A Complete Guide To Regain One’s Self-esteem

A Guide to Healthy Self-Esteem

healthy self esteemWhat can you do in gaining back your self-esteem? What is a healthy self-esteem? Is it a feeling of superiority over others or a feeling of being valued and admired? Well, as experts defined it, self-esteem is simply being happy with your self. It’s a mere contentment of one’s personality and characteristics. You do not necessarily have to be richer than Bill Gates or be sexier than, let’s say, Beyonce just to have a healthy self-esteem. It also does not entail being conceited but at the same time, being complacent is also not a part of having a good self-esteem.

In today’s world, people see everything as a competition with a winner-takes-all policy, leaving the losers thrown out of the crowd. This thinking has lead many in feeling inferior about themselves. If they are not as thin as Paris Hilton, they tend to feel substandard, which should not be the case. This situation is common in overweight people who feel insecure and rejected by others due to their weight and probably, appearance. A lot actually choose to have liposuction just to shed those pounds away and have that perfect image, they so desire. They want to create a new version of themselves, which is nothing but a facade. This article would show you the road towards gaining back your self-esteem that would make your lives easier and of course, happier.

First things first, you should know yourself. Know who you are, what you want and what you can do. This shall serve as your starting point towards gaining back your self-esteem. Know who you are so you would not go astray when things become outlandish. You always know your own stand on things in life so you get to refuse acts that would violate your very essence. This is also essential in determining what you must do for a healthy lifestyle change and what must be magnified about you.  Know what you want to make plans and lifestyle change on how you can reach these goals and dreams. And lastly know what you can do or know your capacity to attain these lifestyle change.

self esteemOkay, so you are a little on the heavy side. You do not have cool friends or you’re always being left out during parties or events, or worse, people keep on giving you that cold, harsh look of judgment as they stare at you from head to foot. Well, it’s actually not your fault that they are born being bad eggs. But it’s in your power to ignore them and live your life like you should. You always have a choice of just putting up with how they treat you or you can always find a way to gain their respect. Do it by being yourself. There’s nothing greater than someone who is real inside and out. You can also do some lifestyle change in gaining back your self esteem. It doesn’t mean that you must toss aside the old you to the thrash and be like someone that everybody likes. What I’m saying is that you can try to blend with people and show them who you are and how lucky they are to have you. Do not just sit in a corner and feel sorry for your self. Make a move to have friends and be accepted for who you are. And when I say make a move that includes doing every necessary lifestyle change, like in your case, you are fat, so you might as well try to make an effort to shed those pounds away.

Being fat has indeed become a social stigma to almost the whole world. It sometimes serves as your red card to being tormented all through out your life. That’s why we can’t blame people who resort to dangerous surgeries just to shed those pounds away and be accepted by the crowd. But safer than those risky surgeries, in gaining back your self-esteem, are your natural ways to shed those pounds away. Do some exercise, go to the gym, or just a mere jogging around your house can be of great help as well. Another thing that you can do is submitting yourself to diet programs. A lot of programs have been designed to shed those pounds away. A simple lifestyle change would not hurt you a bit. As a matter of fact it can be a stepping stone for you to feel good about yourself and yes, nothing is wrong with wanting to be fit and fabulous, as long as you set limitations for that vanity of yours. Besides, losing weight is not only good for your social life but for your health as well. So what are you waiting for, stand up and make that lifestyle change to shed those pounds away and have your ticket towards gaining back your self-esteem.

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