Fat Loss Secret Tips – 12 Tricks To Get A Skinny Look Without Losing Weight


skinny look Want fat loss secret tips without actually losing weight? No time for diet and extensive workout? Do you need to create an illusion that you are thin? Whether you are feeling “fat” or your crush is in town, looking thinner naturally without undergoing workouts and diet is the best thing to do. Why go for a hustle and bustle of work outs and diets if you can create an illusion that you are thin? To appear sexy, you must create a mindset that you are one.

Aside from quick belly fat loss products such as body wraps, laxatives and other “body slimming” solutions, creating an impression that you are thin through the way you carry yourself is significant. Here are some of the fat loss secret tips without losing weight:

  • Enhance the Volume of your hair. Put some volume enhancing mousse over your hair to create a look that makes your face look smaller. Ponytails tend to show the whole of your face, emphasizing your fat cheeks. So you might as well hide them by focusing on your hair.
  • Emphasize your eyes to make them look bigger by skillfully applying makeup. Focusing attention to the eyes can divert attention from full cheeks and double chins. Lipstick should be matte and neutral too.
  • A dark complexion makes you look thinner. Apply a self tanner, get into an indoor tanning bed, go to a professional tanner or get into the sun. But make sure you will not be sun burned!
  • Dress slim. Dressing is by far the most widely used technique to appear slimmer.

1. Use monochromatic garments. Use one shade from top to bottom, preferably dark colors such as black. This creates an impression that you are tall and slim.

2. Wear a V-neck shirt or blouse. Makes you appear thinner because of a “longer neck”

3. Avoid pleated pants. Pleated pants add bulk to your hips which makes you appear fat

4. Use A-line skirts. Makes you appear streamlined

5. Use thin garments. A thin garment also avoids undue bumps and decreases your body’s transverse diameter.

6. Wear jackets that extend below the hips. They lengthen and slim your body.

7. Choose vertical prints. Vertical lines make your body elongated, thereby thinner.

8. Buy pants with long, straight legs. This makes your legs longer and makes you appear thinner.

  • Wear the right underwear. Too-small underwear makes lumps under clothes; garments that fit well gives a smoother, skinnier look. Go for a body slimmer to finish the look. A sagging bust adds size to your middle but a more firm and supported bust makes your waist smaller. Appear to lose even more pounds by avoiding “pregnant look” tops since these make you appear bigger.
  • Wear shoes or slippers with a platform wedge. This makes you appear taller and thinner. High heels emphasize your calves so it makes your legs appear longer. Don’t wear pointy shoes or stilettos because these make your feet bigger than how they actually are. Instead, choose a nice open toed one.
  • Wear big accessories. Have big sunglasses, wear a large necklace or use a big purse. These things make you look proportioned.
  • Walk with perfect posture. Slouching adds to the breadth of your body.
  • Smell appealing. A sexy smell creates an olfactory illusion that you are indeed sexy or slim.
  • Act confident. A sexy body is reflected from confidence and wit.
  • Take care of yourself. Wear jewelry, makeup and do your nails. It makes you look sexier.
  • Have good manners. Looking slimmer is only a bite size of what can make you look sexy.

Aside from these “look illusion”, you can also do some beginner bodyweight program and concentrate on your upper arms. Weight reduction is cumbersome but working on your upper arm is faster that will create a look that your limbs are slim.

You may also enroll in fitness classes such as aerobics or belly dancing. Belly dancing is one of the effective fat loss secret tips because this makes your waist smaller and increases your confidence in dealing with others, “creating a feeling of being sexy”

Belly fat makes you appear larger even if you just have baby fats or beer belly. Fat loss secret tips also suggest on trying laxatives. These do not generally make you lose weight. Laxatives only eliminate bowel waste so abdominal distention can be relieved. This is important because a distended abdomen may appear as a fat belly to other people. Use of laxatives may only take six hours to relieve distention that’s why it’s an effective way of making the abdomen smaller in a short period of time, without losing weight.

Fat loss secret tips also suggest on using abdominal binders to hide those bumps and humps on the abdomen. Abdominal crunches are hard to execute and one can be frustrated on slow results. Using a wrap around material on the waist will squeeze that belly and make them disappear instantly.

When these top fat loss secret tips are properly executed, then you are off to go on your romantic date with a sexier feeling. However, these fat loss secret tips are only short term so you might as well improve your diet and engage in intensive workouts.

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