How To Access Optimal Diet For Weight Loss?

Overweight poses very serious problem worldwide. People who are overweight suffer various forms of health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and many more. It is therefore not surprising that people are becoming aware of the dangers of overweight and are beginning to take serious precautionary measures in order to keep fit.

Different Theories On Weight Loss

  • There exist so many schools of thought with concomitant theories on the best way to combat overweight. One school of thought believes that youths can achieve weight loss by engaging in strenuous exercise while the elderly can achieve same by engaging in mild but regular exercise.
  • Another School of thought believes that to achieve weight loss one must abstain from eating at fast food joints and reducing the quantity of daily food intake.
  • Another School of Thought believes that weight loss can be achieved by a combination of certain of certain food stuff in specific proportions in the diet.

One thing that is very common is the disappointment which the users of these theories experience. The reasons for such disappointment is not far fetched. First and foremost the response of the human body to the various diet regimens differs from person to person, so what may work for Mr. A. may not work for Mr. B. and vice-verse. Secondly the ability of individuals to keep to instructions strictly differ from person to person also, and because of these differences, the end result also differs from person to person.

How To Access Optimal Diet?

optimal diet for weight lossHowever to access optimal diet for weight loss, a common sense approach can be adopted having in mind what constitute food component. Food component are those ingredients contained in the food that we eat. These are carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals.

A balanced diet is a diet that contains each of these food components at the required proportion. Carbohydrate can be found in such food as bread, potatoes, corn etc. When we eat these foods the carbohydrate is converted into sugar which provides energy to the body. Body energy is measured in calories.

Protein can be found in meat, fish, egg, milk and when we eat these foods the protein is converted into amino-acids which are the building blocks of the body. Both carbohydrates and protein increase weight. Fats can be found in Margarine, butter cheese, vegetable oil, these are converted into fatty acids in our body.
Vitamins and minerals are found mainly in fruits and vegetables. They assist in the production of enzymes which aids digestion and the metabolic process in the body.

What Is An Optimal Diet?

An optimal diet for weight loss should contain all the components of food with a reduction in carbohydrate.  An optimal diet for weight loss should contain a minimum standard of 1600 calories for men and 1200 calories for women and should contain more of fruits and vegetables. Apart from vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables also provide roughage or fibre which is very important in aiding bowel movement and reduce constipation. The best way to maintain the weight loss once achieved is to be consistent with the diet and incorporate a little exercise as a daily routine.

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