Check out Brad Pilon, the recent preacher of Intermittent Fasting

Brad Pilon is the famous author of Eat Stop Eat. He wrote the book when he was doing Graduate Research in Ontario, Canada at the University of Guelph. He graduated with a degree in Applied Human Nutrition with honors.brad pilon

Early in his life, he became engrossed with body building because if Lou Ferrigno’s The Incredible Hulk. In grade school, he started collecting Flex, Fitness, and Muscle magazines.

He was subscribed to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition at 14. When he was 16, he had his own supplement shop selling supplements to bodybuilders.

Eat Stop Eat was first distributed in 2007. The program gets updated each year to ensure that it includes the best weight loss research. It is a science-backed book on weight loss fasting as well as intermitent fasting.

The program is easy to read and understand. It is, so far, still the best resource for intermittent fasting online. The book offers an effective yet simple way of losing body fat.

It discusses the effects of Cortisol, Leptin, Growth Hormone, and Testosterone in the body.

Brad explains how Fasting and Exercise go hand in hand

With the Eat Stop Eat program, an individual can put a stop on his obsessive compulsive eating style. He, in fact, need not worry about his food intake.

There is no need to starve oneself just to lose fat. The short fasting periods will not allow the person to starve. Testosterone levels will never decrease. The program will, on the other hand, increase testosterone levels through fasting.

A person need not be cranky or light headed. In Brad Pilon’s research, he was able to find out that crankiness is caused by an addiction to eating.

He can still dine in restaurants with friends because Eat Stop Eat provides the freedom to normal living. The book doesn’t encourage its readers to buy expensive food thereby saving extra money.

Fat burning hormones are boosted and benefits are reaped through the increase of hormones like young looking appearance, and lean muscles. The program also doesn’t offer special foods and supplements.

The book, however, still requires great workouts even though it encourages short fasting. It will make an individual lose weight in a consistent and steady manner.

An individual can still eat real food while under the Eat Stop Eat program. With it, he can be productive even during fasting periods.

Fitness Expert, Chris Lopez interviews Nutrition Expert, Brad Pilon on Intermittent Fasting

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Eat Stop Eateat stop eat


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