be the cruellest in their remarks. Shopping for clothes can be ordeal when sales people tend to be ruder to overweight individuals than normal sized shoppers.
  • Not a few overweight persons have been turned away even before asking a question that there are no available sizes for them. Overweight and obese individuals often suffer discrimination and since most people often consider them as lazy, sloppy and not hard workers.
  • Although a research showed that sales persons will be more polite to obese customers who were business suits or those who declare that they are trying to lose weight.
  • These are just some of the situations an obese person has to go through life no wonder more and more retrieve into their shells and continue with their sedentary lifestyle.
  • An obese person is aware of his situation after all he has to face himself in front of the mirror every day but getting rude affirmations can take its toll on anyone. It is a fact that severely overweight persons are prone to depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • Nobody has to live through the pains of being obese or overweight forever; here are some positive thoughts and tips to consider:
  • Measure and write down one’s weight
  • Stop and move. Stop living the sedentary lifestyle, turn off the tv and go take the dog out for a walk. Invite a friend and take a stroll, just get moving
  • Throw away the unhealthy food inside the fridge, that tub of chocolate ice cream, pizzas, frozen and processed foods, burgers, pastries and candies.
  • Stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits and snack on them when the cravings set in. Eat six small meals a day and snack on vegetable sticks and fresh fruits. Have a healthy meal ready to heat when a hunger pang strikes.
  • When the urge to snack on junk food strikes, drink water, do housework, hobbies or walk the dog just to get the mind off the urge.
  • Have a regular exercise routine like swimming, cycling, waling. dancing or aerobics every day
  • Set short term achievable and reasonable goals with a reward at the end when the goal is reached and achieved. A very small portion of a favourite treat can be a reward.
  • Before a party load up on healthy food and avoid the dessert section instead eat only salads and fruits.
  • Get eight hours of sleep and drink at least 3 liters of water every day.
  • After seven (7) day measure one’s weight again.

Often the results can be surprising, not just from the result of the weight scale but also from the reflection in the mirror across the room.

Choosing a different lifestyle may not be easy but when the choice is between life and death, the choice should always be life.

Choosing to change should not be simply the dream of slipping inside a smaller dress size, more importantly it should because one wants to live longer, live normally and live a life that does not include discrimination and ridicule.

Losing weight may mean having a healthy relationship with other people and maybe finally fitting inside and driving that dream car.


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