Meet Marc Perry – The New Generation Fitness Expert

Marc Perry began bodyweight workouts at age 12. At 16, he was already in weightlifting. His physical marc perrycondition became worse after graduating from college when he started working as Investment Analyst.

He gained 30 pounds on his 1st year after college. He began drinking thrice a week and consumed 5,000 calories everyday while working on his desk, in front of his computer.

Because of his stressful work schedule, he couldn’t commit to regular exercise routines.

As the years went by, Marc Perry began applying the research skills he obtained from work to learn more about physical transformations, nutrition, and exercise.

He interviewed nutritionists, fitness models, and natural bodybuilders. He tried various diets and exercise programs. He also read a lot of books.

Because of his perseverance, he was able to create workouts based on nutrition strategies and strength circuits which were very effective and required less time.

Check out what Marc Perry has to say about 3 elements to get lean

He worked out thrice a week using these workouts and was able to trim down body fat by as much as 6%. He became healthier and stronger.

He left his finance work and concentrated on nutrition counseling and personal training. He earned his certificates from various fitness organizations and helped people achieve the body they desire.

He later developed a fitness program which had been proven effective. After 5 years, his BuiltLean Program is being used by different kinds of people from at least 90 countries.

His 8-week program gets at least 1 million guests monthly on his website.

Here Marc shows a great 10 minute full body workout

Marc Perry has appeared on various shows, magazines, and websites to encourage individuals to get into shape like he did. His BuiltLean aims to improve one’s health.

He was able to achieve 6% body fat even though he sits in front of his computer every working day. He sure can help people with their goal to a healthier and stronger body.

You can catch Marc at

Mark Perry’s Flagship Programs:

Built Lean

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built lean

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