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Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 Review:

Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 The Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 is a heavy-duty commercial-type of juicer that uses the “mastication”-style process. It is manufactured and distributed by Champion, a brand known for its quality small kitchen appliances.

The G5-PG-710 solves the problems of naturalists and health-conscious folks who wish to get more vitamins, minerals and enzymes in their system.

Though vitamins and mineral can be taken in synthetic oral supplements, enzymes are best when taken from fresh fruits and vegetables.

The best way to do this is to extract the natural juices from these foods, however, extracting juice from hard fruits and leafy vegetables and root may prove to be a problem.

These juicers give the ease and convenience of juicing fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the time and effort should you do it manually.

The Champion G5-PG-710 specializes in juicing all kinds of pulpy fruits and vegetables, but it cannot juice leafy greens such as wheatgrass. Aside from being a heavy-duty juicer, it also has the power to grind nuts into nut butters and to make smooth baby food and fresh fruit sorbets.

Why Is Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 Different From Other Traditional Juicers?

What makes this juicer unique is that it has changed not much since the original model came out 20 years ago. And seeing as many of its users recommend their product, you can guarantee that they’re doing something right!

Another unique feature of the Champion G5-PG-710 is that it uses the mastication-style of juicing rather than the conventional centrifugal-style juicers. What this means is that instead of sucking the juices out of the food by spinning it at high speeds, the Champion G5-PG-710 extracts liquids by replicating what our mouth does—chewing. Mastication is the scientific term for chewing, so the Champion G5-PG-710 mimics chewing your food by cutting, pressing and squeezing your assorted fruits and vegetables.

Another thing to note is its effort to minimize cleanup. This is one major obstacle all small kitchen appliances must tackle, and it seems like Champion focused on giving their customers the best experience in juicing. Everything from the inclusion of a floating cutter to the easily removable nozzle can be attributed for easy cleaning.

How Does This Juicer Work?

All the magic that makes solid food go in at one end and fresh juice pour out the other end happens inside the Champion G5-PG-710.

After the food is fed into the chute, the floating cutter made up of stainless steel blades cut, slice and separate the pulp from the juice in one single motion.

Aside from the 1/3 hp or horsepower GE motor making the blades clock in at 1725 rpm or rotations per minute that ensures speed, the single motion slicing, juicing and separating makes the Champion G5-PG-710 easy to clean as well.

Much of the mastication process happens within the floating cutter itself. Just like in chewing food when your incisors (front teeth) and canines grab and cut your food while the molars (back teeth) grind, squeeze and press it, the mechanism inside the floating cutter works in very much the same way.

Designed To Fall In Love With:

  • The design is very stylish, with a variety of colors to choose from. The silver one looks quite modern; the black one sleek and elegant; while the white one will complement any kitchen. Another thing with the Champion G5-PG-710 design that you’ll love is its wide 1.75 inch-diameter chute or feed tube. It’s big enough to put whole vegetables into, while other fruits and vegetables will require just a few slices.
  • You’ll also enjoy how fast and easy it is to use—easy enough that even kids can make fresh fruit and vegetable juice, and even fresh sorbet or ice cream. With a fast rotating blade like that, you can be sure that juicing will take no more than a few minutes every time.
  • But probably the best two things you’ll really love is the price and the warranty that comes with it. The Champion G5-PG-710 is one of the few heavy-duty combination juicers and food processors that are under $400, so that in itself is something to fall in love with. However, there is that little thing with the 10-year warranty. 10 years! You’re guaranteed to have this superb kitchen helper for a long, long time.

Quality Of Juice:

Now comes the gritty part of any review: the lowdown on the end product. In this case, it’s the quality of the juice. How does it compare to other juices?

  Enzymes, those highly beneficial chemicals needed by our bodies, can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables. As these fruits and vegetables get cooked, the enzymes are destroyed. This means that the best possible way to preserve enzymes is to not cook the food. The Champion G5-PG-710 addresses this by suggesting the use of cold fruits and vegetables for juicing, as well as employing the floating cutter by keeping the food away from the motor that can heat up while churning out those quick rpms.

  Aside from that, the G5-PG-710 also uses squeezing and pressing into extracting juice rather than crushing, which does nothing but bruise and rupture the larger cells of some vitamins and minerals like amino acids. This gentler handling of food makes the juice from Champion G5-PG-710 more nutritious than the juice from others extractors.

  Surprisingly, though the G5-PG-710 rotates at 1725 rpm, it produces little foam or froth. This can be attributed to the stainless steel floating cutter that separates the pulp from the juice away from the other internal processes.

Assembly And  Washing Up:

One thing you’ll notice when you read feedbacks about this product is how customers rave about how easy the cleanup is, and really, it really is quite easy.

They have designed the G5-PG-710 so that its nozzle can be taken apart easily to be washed in soapy water, or thrown in the dishwasher. Out of all the kitchen appliances you can have, the Champion G5-PG-710 can probably best compete in the one with the easiest cleanup.

Assembly is just as easy, with the manual showing detailed and helpful instructions. One thing to note, though, is that this thing is heavy, and might prove to be a challenge for the ladies. For this reason, it is also not advisable to store it in an overhanging shelf or counter.

Speed Of Juicer:

Speed is no problem for the Champion G5-PG-710. At 1725 rpms, you can be sure that you will get your fresh glass fast.

As for yield, generally, it depends on the kind of fruit or vegetable you will be juicing—pulpy fruits will yield more juice, while hard fruits, tubers, and root vegetables might need a lot more to make a significant amount.

One thing to note is that you will notice that the pulp taken out of the machine is quite dry, meaning all that fresh, juicy goodness goes straight to your glass and not into the pulp.

Technical Specifications:

Here are the technical details about the Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710.

• Measures 17” in depth, 10” in height and 7” in width, with a round feed tube measuring in at 1.75” in diameter

• Weighs 26 Lbs; 35 Lbs for shipping

• Equipped with a 650-watt 1/3 hp single gear motor

• Appliance type: masticating juicer

• Model number: G5-PG-710

• 120V/ 60 Hz / AC / 220V

What Is So Good About Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710?

  • High speed, heavy-duty juice extractor that’s efficient in juicing fruits and vegetables
  • Has other functions like grinding, mashing and making frozen treats
  • Uses a one-step cutting and juicing process that speeds performance and minimizes
  • cleanup
  • Can juice continuously without problems of overheating or cloggiing.
  • Assembly and cleanup is a breeze
  • Backed by a 10-year motor and parts warranty
  • Reasonably-priced for such a powerful product

What Is Not  So Good About Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710?

  • Product is heavy; might not be advisable to be stored in overhanging areas
  • The G5-PG-710 can’t juice leafy green vegetables like wheatgrass
  • Pulp can back up through the feed chute when juicing fibrous fruits and vegetables like
  • pineapple and celery
  • High speed produces heat, which might warm the juice if fruits and vegetables used aren’t cold.

Customer Feedback:

A lot of the customers who bought the Champion G5-PG-710 are very satisfied with their purchase. One thing in common that they all rave about is how easy it is to clean the Champion juice extractor. They also love how the pulp is dry and how much juice is actually produced by the machine.

A few of the things most users complained about is how heavy the product is. Though most of them didn’t mind, as it looks quite stylish along the kitchen counter, some people who might like to stow away their kitchen appliances when not in use might find this troublesome.

Customers also complained that some of their juices turned out warm, because the Champion G5-PG-710 operates at such a high speed. However, this can be compensated by using cold fruits and vegetables and my juicing with short intervals per glass.

Wanna read more customer reviews? just click here 🙂

The Final Verdict And Guarantee

  For the price and 10-year warranty alone, you can bet that getting a Champion G5-PG-710 is an excellent choice, especially for health enthusiasts who enjoy freshly-made fruit and vegetable juices. Though it can’t juice wheatgrass and other leafy greens, you can still do a lot more with it as it can also grind, blend and mash food like a food processor.

  Aside from which, Champion is giving you 10 years worth of guaranteed service along with the product. That alone will ensure you that you’ll be getting your money’s worth in investing in such a durable, heavy-duty product.

  The Champion G5-PG-710, along with many other Champion products, can be ordered online through This is an excellent way to get your product without having to go out the front door. You won’t have to go to the store; you just need to click your order, and wait for your new Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 to arrive.

Juicer Information Chart:

Juicer Model Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710
Key Features
  • High speed, heavy-duty juice extractor that’s efficient in juicing fruits and vegetables
  • This Juicer is very simple to operate.
  • Affordable and simple design.
  • Has other functions like grinding, mashing and making frozen treats.
  • Easy to assemble and wash.
  • Uses a one-step cutting and juicing process that speeds performance and minimizes cleanup
  • Can juice continuously without problems of overheating or clogging.
  • Easy to clean.
Technical Specification
  • Dimension:17 x 10 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Equipped with a 650-watt 1/3 hp single gear motor
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Noise Level
Juicing Method Masticating
Juices Fruits
Juices Vegetables
Juices Wheat grass
Warranty 10 year
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