The Jillian Michaels Online Weight Loss Program – Some True Facts About Jillian Michaels And The Weight Loss Program!

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: The Jillian Michaels Program
: The Jillian Michaels Program
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: The Jillian Michaels Program


Jillian Michaels, America’s toughest trainer and host of the famous TV show, The Biggest Loser, designed this weight loss program for those who are struggling with obesity and over weight issue. This weight loss program is strictly based on healthy lifestyle where you must eat a proper healthy diet and do different exercises regularly. This is one of the most recommended online weight loss programs.

There are plenty of weight loss programs today. Everyone who is concerned about healthy and quick weight loss would naturally be on the lookout for the best program around. Going through each one of the available programs is not that easy especially when all of them are promising the same things. To help you find out what the Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program is and decide whether you would like to try it out, here’s an in-depth review about the most important things about it.

Who is Jillian Michaels?

Jillian Michaels is an entrepreneur, talk show host, and the trainer on the famous TV show, The Biggest Loser. Her weight loss program involves having a healthy lifestyle where you must eat a proper healthy diet and do different exercises regularly. Many overweight and obese people were encouraged to start losing weight the Jillian Michaels way.

The Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program Explained:

The weight loss program of Jillian Michaels was created so that you too, can lose that stubborn weight and keep it off the way Jillian did when she was growing up. She weighed 175 pounds at a height of 5 feet and decided to take control of her body weight in her teenage years. By reading this review, you will understand how she lost all that weight.  Hopefully, you can also apply the same lessons she did in your own life.

When you join Jillian’s revolutionary weight loss program, you will be taken to her website where you can access the tools she provides to lose weight. You will also be guided by Jillian herself on how to shed off those unwanted fats the right way.

Features Unique to the Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program:

This program is divided into three categories. They are the “self” category which is the identification of your personal goals on weight loss, the “science” category which is the consumption of a diet that is healthy and balanced, and the “sweat” category which is having a regular fitness regimen. It does not involve diet medications which curb appetite, but it offers a healthy way of living to lose weight.

  • Diet Features:

This involves applying a healthy eating habit where you shall consume foods low in carbohydrates and fat but high in protein. You need to know the foods that speed up your metabolism and are ideal for the type of body you have. You will also know the different scrumptious meals your body type requires as there are more than a hundred delicious and simple-to-prepare meal suggestions for every meal of the day.

With this program, you will also know the amount of calories you have to intake & burn out in order to lose weight properly. There is an interactive weight tracker in this program for you to give your weight at any time so that you will know if you are right on track in your weight loss goals. There is also a calorie calculator which will teach you to calculate the calories you take.

  • Fitness Features:

The weight loss program of Jillian Michaels also has 120 workouts which you can print and perform at home. You will find the following fitness tolls with the package: cardio and strength-training workouts; a complete muscle manual that will inform you of which muscles you should work out as well as when to work them out; a personal fitness diary you can record your emotional and physical feelings to keep you motivated in achieving your weight loss goals; and a weekly fitness planner which is customized to your fitness level.

A Safe and Side Effects Free Diet and Fitness Program:

There are no side effects with the diet, recipe and workout suggestions in the Jillian Michael weight loss program. This is because the program is based on a healthy lifestyle.  Thus, you lose weight at the right pace and you keep the weight from coming back.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

You and everybody else who are overweight and obese can lose weight with the online weight loss program of Jillian Michaels.

The calorie calculator will really help you in knowing the number of calories to consume and to burn so that you can successfully lower your weight.

The weekly fitness planner shall give you exercises to strictly follow every day. The online diary will also make you track the activities you like doing and the feelings you experience when you perform them.

You will also make use of the message boards where you can communicate with Jillian, in-house trainers and experts, and people like you who are trying to lose weight. All your questions will be answered 24/7 and you will also be regularly updated with new materials on weight loss.

Working Towards Your Weight Loss Goals:

The weight loss program of Jillian Michaels usually lasts for three months. You should bear in mind that this program depends on your attitude, your healthy eating habits, and constant exercise. The results do not depend on some fad or crash diets where weight lost will be gained immediately. Jillian reminds everyone that to enjoy fitness forever, you have to be committed to a continuous physical and mental process.

Jillian also informs everybody that strength training should never be neglected. Cardiovascular exercises burn fat but pumping iron will transform the body. You should, therefore, do cardio and strength exercises as well as other workout activities such as kickboxing, martial arts, yoga and Pilates. Cutting down calories and regular exercises in different kinds are the effective ways to lose weight and keeping it off forever.

Watch This Video Where Jillian Michaels Showing Some Exercises To Get 6 Pack Abs In 6 Weeks:

Visit the official website to know more details about this weight loss program.

The Pros of the Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program:

There are many pros of going through this program designed by Jillian. These are some of those that the program claims to offer:

  • Anybody can access it as long as there is an internet connection and a PC or a phone. The official website is there to help everyone achieve weight loss properly.
  • You do not have to take daily medications which can actually harm your health and your other body organs such as your kidney and liver.
  • You also get free advice as well as weight loss assessment and calculations.

The Cons Of the Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program:

Even if there are plenty of advantages of the Jillian Michaels weight loss program, it is not perfect. These are some of its disadvantages:

  • You are not really sure that it will work for you. You may find it difficult to alter your lifestyle and thus may be tempted to quit the program immediately. There are dietary supplements or pills out in the market which you can easily pop in your mouth. These claim to make you lose weight when you take them every day.
  • You will have to do the program on your own with no nutritionists and trainers physically around. You will, however, be guided via online by experts employed by Jillian.
  • The official website of Jillian Michaels has to be utilized frequently and would require going online regularly. The features of the website may also confuse you.
  • The program causes constipation in some dieters.

Making the Program Work with Everyday Routine:

Authors of different diet and fitness programs normally design their programs with certain conditions in mind.  While a lot of the programs tell you that they can work with any body type or whatever your activities are, this particular program from Jillian Michaels tells you what everyday routine practices can help you get to your weight loss goals faster.

  • One of the ways to make the Jillian Michaels weight loss program is to purchase the book written by Jillian via its website as this shall guide you in your program.
  • Another way to make this program effective is to always eat healthy meals. Proper nutrition is the key to successful weight loss.
  • You should exercise everyday so as to burn calories and lose maximum fat.
  • Take vitamins and minerals every day so that if there are gaps involved in your diet, they would be avoided.
  • Be positive always because it is important to have a good mental attitude in order for you to effectively lose weight and achieve you goals of losing fat.

Statistical Facts and Testimonials:

Many of the people who tried the weight loss program of Jillian Michaels have lost a tremendous amount of weight in a matter of ninety days. One couch potato lost 75 pounds and became an athlete. Another client who used to have a figure of a beach ball turned her figure into an hourglass shape when she lost 45 pounds through this program. There is also another one who developed six-pack abs. There are a number of program members who have experienced successful weight loss in terms of both inches and pounds.

Examining the Program

The praises in the testimonials are not complete without examining the details of the program.  Saying that it works but not all of them are saying why it works.  There are certain factors that make the program work:  the mentor, the community involvement, and the customer service.

  • Jillian as a Mentor:

Jillian is a meticulous and reliable mentor. You just have to tell her the amount of pounds you wish to lose and then she will design a daily program customized for you. This shall depend on the body type you have, your goals and your lifestyle. The way Jillian seriously considers weight loss on TV is the same with her online program and clients. She will not stop until you gain your goals. Your commitment is therefore needed because Jillian is fully committed to help you.

  • Community Support from Members:

The other online members of the Jillian Michaels weight loss program will give you the advice and support you need. You can search for people within the community who have the same age as you and who live near you. The message boards available will provide you with new recipes and weight loss advice you need. You can also converse with the members and experts in Jillian’s community.

  • Customer Service and Technical Help:

There are experts on beauty, behavioral health, nutrition, and wellness on the site.  These experts are hand-picked by Jillian who will be there to help you out every second of the day. Jillian will also answer you all your questions herself once you become a member of her online program.

Cost Of The Jillian’s Program:

The online weight loss program of Jillian gives a free comprehensive questionnaire which asks you questions on everything about your health such as your body shape and heart rate. You will then pay $4 every week for 13 weeks for the entire program. You can cancel the program at anytime and get a refund for the days you were not able to use it. Should you cancel before a month, you shall be charged at least $20.

The program has a money-back guarantee. There is, however, no refund for the first $20 covering the initial five weeks of Jillian’s program. By the time you reach your fifth week, you will be on your way of losing so much weight and will not be tempted to cancel your membership.

Final Verdict

The weight loss program of Jillian Michaels is unique since it does not use diet pills, drugs or medications. It encourages frequent exercises and healthy eating. There are some people who find it hard to change their lifestyle and thus fail to follow the program.

They would rather take in a dietary supplement than follow a healthy lifestyle. But the thing is, Jillian’s program is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight.

Science and medicine has evidence to support this. The program will make you lose weight with the right food and eating habits to take in fewer calories and an exercise program that will burn the stubborn fats. That is the healthy and successful way to lose weight the Jillian Michaels way.

Click Here To Visit The Official Site And Plan Your Weight Loss Goal With Jillian !

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