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Joy Bauer Nutrition Program

Joy Bauer is a nutrition expert who is driven to help people become healthy. Her main specialty is in good nutrition and good exercise. You will probably recognize her for hosting TV shows like Joy Fit Club and Joy’s Healthy Food Finds. She’s also an author and her book; “Diet Plan and Inspiration” is a bestseller among dieters. Her take on living healthily is based on eating and exercising in a balanced way.

What It’s All About:

The Joy Bauer Nutrition Program is about eating healthy and at the same time not starving for the sake of it. The program is typically about exercise, diet but without having to stay away from cakes. Joy Bauer’s health and fitness programs dwell in a grey area where people are able to stay fit without banning themselves completely form the “sweet” things. It’s meant to help us break bad or lazy habits, as well as vices, in an efficient and believable process.

The nutrition program was started in order for the country to have a healthier lifestyle, through helping one person at a time. It’s common in the country for people to regularly eat fast foods loaded with preservatives or ready-to-eat snacks and skip on physical activities. This way of living contributes greatly in making people less healthy, less active and therefore more vulnerable to sickness, disease and chronic illnesses. Shorter lives are not always the effect of untimely accidents or disasters, but also the effect of eating unbalanced food and not exercising the body.

The Nutrition Program’s Focus

The nutrition program is dedicated to practicing a healthy diet of fruits, fish and meat. It’s also about eating more to be healthier, but in moderation. While promoting green foods, Joy doesn’t deny you of calories to an excessive point, but separates you from artificial sweeteners, alcohol and processed foods. Those types of foods are banned for three weeks which makes it a drastic but reasonable change.

Along with the nutrition plan you’ll have to start exercising for seven days a week and learn to keep it going from there. It takes 15 minutes daily to make noticeable improvement in bone strength and muscle tone. The exercises aren’t meant to be extreme, though. It’s made to try to build a routine for the dieter so he’ll be more used to a daily workout, no matter how short it is, until he’s ready to heat it up. The program involves physical exercises starting from easy yoga-type stretching before gradually becoming more intense. There are alternatives and choices on how you’d like to lose weight or eat healthier, in case the change feels too traumatic.

The Benefits

The exercise routine and diet, despite being considered as drastic changes, are safe and completely healthy. At the beginning, dieters might always feel hungry because of the change in their diet; but gradually, they get used to it.

Good food alone, as Bauer would say, can actually ease many health issues like diabetes, PMS, insomnia, arthritis, irritable bowel and so on. It works more efficiently together because while the diet eliminates junk food and alcohol from your body, exercising will tone it to handle future contact with them.

So it’s not simply ridding yourself of the bad habits but preparing yourself from being able to eat or drink sometimes without getting carried away.

For Whom This Program Is Designed?

People who have failed in losing weight countless times and people who simply wish to get rid of their emotional eating, will find the program very helpful. Along with proper diet and exercise, the program encourages dieters to meditate and understand what it is they really want. In realizing your true goals, you’re more able to focus and strive to reach them without doubts. Joy Bauer’s nutrition program shows good results in just three weeks or more, depending on the dieter’s pacing.

The Pros:

  • You can track your weight progress and see how much you’ve lost or gained over the course of the program. Joy Bauer’s Nutrition Program undergoes one drastic change, starting at the beginning which completely establishes the meal and exercise routine.
  • When some people can’t handle the big change or don’t feel motivated by it, Joy helps them to make their own nutrition plan and exercise routine. People’s emotional well-being and comfort is still valued; if they can set their own pacing, then there should be no reason to hold back on changing their bad habits.

The Cons:

  • If people don’t undergo the big change or fall into a very slow pace, they may not get their weight goal. Losing weight is never easy, so if the dieter decided to cut down more than he/she needs, then the whole program will suffer. The dieter must be honest to set the right type of pacing if he/she wants to see any visible change.

Additional Activities:

Meditating and doing some yoga exercises can help the nutrition program to work better. If the diet consists of healthy and balanced foods, there’s no real need for extreme exercises; so simple stretching and conditioning is good enough to keep your body in shape. Of course, if you intend to have really toned muscles, you can always add more exercises but not go overboard in one day. Balance is the key to getting the right kind of change in your body.

Watch This Video Where Joy Bauer Talks About Food Cures!

Visit the official website to know more details about this weight loss program. 🙂

Joy, Her Program and Her Clients:

People who have undergone Joy’s nutrition programs are emotionally grateful. Joy’s clients have not only discovered that healthy eating is beneficial but that it’s worth keeping. Most of her clients have already tried losing weight efficiently before, but somehow regained the weight they’ve lost. Now, they are either maintaining their new weight or still continuing to reach their weight goal. Happier and more energetic, Joy’s clients have not felt depressed nor hungry ever since.

Joy Bauer is really attentive to her trainees’ needs and concerns. Although the program is about having a routine for exercise and eating right, she allows her dieters to make minor adjustments. As long as these adjustments are in balance with the rest of their activities, they can have more or less exercise. As the program progresses further, Joy Bauer lets clients change or increase their workouts in their own pace.

The community forum is really helpful, there are so many topics regarding different food alternatives that taste just as delicious. A lot of people also open up about their hardships with exercising and trying to lose weight by becoming bulimic. Inspiring stories are shared as well as advice on how to keep yourself motivated. The community is a good place to find support with people, like you, who are trying to live healthily. Joy’s official website is easily accessible and questions can be answered via phone or online chat. Both are easily contactable.

Final Verdict:

Signing up on her official site is easy and free. There are plenty of available healthy recipes, types of workouts to do and the forum for sharing anything. Joy Bauer’s nutrition program is not just about losing weight efficiently. It’s a whole new way of being completely being healthy. By eating the right type and amount of food, your whole body benefits; this is what Joy Bauer is meaning to show dieters. Together with enough exercise, good nutrition will improve anybody’s health. You ‘ll have shinier hair, smoother skin, better memory, less negative moods and sicknesses and most importantly a stronger and longer life, all in all.

Click here to visit the official website to know more about this program.

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