7-Day Belly Blast Diet – Can You Really Lose 11 lbs. In 7 Days?

The Story of 7 Day Belly Blast Diet by Josh Bezoni

Having belly fat is very unattractive.  It is also very unhealthy.  Having fat in your middle puts you at risk with heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments.  The bad news is that the fat in your tummy is stubborn and difficult to burn.

For those who have the paunch, who have tried to lose it with every diet and exercise programs invented by men and failed, help might be on the way.  The 7-day belly blast diet might just be the answer to your having a washboard tummy.

About the author of the diet

The flat belly diet was designed by Josh Bezoni, a nutritionist and a ‘diet guru’.  At one point in his life, he became clinically obese.  His tried and tested diets and methods for losing weight were no longer working for him.  So he went back to the drawing boards and designed this tummy trimmer diet to trim the belly fat and lose eleven pounds in seven days.

The concept behind the diet and some unique features

Most weight loss diet requires you to cut down on calorie consumption.  When you do this, a hormone signals your brain that your food intake is not sufficient.  This causes you to experience hunger pangs.  If you do not eat, another hormone signals the brain to slow down your metabolism because the food to be metabolized has decreased.  So to lose weight, you have to cut down further your food intake. This will further slow down your metabolism until your weight will reach a plateau that no matter how hard you diet, the needle in your weighing scale will remain steady.

The fat belly buster diet was designed by Josh Bezoni in order to counteract the slowing down of metabolism so that one will continue to lose until he reaches his desired weight. He developed three techniques or methods in order to achieve this.  One is the ‘calorie-confusion’ method.  This calls for changing the number of calories one consumes after seven days before the body gets wind of what’s going on and send those dreaded signals to the brain. The second technique is by consuming foods that are among the list of 37 foods that kill belly fat.  And the third is the thermal burn technique.  This requires the dieter to consume food with high thermal burn. When you eat this kind of food you consume fewer calories because thirty percent vanishes.  For example, if the high thermal burn food is one hundred calories, you only take in seventy calories.

Most diet programs focus on cutting down of calorie intake and exercising more in order   to lose weight. Furthermore, weight rebound is experienced when the dieter goes off the diet. In contrast, the stomach trimmer diet encourages one to eat more in order to boost metabolism resulting in weight loss.  In addition, there is hardly any weight rebound. This is because the diet program aims to repair first the calorie-burning ability of the body.  When this is done body metabolism is triggered to go faster than before.

Product Features

The complete 7-day belly blast diet program includes the following:

  • The Diet Manual.  This is the core of the belly blubber blast diet program.  It provides step-by-step details on how to use the program.
  • Quick Start Guide.  It contains important notes on how to follow and stay on the program.
  • The Success Tracker.  This is where the dieter records his weight.
  • 37 Foods That Kill Belly Fat.  The foods that make up the diet are listed here.  It also lists down the food that causes belly fat and how to swap them with foods that blast belly fat.  The dieter can bring this with him when he goes grocery shopping.
  •  Pre-program checklist.  This is an itemized list for the dieter to buy before starting the program.  It also contains support contact information.
  • Weight Loss Supplement Review.  It contains a list of food supplements that are helpful for the program.
  • Inspirational Success Video.  This is a 60-minute video of six successful weight loser and their trip to the Caribbean to show off their trim bodies.
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Diet Scams Report.  This teaches one to spot scam diets immediately.
  •  Fast Abs Manual.  This contains new methods, which are not backbreaking, to attain a washboard tummy.  This comes with coloured photos.
  • How to Lose 11 Lbs in 7 Days Diet Audio.  This contains tips by the author on how to lose weight successfully.

The complete product comes with the following bonuses:

  • FREE instant access to the 5 simple keys to guaranteed fat loss video series hosted by celebrity trainer, Kim Lyons, from the NBC hit show, The Biggest Loser;
  • FREE unlimited access to her super supportive fat loss community;
  • FREE services of a personal trainer, supervised by the author and Kim Lyons, for ten days, to help the dieter to start the program and motivate him; and
  • FREE 60-minute live tele-conference with the author.

Who will benefit from the program?

If you are obese or you are no longer losing weight no matter what you do, or you have a naturally sluggish metabolism, the tummy trimmer diet will surely help to attain your weight goal.  Or if your weight loss diet at the moment allows you only so much calories with limited food choices and bland ones at that, you might one to try the 7-day belly blast diet. Allowed foods include dark chocolate and peanut butter in order to speed up the metabolism. However, persons with medical conditions such as hypertension and heart ailments are advised to consult their physicians before starting the weight loss program.

Advantages of the 7-day Belly Fat Blast Diet

  • It focuses on nutrition which has long-term health benefits.
  • It requires healthy lifestyle modification to achieve success.
  • Some of the foods allowed in the diet, like chocolate and peanut butter, are delicious that one will be encouraged to continue with it.
  • It uses little or no food supplements.
  • It requires little exercise.
  • There is no weight rebound.
  • It guarantees fast results.
  • It is easy to follow.

Disadvantages of the Diet

  • Since the diet requires a change in eating habits, people who have no self-discipline might find it hard to stick to it.
  • The foods that are allowed are limited.  Although some of the choices are generally found to be delicious, they might not be to the liking of others.
  • Cases of hypertensive attacks and increase in heart rate were reported to have been experienced by some who went into the diet.
  • No long term clinical trials have yet been conducted to find out the safeness of the diet.
  • It is only available through the maker.

Side Effects of the diet

A few people who tried the diet reported experiencing palpitations.  So if you have a medical condition which will worsen with a fast metabolism, you must consult your doctor before adopting this diet program.

How Fast Does the Diet Work

According to the author, you lose the belly fat in seven days.  But this world is not perfect.  Some dieters may lose it longer.

Abs Workout as a Support to the Diet

The manual package comes with exercises for the abdomen.  This is because when you lose fat the skin around it turns flabby so you need these exercises to tone them down.


Most people who have tried the diet were happy with the results, although some lost their excess weight longer than promised.  Success rate of the diet based on reported results is eighty percent.


Many of those who have tried the 7-day belly blast diet program said that they were happy and not irritable when they were on the diet. And the promise of losing eleven pounds in seven days thru the diet was generally true.  Furthermore, they did not experience weight rebound when they stopped it.  There were only a few who reported adverse health effects because of the diet.  If you do not lose weight as promised after sixty days, your money will be returned.

The diet is indeed worth a try because there are so many foods allowed in the diet that you cannot eat in other diet programs.  The absence of weight rebound is another attraction. The promises of a flat tummy in a healthy body makes you want to immediately grab a manual package.  However, no matter how tempting, if you have ailments, you should obtain the approval of your doctor before you start any diet program.

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