Burn The Fat Body Transformation System – Did Tom Venuto “Hype” This Program?

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: Burn The Fat Body Transformation System
: Burn The Fat Body Transformation System
: Fat Loss Program

: Burn The Fat Body Transformation System


This is undoubtedly our #1 recommended fat loss program. Tom Venuto shows his expertise by delivering the most authentic & detailed information about everything starting from right mindset needed to achieve your weight loss goal to proper nutrition plan, diet strategy and of course the effective workout routine to incorporate in your lifestyle, which would just help you shed away EVEN the last pounds of your stubborn fat. This program is a real gem. PERIOD!!!

Burn The Fat Body Transformation System

burn the fat feed the muscle“Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle” is a weight loss program led by trainer Tom Venuto. It’s a program that uses average but effective exercise routines, along with proper diet & nutrition.

Tom Venuto is a known bodybuilder who has won 7 times in National Bodybuilding Championship without using any drug, supplement or enhancement product.

He shares his secrets to his clients as they lose all the excess fat in just 49 days. Using an all-natural method, the Burn the Fat program takes all the unwanted fat away and replaces them with well-toned muscles.

Naturally Different From Other Weight Loss Program:

Unlike most weight loss programs, Burn The Fat focuses on an all-natural workout combined with eating healthy food. It doesn’t have hard routines at all, average people can last through the whole program without fainting or breaking down.

Even though the program sounds like something rigorous, not to mention your trainer is a bodybuilder, it’s surprisingly mild and still more effective. Not only will the person achieve their ideal weight, they will be establishing a physique that’s surprisingly easy to maintain.

5 Bonuses from Venuto :

“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” comes with different but mild exercises that you can do every day for a few minutes. Tom Venuto shares some bonuses for anyone who wants to order the book online. It includes the books

  • Foods that Burn Fat
  • Foods that Turn to Fat
  • The A Food B Food Lecture
  • How to Measure Your Body Fat

The books about food can help you understand how your food affects your body and which ones can make you fat or lose fat in certain amounts.

  • The final bonus that Tom is giving out is a free access to the exclusive members only site for 60 days. This is where a gamut more of nutritional information and tips on keeping lean or toned are shared.

For Those Who Want Change

Anyone and everyone can benefit from Tom Venuto’s book. A lot of people want to get thin, lose weight and fit into smaller sized jeans but not everybody knows that they are capable of it.

People who have no intention of going to the gym or stressing themselves out by working out for 5 hours a day will really love this program. Since not everybody can handle severe exercises from most trainers, the Burn The Fat is a real saving grace.

It is also very useful for those who want to maintain their body image. Most people are challenged with this part since it’s so much easier to gain weight than lose it.

Check out this video to know what is included in this Weight Loss Program

Click here to visit the official website of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

The Good Things:

  • The best thing about doing an all-natural weight loss program is there’s no need to buy supplements or enhancers.
  • The nutrition plan that goes with the exercises will already be providing for your protein supply.
  • Not only is it going to help you lose weight, Burn The Fat program will also arm you with knowledge about food and their properties. Even without having to exercise so much, if you know what a kind of food you should take, it is possible to lost weight.
  • The program will burn the fat and replace them with muscles that are not easy to lose.

One Disadvantage:

  • One disadvantage of the program is that it might not be beneficial for those who simply want to lose weight, and nothing more. Other people may not be fans of being well-toned, some are just aiming to lose weight and have a slender image. This is typical among young women or teenage girls.
  • Burn the Fat is a program for transforming fat into a toned physique, and learning to keep it that way. Unfortunately for anyone who is just looking for a drop in their scales, this is a more serious and dedicated weight loss program.

It is Not a Scam

fat burning secretsThere are no evidences that Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle weight loss program is a scam. Tom Venuto is a real natural bodybuilder, body transformation coach and a nutrition researcher.

He has been a personal trainer, fitness coach and nutrition consultant since 1989 and now a popular author of this e-book. Hundreds of online forums have been dedicated to this program and his teachings.

It can easily be understood as not a scam, since it’s not like some weight loss programs that use supplements. A lot of companies market products that are said to help you lose weight in 3 weeks or 4 weeks.

The problem with these products is that they’re advertised as a kind of medicine that will magically dissolve your fats away for you. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle weight loss e-book is nowhere near that.

It’s all about you, working to exercise away those flab and you, adopting the ideal healthy lifestyle to prevent from getting fat once more. ­

The Weight Loss Program

This is a very intense but reassuring e-book about losing weight healthily. It’s one of the safest programs ever on losing weight effectively without the use of supplement.

All-natural exercise with an all-natural assorted diet, anyone can become toned without becoming too exhausted. There’s no workout that isn’t doable, if it seems hard at first it actually becomes easier the next time. It works that quickly.

Watch out a glimpse of what Tom himself has to say about burning fat

The weight loss program is 60 days of training, dieting and relaxing properly. Even though it’s a 60-day program clients are able to notice big differences at day 49.

It can take effect faster if the client is willing to perform more exercise, but of course this will have to be accompanied by additional servings of healthy foods. The program focuses on the client to make their own set of goals to reach while marking a strict nutrition plan for them.

Even without additional supplements, or workout equipment that most people use at the gym, the exercises work well enough along with eating right.

Just Eat Right & Exercise :

There are hardly any other activities needed to make this weight loss program work faster. It doesn’t need supplements, gym equipment or any weight lifting, just proper amounts of healthy food and an equivalent dose of exercising.

You will only need to determine your own body type, since that will be the basis of your whole workout. Knowing your own ideal weight and your body structure, you’ll have more knowledge of which areas need more toning or how much more weight you need to lose.

Nutrition through balanced food like fish, red meat, vegetables and fruits is the only sideline responsibility that goes with the program.

tom venuto

Money-Back Guarantee if Unsatisfactory

Clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed by Tom Venuto himself, you can criticize it and observe how it works. It costs $79.90 but can be bought at $39.95 in their official website, along with bonuses.

Buyers can test it for up to 8 weeks and read all the teachings, advices and diet plans included. If it’s still unsatisfactory, all you have to do is simply write and tell Tom Venuto why it is not working for you. Without any questions, you will have a 100% refund; giving all your money back.

Assuredly, clients who have purchased Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle have not had much refunds and for a good reason; the contents are beneficial, inspiring and worth trying out.

Remember though, the e-book does not contain ONLY a single workout and diet plan that everyone should follow to the letter. It is a guide to help you establish your own ideal weight, your own body structure and your own decision to transform into a healthy person. Click here to check out Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.


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