Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor – What’s The Dual Deal In This?

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Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor Review:

Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc juice ProcessorThe latest Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor is one of the best products that Breville has ever produced. It makes a great juice.

You can even control the amount of pulp that you want to get or not. Some say that it cannot be used for juicing any type of leafy vegetables but that’s not true.

You can even insert whole apples, multiple vegetables, whole oranges and carrots, and it will work just fine.

When you are on a strict diet, trying to lose weight or just simply want to start eating healthy, then this juicer is the best tool for you to begin with.

It can turn a simple vegetable into a great treat. You might not like nor enjoy eating vegetables but when you try juicing them with Breville Juice Processor, you will be surprised at how you can actually enjoy drinking healthy beverage.

Why Is “Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor” Different From Other Traditional Juicers?

The best word that can describe Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor is “commercial grade”. A lot of products out there have been advertised very well but don’t actually live up to what they said they could do. Breville Juice Processor, on the other hand begs to differ. It is not as famous as the other juice processors but you can find it working far better than those.

This juicer comes with 2 discs, unlike the other brands that normally only has one. The one is intended for smoother juicing while the other disc is for the heavy-duty kind of juicing. It works almost soundlessly. You don’t have to wake the entire family while you’re using it.

How Does This Juicer Work?

The motor works very well with smooth juicing. It keeps its normal grinding force. And as you insert harder fruits or vegetables, the juicer automatically shifts into a stronger grinding force so as to make sure that the food is being grinded very well.

Designed To Fall in Love With:

The Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor is very easy to use. It works wonderfully with juicing vegetables. And it does the job quite fast. It also makes smoothies so perfect that you will want to make one every single day. And you will always feel healthier every time you make fruit juice out of this juice processor.

The Breville juice processor produces more juice than the other brands of juicer so you will really like using it when you are a complete juice lover.

As for the parts, you can perfectly rely on them. The metal casing of this juicer does not only make it look pretty on your kitchen counter but is also a guarantee that it will last for many years.

Quality Of Juice:

  •  The reason why people love to process a juice of their own
    because it’s much safer and fresher to drink. That is why it is very important to make sure that your juicer doesn’t work in a way that can take all the important nutrients off from your juice. Good thing is that Breville makes sure that the enzymes will be kept intact throughout the entire juicing process.
  • The juicer grinds fruits and vegetables with the right amount of speed so as not to shake all of the essential nutrients off your fruit.
  • After the juicing process, you will be able to see that the pulp is dry. You don’t even have to worry anymore because once you switched the disc on, the juicer will automatically remove the froth.

Assembly And Washing Up:

As aforementioned, the Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor is very easy to use and to assemble. If you are to dis-assembly your juicer, the first thing that you need to do is open the chrome arm of the bail into 90 degrees.

Once the top shroud comes off, the stainless juicer and the cutter assembly will be revealed. Allow all the parts to loose and wash all of them carefully.

Speed of Juicer

The rotary speed of the Breville Juice Processor is 1200 watts. When compared to a normal or standard brand of a juicer, you will find the Breville juicer much more reliable to use.

You can start juicing on the dual disc at the same time without having to worry about serving it to visiting friends.

Each disc can extract more than a single cup of juice plus it’s fast so you won’t consume so much time in juicing even if you have to serve up to 10 persons right away.

Watch This Video To Know How Breville BJE820XL Juice Processor Actually Works 🙂

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Technical Specification:

  • Motor – 1200 watts, which means that this juicer can work more than what a normal juicer can.
  • Rotary Speed – 1-5 and can still go higher for juicing harder fruits and vegetables
  • 3.5” feeder which feeds the tube.
  • Heavy Duty sandal casing

What is So Good About Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor?

  • It can extract more healthy juice than the cheaper brands of juicer.
  • It’s very easy to clean. A simple washing, rinsing and drying will do.
  • It comes with a “smoothie disc” which allows you to make your own smoothies full with fiber.
  • This juicer is created to last for a long time use. The materials are 100% heavy duty.
  • Cheaper than the other well-advertised brands of juicer.
  • It works quietly. You won’t almost feel like it is not working. Even if you have to set its volume higher.
  • It is very safe for use of children. You don’t have to worry if there are kids running around your house. As long as they are old enough to read, you can start teaching them how to operate the juicer. Don’t be afraid if the juicer might fall off or something because it’s strong enough to break down.

What Is Not So Good About Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor?

  • The first thing that may turn you off is the price of this Breville Juicer. Some customers think that it is way too much expensive. You can only find its worth when you are actually using the juicer on a daily basis.
  • It’s quite large for its juicing capacity. But it may not be that big but if you want to save space on your kitchen countertop then you should probably start finding another brand.
  • The juicer may be able to chew almost everything but you will have to be extra careful on some fruits and vegetables such as carrots since it can leave stains on your Breville Juice Processor.
  • For first time juicers, they may be surprised at the quantity of dishes that they need to wash after juicing. This can be quite a problem to those who are always on the go. Because even though the parts are easy to clean, it can still consume so much time for washing and cleaning.

Customer Feedback:

So far, almost everyone loves the Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor. It works perfectly, can be cleaned easily and is easy to carry around if you want it to bring with you on your out-of-town vacations.

The customers also loved the fact that they don’t need to read a complicated manual in order to be familiar with how the juicer functions. The guidelines are easy to follow and once you started juicing, you won’t ever forget the process again.

The Breville juicer was also said to be a perfect addition to your kitchen wares. It can complement any other kind of kitchen appliance so that if you place it in your kitchen, everything will look more beautiful.

95% of the customers (who posted in Amazon’s customer page) have been satisfied with the overall function of the juicer. That is why it’s very clear that customers really loved this juicer and there’s no reason why you won’t.

Still not convinced! To read more customer reviews click here 🙂

The Final Verdict And Guarantee:

  This juicer is really worth every penny. The way it works, the way it adds beauty to your kitchen, the way it can help you become more aware of your health and how you treat yourself are enough reasons to believe that the juicer is made perfect for you. The juicer can prove that even if it’s considered expensive by other customers, it can still live up to how it’s been advertised by its manufacturer and the other customers who were so kind enough to leave a review of how they find the juicer. It will surely be able to be of help for people who are still trying to find which juicer will perfectly suit their personal preferences.

  You can find tons of websites wherein the juicer can be found. However, among all the online markets in the World Wide Web, you will be able to find the best deal in Amazon. You can even buy a used one so that you can save money. So, if you are still searching where you can order your great Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor, Amazon is the best place to begin with.

Juicer Information Chart:

Juicer Model Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juice Processor
Key Features
  • This Juicer is very simple to operate.
  • Affordable and simple design.
  • It comes with a “smoothie disc” which allows you to make your own smoothies full with fiber.
  • Easy to assemble and wash.
  • This juicer is created to last for a long time use. The materials are 100% heavy duty.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The juicer grinds fruits and vegetables with the right amount of speed so as not to shake all of the essential nutrients off your fruit.
  • Works at great speed.You can produce an 8 oz glass of juice in just a few seconds.
  • It works quietly. You won’t almost feel like it is not working. Even if you have to set its volume higher.
  • It is very safe for use of children.
  • Breville Dual Disc Juice Processor has electronic 5 speed dial which maximizes juice yield from soft fruits and leafy greens, to harder fruits and vegetables.
  • This juicer will automatically separate froth/foam from juices.
Technical Specification
  • Dimension: 8.5 x 13.5 x 17 inches.
  • Weight: 14.6 lbs
  • Motor Power: 1200 watts.
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Noise Level
Juicing Method Centrifugal
Juices Fruits
Juices Vegetables
Juices Wheat grass
Warranty 1 year
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