Hoodia Gordonii Plus: Does This Appetite Suppressant Really Work As It Claims?

Hoodia Gordonii Plus Review:

Hoodia Gordonii Plus primarily sells a product that is said to provide substantial weight loss fast and safe. In addition it provides a few add on services for free such as an online weight management program, self help guides, tips and techniques, etc. This article will discuss in detail what is being advertised and what consumers and experts say about the product

Hoodia Gordonii Plus is a weight loss product primarily composed of a specific species of the Hoodia genus which is Gordonii and is said to grow indigenously in Africa, more specifically the Kalahari Desert. This plant is said to be used by the native bushmen as a food source during long hunting trips. The primary reason being is that a small quantity of the same will keep you from feeling hungry for long periods of time.

How Does Hoodia Gordonii Plus Work

The website is a bit unclear about this. However a careful scrutiny of the same as well as several consumer reviews seems to indicate that it either physically keeps you from hunger because it is not easily digested or because it contains chemical compounds that simulate the feeling of satiety.

Ingredients Of Hoodia Gordonii Plus:

The primary ingredient is the extracted Hoodia plant which seems to have been processed, desiccated and then inserted into a transparent pill. In order to maximize the benefits of the same, the pill is also said to contain “multiple proprietary digestive enzymes”. Simply put, these mean several if not dozens of other ingredients that are kept secret which aid in controlling the digestive enzymes within the stomach in order to maximize that feeling of being full.


Rationale Behind Hoodia Gordonii Plus:

The primary ingredient is said to control the hormones that tell the body that it is time to eat or that it is hungry. The other ingredients help the body cope with the feeling of satiety and minimize harmful acidity due to lack of actual foodstuff to digest. Therefore you not only prevent weight loss but you also prevent hunger pangs that prevent you from actually losing weight.

Is Hoodia Gordonii Plus Effective?

A cursory look at the internet will show you various results. Some laud the effectiveness of the product and add on services while others argue that the same is a load of bull scat. At the very least you need to understand that Hoodia as a genus has been marketed by Unilever as an appetite suppressant. However, this particular species, Hoodia Gordonii, is still in the research phase by some of the big names in pharmaceuticals.

Watch This Video To Know Is Hoodia Gordonii Hyped Or Does It Really Work !

How Fast Does it Work??

Assuming that the product does suppress hunger, then you will be ingesting fewer foodstuff daily. How much less depends upon your diet regimen. And more importantly, the exercise regimen that goes with the same. Some consumers say with regular exercise, they showed significant/visible results in a couple of weeks.

Best Time to Take Hoodia Gordonii Plus:

Different companies have different methods of delivery, some rely on powdered form, some rely on a juiced form, while others rely on a pill form. At the very least it would seem that the same can be taken on an empty stomach because the same has enzyme suppressants that minimize the acidity of the stomach.

How to Maximize the Effects of the Same?

First, you need to follow the exact directions as indicated by the producer. Next, you need to stick to a strict exercise and diet routine. Because remember, this medicine will only relieve you of hunger pains and does not actually allow you to lose weight as is.

What are The Side Effects?

Proponents say that if taken in correctly, the only side effect is that you will lose weight (which is a good thing). However some experts believe that taking in copious amounts of the same can lead to liver and kidney related problems as well as lack of sufficient acidity in the stomach which can cause indigestion and/or dyspepsia.

Who Should Not Try Hoodia Gordonii Plus?

Based on the contra indications above, any individual with pre-existing liver disease and insufficiency in digestion should be careful. At the very least, you need to go to your physician to get the go signal as well as to generate a plan of action for withdrawal.


The basic cost Hoodia Gordonii Plus is $39.95 which is said to be good for 1 month. $79.95 comes in 3 bottles which is already a 3 month supply and $119.95 will buy 6 bottles which is good for 6 months. This is not including shipping costs which can be rush or standard, and also exclusive of insurance (around $3.99).

The Final Verdict

The mere fact that Unilever, Pfizer and other big pharmaceutical companies are into Hoodia is a clear indication that it does work. However in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks, the same must be purchased from legitimate sources, taken in as instructed, and coupled with a workable diet plan and exercise regimen.

Hoodia Gordonni plua

Where to Buy Hoodia Gordonii Plus?

Buy only from the official website as well as from authorized resellers. Remember, Walmart, Amazon, etc. do not carry Hoodia Gordonii Plus.


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