Capsiplex And Unique Hoodia : Real Comparison Exposed!

Capsiplex And Unique Hoodia : A Comparison!

Have you tried using any weight loss pills lately? We all know that weight loss is never an easy goal. It’s easy to pack on weight but – it’s SO hard to lose it! There are just so many things you need to do in order to lose those stubborn fats – hours in the gym, restricted diet, and not to mention, you have to stick to your program consistently for at least 6 months! Now tell me if that’s “easy”.

What could be easier though is adding the use of a reliable (safe and effective) slimming pill in your weight loss regimen. But which slimming supplement should you choose?

There are tons available in the market these days. To help narrow down our search, I’ve taken a look the two best most popular weight loss supplements – Capsiplex and Unique Hoodia. I’m sure you’ve heard about them.

Our Detailed Review:

We’ll take a look at each of these slimming pills’ best features as well as drawbacks in terms of its overall weight loss power, average monthly weight loss effect, ability to supercharge metabolism and boost energy, safety issues and reported side effects, recommended daily dosage, customer satisfaction, as well as sale price and money back guarantee.

Capsiplex Unique Hoodia
Capsiplex slimming pills uniquehoodia appetite suppressant

Supercharging Metabolism

Its capsicum extract actually increases metabolism helping the body burn up to 278 calories more during and after exercise. (It’s not just an appetite suppressant – It actually burns fats!).

Also, a deficiency in niacin is shown to slow down metabolism, and Capsiplex also has niacin! Again, niacin helps release energy from food so the body doesn’t feel the urge to eat just to be able to keep up with all its activities.

UniqueHoodia at the moment doesn’t have any ingredients that help speed up metabolism, but it does effectively suppress appetite, enabling your body to reduce calorie intake and use up stored fats for energy.


This ‘Miracle’ Fat Pill has 4 major ingredients that make it very effective. Its natural capsicum extract doesn’t only suppress appetite; it also speeds up metabolism. Its caffeine contents supercharge the body’s energy while its piperine ingredient increases nutrient absorption.

Capsiplex also has niacin which helps to effectively release energy from the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats we get from food – thus, helping the body maintain an overall healthy metabolism.

This weight loss pill is made of 100% South African Hoodia Gordonii, a natural appetite suppressant. It contains pure real fresh organic Hoodia without any fillers or extenders or additives.

It also now includes Bioperine, which contributes to the faster absorption of Hoodia by about 30% – hence, resulting to quicker effects.

Side Effects

Capsiplex has had no reported side effects. Unique Hoodia is not recommended to diabetics. This supplement affects the neurotransmitters that go to the brain, and convinces the brain that it is not hungry. So, if you are diabetic, your sugar levels may be affected.

These false signals may cause your blood sugar levels to become lower. You may still be allowed take the supplement in small dosages, but be sure to consult with your physician first.

In Increasing Energy

Awhile ago I mentioned that Capsiplex has caffeine and piperine. Caffeine increases the body’s basal metabolic rate giving the body an extra boost of energy.

Piperine, on the other hand, turbo-charges the absorption rate of the vital nutrients (and Capsiplex’s other ingredients) in the body. This helps release more energy in the body so you wouldn’t feel the urgent need to eat all the time.

UniqueHoodia has Bioperine. It also contributes to faster absorption, making it more effective.


Capsiplex has had no reported side effects. Unique Hoodia is also reportedly safe and effective.

Average Monthly Weight Loss

Capsiplex results to weight loss of 8 to 11 pounds in just three weeks. (You can also lose 4-7 pounds in the first week) Unique Hoodia results to weight loss of 8 to 10.5 pounds in one month alone (the first one).

Recommended Daily Dosage

1 capsule a day 1 capsule a day


A 4-week supply of Capsiplex currently costs
£29.99.However, Click here for more info
Ninety capsules or a month’s supply of Unique Hoodia costs around $55; but you may get a discount from some online sellers.
Click here for more info

Money Back Guarantee

I didn’t see a money back guarantee for Capsiplex in its official website.

If you consider customer feedback and its endorsements though, you’d have an idea as to have effective it is.

Unique Hoodia offers a 180-days money back guarantee. However, the returned item must remain unopened or unused.

The cost of shipping and handling isn’t refundable so buyers can’t recover everything they spent on the product.

Our Comparison Rating

Capsiplex Review Unique Hoodia Review

Official Website

Final Verdict:

These slimming pills are more or less competitive equals when it comes to safety and reliability (Both are natural, effective, and has no harmful side effects). When it comes to the ingredients and overall weight loss effect though, Capsiplex is a little ahead of Unique Hoodia because it has more fat burning properties and enhances metabolism.

Then again, although Unique Hoodia doesn’t aid in metabolism enhancement, it is still effective in terms of acting as an appetite suppressant and burning fats.
Capsiplex costs more than Unique Hoodia and produces excellent results; Unique Hoodia costs a little lesser and is also effective for weight loss. Both can give you your surely money’s worth – it’s only a matter of choosing the one you can buy without breaking the bank.
There’s a bonus to using Capsiplex – its ability to boost energy. Capsiplex suppresses appetite while also providing your body enough energy that it needs.



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