Know The Smart Ways To Carry Your Weight and Feel Confident!

How To Carry Your Weight Confidently?

Being overweight and obese in not the end of the world, in fact it should be the beginning of a healthier and active lifestyle. Now is not the time to mope about, hide under the covers with a bar of chocolate. With determination, one can turn her life around. It may take some time to see results, it may take months before seeing any muscle definition or weeks to see a dip on the scale. But with forceful determination, one can start her journey towards recovery and fitness. Be ready to meet a new persona, one who is confident knowing she is doing something to address her weight problem.

Here are but some steps to carry one’s obese persona gracefully:

  • Off with the mumu or tent like dress and find the right dress size. There are plus sizes for women featuring the latest styles, which are more flattering than wearing oversized and shapeless clothes. It is also the most effective way of losing weight quickly although only visually.
  • Choose flattering colors and patterns. As a rule of thumb dark colors are more flattering for full figured men and women, black being the color that slims the most. Other colors are maroon, midnight blue and dark grey. Vertical stripes elongate the body, slims the silhouette as compared to horizontal stripes which may visually widen the body.
  • There are undergarments that slims called shapewear even for plus sized men and women. Finding the right undergarments will eliminate bulges that would otherwise show through clothes. Shapewear can come as camis, tights and shorts which can spread the bulges giving a smoother silhouette under the clothes. Be sure to choose the right size and not choose sizes that are too small since it can be uncomfortable if the undergarment is too tight.
  • The shape of the dress can either be flattering or not. Pleated pants and skirts can visually add inches to the waistline as compared to fitting and dark colored pants or trousers. One mistake of over-weight men and women is to wear baggy clothes trying to hide their bulges. It is more flattering to wear slightly body fit clothes that add shape to the waist and body.
  • Many may react to someone who’s been hiding in loose clothing suddenly show up dressed up in modern and flattering attires. Some may feel frustrated and embarrassed because of this but keeping one’s goal in mind, it is best to simply ignore comments snide or otherwise and be true to one’s goal. It is best to be surrounded by friends and family who give support although sometimes one’s family is the cruellest. Like a horse with blinders on, focus on the goal and keep on moving.

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