What do you know about Joy Bauer, one of America’s Frontline Nutrition Expert?

Joy Bauer is world-renowned for her health advocacies. She aims to improve the health of each individual. By being a registered dietitian, she strives to help each person lose weight.joy bauer

She appears in The Today Show as a health and nutrition expert where she shares valuable advices on healthy eating in order for each American to lead a fulfilling life.

She also has Joy Fit Club, a popular series which celebrates successful individuals who lost at least 100 pounds through exercise and diet.

Other series include Too Good To Be Healthy, Joy’s Healthy Food Finds, and Joy’s Diet SOS. Over at RLTV, she hosts Good Food, Good Deeds with Florence Henderson.

Joy Bauer also works for the New York City Ballet as exclusive nutritionist. She is also the author of Joy Bauer’s Food Cures: Completely Revised and Updated; Slim & Scrumptious; and The Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan & Inspiration.

She offers the latest information about diet, health, and information. She is also host of What The Heck Are You Eating?, a famous YouTube series. She also writes for Woman’s Day magazine.

Joy Bauer has a degree in Kinesiology and a master of science in nutrition from the University of Maryland and New York University, respectively.

She received the National Media Excellence Award in 2010 for her passion in providing scientific health information. She also received the Nutrition Science Media Award from the American Society of Nutrition in 2012.

Check out Joy Bauer disclosing 5 super foods for great health

Joy Bauer’s diet plan encourages healthy eating to improve mood and energy as well as treat popular chronic illnesses.

It also teaches individuals how to manage their weight. The individual can choose which information he needs to live a longer and stronger life.

It offers a step-by-step program which includes strategies, recipes, snack options, meal plans, and a grocery list.

You can catch Joy at

Joy Bauer’s Flagship Program:

Joy Bauer’s Weight Loss Program

 Joy Bauer


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Visit the official site @ www.JoyBauer.com


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