Key Reasons Of Gaining Weight !

Did You Ever Try To Know Why We Gain Weight?

Having an inactive lifestyle is one sure way of gaining weight. One tried and true formula for both weight gain and weight loss is the law of energy intake and expenditure.

Gaining weightEating and not burning it off thru exercise will surely result in weight gain. Although this formula is the basis for some to starve themselves, take note: energy should be burned for fat loss. Eating less calories to lose weight with no activity whatsoever will mean there is still an excess of energy in the body, thus more fat. Weight loss without exercise is achievable with supplements for weight loss or through appetite suppressants, unnatural ways to lose weight fast but these wont lead to lasting results. Although plainly speaking is seemed so easy, losing weight requires a change of lifestyle and a change in eating habits. Before hitting the gym, here are some other reasons of weight gain. Identify which factors are true and use it as a guide for a weight loss plan.

Some Common Causes Of Weight Gain Are:

  • Overeating is the most common cause of weight gain. Midnight snacks, food high in fat and cholesterol, junk foods, processed foods are just but some of the many foods eaten and for most part consumed in large proportions by documented obese patients. Eating junk foods are less filling, thus a person will eat more than one serving to feel full and satisfied.
  • Emotional eating, turning to food during a stressful situation is also a cause of weight gain.
  • A sedentary lifestyle is also a major cause of weight gain. Whether work related or just being a couch potato, an inactive lifestyle will definite cause excess fat to show on the abdomen and thighs.
  • Hormonal disorders can also cause weight gain. This can be a deficiency or an excess of hormones and can be treated through diagnoses and medical treatment.
  • Hypothyroidism or the deficiency of thyroid hormones causes the metabolism to slow down and loss of appetite. Some of the indications of hypothyroidism are water retention and fat build-up.
  • Deficiency of essential fatty acids will result in slower metabolism and hormone production. This may cause cravings for certain types of foods and will result to weight gain.
  • Liver, heart and kidney diseases will cause abnormal water retention which may be misdiagnosed as weight gain due to increased body fat.
  • Certain prescription drugs like oral contraceptives, hormonal medicines have been linked to weight gain. The use of steroids has long been banned for weight gain especially for athletes as it can be harmful.
  • Depression can cause or trigger overeating also known as emotional eating. Being depressed may also cause a person to refrain from any activity thus resulting in a sedentary lifestyle.
  • And lastly, the winter weight or holiday weight gain. Studies have shown that on average a person gains one pound during the holidays. Seems a small figure? But the bad news is, this weight gain is almost never lost, making an individual accumulate an extra pound every year, no wonder there is an extra widening of the girth as one grows older. One thing to note though, obese and overweight individuals can gain at least 5 pounds during the holidays and will be a cumulative weight gain for the years to come.

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