5 Simple Steps To A Better Metabolism

Metabolism – A Key Factor To Lose Extra Fat

Losing weight is not an easy task to accomplish. There are a lot of different factors at play when it comes to shedding off several pounds; one of which is metabolism.

Basically, metabolism in a simplified explanation is the physiological process of the body where the calories you take in are transformed into energy for the body. When a person has a slow metabolism, the tendency is for the calories to be stored in the form of fat. In order to avoid this, the metabolic process can be hastened.

Small Frequent Meals Can Accelerate Metabolism

MetabolismHave you ever heard of the tip that instead of starving yourself through crash diets and after six meals, that you should just consume small frequent meals?

Well, this actually has a scientific basis. Sure, crash dieting can help you shed some pounds but the problem is that when you starve yourself, your body has the tendency to slow the metabolic process in order to conserve energy.

This means that the next time you binge or eat too much, your body will store most of it as fat since your metabolic process has been used to a slow rate due to the lower amount of food you consumed. Ideally, 3-4 small meals a day is recommended.

Water Therapy Can Intensify Metabolism

Yeah, you would probably be asking by now how can water help you lose weight? It is actually this simple: the body needs water for some of its functions. When you are dehydrated, water in the body is retained rather than being excreted which can result to bloating. Drink about 6 – 8 glasses of water daily.

Exercise Can Increase Metabolism

Yes, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to do workouts. Weight training can really help to boost your metabolism. This works by increasing the energy expenditure by the body hence the demand increases as well. This means that the body needs to compensate for all the activities being done.

As your metabolic rate increases, you are gradually losing weight in the process.Make sure to consult with a physician prior to doing any type of exercise. This is to prevent any kind of injury outside or within the body.

Stay away from sweets

Eating excessive amounts of sugar can make your body shift into storing the extra calories into fat which busts your efforts of weight loss. In order to avoid those sugary sweets, replace them with other treats such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

Green Tea Can Also Do Wonder In Speeding Metabolism

Yes, drinking green tea can really help to speed up your metabolism. It is also known as an effective fat buster. Even though it also contains caffeine similar to coffee, the levels are far lower than the latter.

The other healthy benefit of consuming tea is its anti-oxidant properties that can keep you fit as well as prevent occurrence of diseases. Remember that you need to be patient with the process of speeding your metabolism because it does not happen overnight.

Be patient and you will lose weight at the right time by speeding up your metabolism.


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