Acid Alkaline Diet: What Is This Diet After All?

: Acid Alkaline Diet
: Acid Alkaline Diet
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: Acid Alkaline Diet

Acid Alkaline Diet : Introduction

Acid Alkaline Diet, also known as ‘Alkaline Diet’, ‘Alkaline Acid Diet’, ‘Alkaline Ash Diet’ and ‘Acid Ash Diet’, refers to an eating regimen which promotes that regulating a person’s alkaline-acid intake can help him achieve a healthier physique.

Robert Young, a naturopath and an author of the book series ‘pH Miracle’ had been the keen advocate of this program. He claims that a person’s health primarily depends on a proper balance of acid and alkaline in the body and that too much acid can cause cancer, osteoporosis, obesity and other diseases.

This diet is focused on normalizing a person’s acidity/pH level to make him more ‘alkaline’ – with a 30:70 ratio – 30% Acid and 70% Alkaline.

The Concept Behind This Diet

The main concept behind the Acid Alkaline Diet is kidney regulation. It is grounded on the role of the kidney for a person’s body. Too much acidity on your body affects your kidney. Once a person’s kidney fails to function, other health problems are bound to arise.

It is believed that food with negatively charged particles (anions) such as chloride, sulphates and phosphates, produce acid and food with positive particles (cations) such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, produce alkaline.

These foods, when metabolized, are theorized to leave ‘acid ash’ and/or ‘alkaline ash’ in the body. When the acid and alkaline ashes are regulated, it is bound to revitalize the body.


The Acid Alkaline Diet is, basically, about avoiding foods which produce acid ash. These include poultry, meat, cheese, fish, grains and eggs; in addition, cranberries, plums and prunes are to be avoided as well as, though they produce alkaline, they produce an organic acid known as ‘hippuric acid’ which causes a person’s urine to be more acidic. It encourages eating alkaline-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables except the ones aforementioned.

When you subscribe to an acid-alkaline diet, he will receive a diet guide. A diet guide contains a food chart which lists the most effective alkaline foods and which ones to avoid.

In addition, you will be permitted to access the product’s online Alkaline Recipe Database. You will also be entitled to download a ‘Food Combining Chart’ which would help him solve Digestion issues.

Who Should Try the Acid Alkaline Diet?

The Acid Alkaline Diet is advised for those who experience poor digestion, fatigue aches and pains and common diseases. It is also advised for those who would like to lose extra pounds. By doing the Acid Alkaline Diet, a person can revitalize his body, increase his energy levels, and have mental clarity.

Pros and Cons

The Acid Alkaline Diet is easy to follow as it provides a list of what to eat and what not to eat. Moreover, since it does not include any medication, it is cheaper than other weight loss programs. Also, the Acid Alkaline Diet is, generally, healthy as it promotes the eating of fruits and vegetables.

However, it has its cons as well. One of them is that, there had been no therapeutic evidence to support its claims yet. It is basically a ‘fasting regimen’ as you have to abstain from eating meat and poultry, even fish; because of this, it cannot be deemed a ‘balanced diet’ and is not exactly the ‘healthiest way’ to weight loss. It is risky for those who are suffering cancer to go through this diet as it is a bit extreme than other diet regimens.

Effects and Side Effects:

The Acid Alkaline Diet claims the following effects:

  • Higher Energy level;
  • Better Digestion;
  • Weight loss;
  • Mental Clarity;
  • Renewed Strength;
  • Cure for Body Aches and Pains; and
  • Prevention of Serious Illnesses such as Cancer, Osteoporosis and Obesity.

Generally speaking, the Acid Alkaline Diet is safe; however, it has its own possible bad effects:

  • Less balanced diet which can result to nutrient deficiency; and
  • The risk of hypoglycaemia, for those who have a history of kidney disorders

How Fast Does It Work?

It depends. How fast the acid alkaline diet works depends on how acidic a person’s body is and how steadfast he sticks to the diet plan. However, claims have been made that it can take just about three days to ten days to gain a higher level of energy to surface.

Daily Routines Accompanied by the Acid Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet does not necessarily oblige its subscribers to exercise, but it is general knowledge that proper exercise, whether in a diet program or not, is good for the body. You do not need to change your daily routine to accommodate this diet plan, only your daily food intake.

Choosing to eat alkaline rich foods such as raw spinach, lettuce, squash and wild rice than junk foods will create better effects on a person’s body – faster than you expect.


Some testimonials which can be found in the product website state that they felt better after doing the Acid Alkaline Diet, that they feel ‘revitalized’ because of it and that they were glad to have come across the product. Here are some of the testimonials:


“Dear Michael,

I wanted to tell you how happy and pleased I was to discover the “Alkaline Diet”. My whole life has changed
because of it.
 I know you probably won’t believe me, but I felt so horrible on a daily basis that I actually prayed one night and asked God to help me. Then I was blessed and guided to your site.alkalinediet


After studying the diet I realized that everything I put into my mouth was acid food.

I can’t thank you enough for passing along your knowledge.  I feel better, look better and have 10 times the amount of energy I had before”

Sharon H.
Pipersville, Pennsylvania

“I developed health issues last November/December. Extreme fatigue, wheat intolerance, then rosacea, then high thyroid. All of the auto immune tests, allergy tests, heart tests and every other imaginable tests say that I am health as a horse.



There is no such thing as the perfect diet plan. However, some of them come close. The Acid Alkaline Diet is a diet regimen which involves the measuring of a person’s pH level to make sure that there is slightly more alkaline than acid in his body.

It is encouraged to be used by people who feel easily fatigued by little work and feel that their energy level is lower than it should be. Moreover, it is also recommended for those who would like to lose weight without aid of medication.

Being a diet plan, it gives the person a choice of what to eat which can satisfy their hunger and yet can maintain a proper body level of acid and alkaline.

The Acid Alkaline Diet gives a 30-day free trial for those who would like to experience a little of the diet first before fully subscribing and entitles a subscriber to a money back guarantee, in case a person is not satisfied with how the diet works. Countless testimonials are given to prove the effectiveness of this product.

Click here to visit the official website of Acid Alkaline Diet for more info.


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