Are You Aware Of 4 Factors That Can Ruin Weight Loss?

To lose weight is probably one of the most overused statements that people keep on restating time in and out. What most do not realize is that when your goal is to shed off several pounds, you need to factor the current habits and routines that you have. These things play a major part in making your goal a successful one or a failed attempt. Good examples of these cases would be the fact that even if people are aware that junk food does no good for the body, we still continue to consume it. Another is smoking and drinking. A bottle is fine but gulping down a 6 pack is way off. It can even have harmful effects on the liver and kidney.

  • One of the things to blame for these actions is habit.

habitBecause we are so used to performing tasks and actions in a repetitive manner that sometimes they just tend to come naturally. And if in case we deviate from this habit, we tend to feel uncomfortable about it which is why very few people stray from habits they have made for themselves. The good news is that these habits can still be broken. They can still be reformed. Breaking a habit is quite simple. You form a new one over the old one. If you are used to doing something for so long, try not doing it or the opposite of it. This can help with your attempts at weight loss because you are gaining better control of yourself.

  • Make yourself aware

When you want to break unhealthy habits, before being able to do this successfully, you need to first recognize the action. You need to be aware all the time with regards to the actions that you take in order to avoid doing them over and over again.

  • Gradually make smarter and better choices

smaller mealsThis is quite simple. Instead of consuming an entire bag of chips for snack time, take smaller bites. Also, instead of placing the entire bag in front of you, place some on a bowl and hide the rest of the bag. That way you are not tempted to eat the entire contents of the bag. The same goes for eating entire meal courses. Take smaller servings – half to a quarter of what you usually consume and begin there. Taking in smaller meals and eating slower makes you feel full faster rather than munching down your meal as if you’re in some race. You may think that these are only minor steps to take but you would be surprised at how much of an impact it can have on your life. Even with these simple steps you can begin to lose weight gradually.

  • Make discomfort your friend

Since you will be breaking habits, a certain amount of discomfort is expected from the process. If you are craving for something and feel the urge to binge, control yourself! These craving go away with enough concentration. In time, you will get used to controlling it you just have to be patient about it and in time losing weight will be less of an effort.

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