The Denise Austin Fit Forever Program – Some Honest Facts About This Online Weight Loss Program

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: The Fit Forever Online Program
: The Fit Forever Online Program
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: The Fit Forever Online Program


Fit Forever is designed by one of America’s most coveted fitness experts, Denise Austin. A perfect balance of diet programs and fat loss workouts, Fit Forever is responsible for hundreds of success stories from around the world and is one of the most recommended online weight loss programs.

In the world of fitness and health industry, the name Denise Austin has been very popular for many years now. She is an instructor, columnist and author. As a prolific author, she had written 10 fitness books. In addition to this, she boasts more than 30 years of experience in weight loss and fitness programs. She was once a member of President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She was also seen in a television program which was entitled “Getting Fit with Denise Austin”. Using all her experiences, she came up with her own weight loss program – The Fit Forever Weight Loss Program.

The Denise Austin Fit Forever Weight Loss Program Explained

Fit Forever is a weight loss and fitness program which is conceptualized by the brilliant mind of Denise Austin and is dedicated in helping people lose unwanted weight becoming more fit and healthy. The program is combination of a diet and a fitness plan. If you are one of those people who care about their
weight and would want to lose unwanted fats, then read on.

In general, there are 4 elements which a member should be able to achieve after the Fit Forever program. The elements are:

  • Right and effective meal plan – The member will be able to know what meal plan is right for him/her in order to maintain his/her desired weight.
  • Healthy body- The member will be able to have a strong and fit body.
  • Feeling of accomplishment- Just like any program or activity in which effort was put in, the member will be able to feel accomplished because he/she achieved his/her goal.
  • Desired weight- With the help of Fit Forever Weight Loss Program, the member will be able to achieve his/her desired weight.

Inside the Fit Forever Program

It is basically composed of two components:

  • Component 1: Diet Program – The person enrolled in the program will have to follow a calorie-controlled diet. There are 3 options available in relation to the number of calories a person will consume. The options are 1400 calories, 1600 calories or 1800 calories per day. All the meal plans included in the program were seen by experts, particularly, the nutritionists. The online tool of the program has different delicious daily meal plans. In addition to this, all the ingredients the member will need to follow the plans are all listed. The online tool also includes a list of diet supplements which the member may take along with his/her meals.

Sample meal plans from the Fit Forever Weight Loss Program include:


Breakfast: Skim milk paired with oatmeal

Lunch: Black bean soup and crackers

Snack: Orange, chocolate milk which is low in fat, two pieces of graham crackers

Dinner: Mixed greens and dressing which is low in calories.

After-Dinner Treat: Pretzels

Total Calorie Count = 1600  


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, cantaloupe and English muffin

Lunch: Celery sticks, skim milk, baby carrots and sandwich with butter jelly filling

Snack: Low-fat granola (two tablespoons)

Dinner: Spaghetti (whole wheat pasta), mixed greens with dressing which is low in calorie

After-Dinner Treat: Ginger snap cookies (3 pieces)

Total Calorie Count = 1400


Breakfast: Milk, strawberries and muffins

Snack: 1 Graham cracker and chocolate milk

Lunch: Vegetable salad with dressing and 1 piece of small roll

Dinner: Broccoli and chicken pasta

After-Dinner Treat: Fruit bar

Total Calorie Count = 1400

The meal plans listed above show that members will still be able to enjoy delicious and complete meals during the day.

  • Component 2: Fitness Features – Just like the diet component, there are also options in the fitness program which people may choose from. The options are basic, intermediate or advanced program. The members will be able to choose from hundreds of exercises categorized into different levels. In general, a workout will take around 1 hour and five minutes. It is composed of a 5 minute warm up, 20-45 minutes cardio exercise and 15 minutes toning routine. There are many workouts and routines to choose from. Most of the routines came from Denise Austin’s fitness videos. The online tool also has a lot of weight loss and age defying tips for the members to enjoy. Another good thing about the fitness feature of Fit Forever program is its weight tracker chart. The tracker will help the members stay focus by showing the trends of their weight. The weight tracker can serve as an additional motivation.

The exercise routines included in the program are truly personalized. In general, the exercises target the different fat zones in the body. Specifically, it targets the upper body for more toner arms and shoulders, waist for it to become curvier and the lower body for the thighs, legs and buns. Overall the routines are more on strength training and cardio exercises.

Aside from all the good features listed above, the online platform also has a store where members can buy Denise Austin’s books, DVD’s and equipments. In addition to this, the weight loss program also comes with a free fitness success plan. When the member inputs all her information such as name, weight and goal weight, the online platform of the program will provide the member with an outline on what kind of program best suits him/her. This feature is important in the customization of the program.

Safety of the Diet & Workout Advices

The fitness and workout advices a member can get from the Fit Forever Weight Loss Program are generally safe for almost anyone.  Just like any other weight loss plan, it will still depend on the general health condition of a person. Each person has a different condition; therefore, it is still best that an expert advice is sought before starting any weight loss program. A person should ask the advice of his/her doctor just to be sure.

People Targeted by the Fit Forever Program

Every person who wants to be fit and strong can benefit from the program. The program was designed for people who value their health and for those who want to lose unwanted weight. People who want to change their diet and exercise styles without undergoing drastic changes can benefit from this Denise Austin Program.

Time Before Results are Seen

The length of time before results are seen may vary from one person to another. Although, a lot of people who have undergone the program have reported that they have seen visible results in around 10 workouts. Results will depend on how faithful the person is to the diet and fitness program of Fit Forever. The success of the program will generally depend on a person’s fitness goal. In addition to this, the current fitness level of the person should be taken into consideration.

Pros of the Fit Forever Weight Loss Program

  • Delicious and affordable meal plans.
  • Dietary change is not so drastic.
  • Success record is proven.
  • Exercise plans can be customized depending on the needs.
  • Realistic exercise routines and plans.
  • Availability of a tracking tool in a form of an online platform.

Cons of the Weight Loss Program

  • Exercise routines need equipments such as exercise ball, light free weights, lightweight exercise clothing, gym mat and water bottles
  • Meals are not provided. Members need to prepare their own meal. Guidelines are given in the form of recipes which are available in the online tool of the program.

Access to the online tool has a weekly subscription fee of $3

Reviews and its Effectiveness

Good reviews about the Fit Forever Weight Loss Program are abundant on different review sites. Most reviews are tackling its effectiveness in making a person lose their unwanted weight. It has a proven track record of success.

Involvement of Denise Austin as a Mentor

Denise Austin is very hands on when it comes to her Fit Forever weight loss fitness program. She is very generous with health advices and tips. In addition to this, she made sure that her program is customizable in order to fit perfectly on different people, taking into consideration the different needs of the members.

Support from other Members

Another good thing about Fit Forever weight loss plan is the fact that people under the program can get support from other members. The online tool of the program makes this possible. In every weight loss program, a strong support system is very important. With that in mind, Denise Austin believed that an online tool can help increase the support she and other people can give to the members of the program.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Customer service and technical support is always available for every member. The online tool also has message boards and inspiration page. The website also has a page called “Deniseology”. It is a page dedicated to inspirational sayings by Denise Austin. It aims to help members become motivated in the diet and exercise routines.

Cost Effectiveness and Overall Summary

The Fit Forever Weight Loss Program is one of the most cost-effective plans in the market today. With only $3 per week, a person will be able to experience the program and start getting fit. As a treat, the program begins with a free trial which is good for one week.  Any member who is not happy with his membership can cancel subscription anytime. Payments can be made using the credit cards from Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Overall, Fit Forever is a very good weight loss program. The program itself is a well structured and balanced approach which is very effective. Its authenticity can be seen on the different awards the program received such as ‘Best Fitness Site’ for its online tool.

There are a lot of different weight loss and fitness programs in the market today. Denise Austin’s weight loss program is said to be a top-notch in the fitness industry. The combination of dietary plan and exercise program is always recommended by experts. It is truly an effective way to address weight problems of the majority of the population in the world today.

Click here to take the Free Fitness Plan for the Denise Austin Fit Forever Program

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